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A high quality design, great hard work. Good luck! :)

Thank you Morad for your best compliments :)

This is definitely the future of the web! Excellent work!

Thank you HisHandiwork for your nice compliments :)

would make a superb wordpress theme

Hi, we love the theme. If we purchase this one, would we have to do a lot of retooling to use the new features? Also, do you have an ETA on your update? Thanks.

Hello Calvinfab,

We are adding skin colors and jquery tools in next updates. For these updates we will do changes in css and js files. All html files will remain same in body code, in head area we will add jquery and additional css files. We suggest you to buy theme after next update because next updated version will be final in html structure and it will be flexible for any future updates. We will make next updated within 5-7 days.

Thank you :)

When you do the update can you add a couple different styles of tabs?

Thank you eobyone for your suggestion :)

We are adding this feature in our update list. We will make live all remaining features in next update and then we will start to work on all new features.

This looks great. I wish it was through wordpress though—-is that in the near future?

A feature I would really like to see is an Alternate Blog page like your other site http://www.premiumthemes.in/photoart/html/dove-grey/blog2.html

Both of the sites you made are really awesome. I wish I could merge them together haha.

Hello Hksalander,

Thank you for your best compliments :)

Right now we are working on current theme updates and then several html themes so in recent future there is no plan for wordpress.

We will add alternate blog page in evision theme updates, thank you for your suggestions :)

Hi, When the new version will be available? Any ETA ? Thank you in advance!

Hello Expandmind,

We will upload updated version in 3-5 days.

Thank you :)

Amazing Template! The style is very nice. :)

Thank you AlphaTech for your best compliments :)

I love this theme… definitely one of the best on Themeforest. Anxious to get a copy but waiting for the next update… any date for the update release?

Hello Vuetone,

Thank you for your compliments :)

We added 17 more skins with this theme and uploading files are in approval process so it will live in a day. You can check preview from this URL : http://evision.premiumthemes.in/update/khaki/index.html

Other features we will upload in 3-4 days.

Thank you :)

speechless, what a work, its damn awesome. :)

Thank you 9dlabs for your best compliments :)

Hello: Nice template. I want to buy it but am waiting for the latest version mentioned above to be posted. Please let me know if you know when it will be available. Thanks!

Hello leisureisgreat,

Updated version is already done and right now it is in approval process.

You can check it from this URL : http://evision.premiumthemes.in/update/khaki/index.html

Within a day it will be live.

Thank you :)

I too am waiting for the next version please when you update it change your image with an update on it and also state the update on description. It will be easier to see offer than ready on comments. Thanks

Hello eobyone,

Updated version is already done and right now it is in approval process.

You can check it from this URL : http://evision.premiumthemes.in/update/khaki/index.html

Within a day it will be live.

Thank you :)

I’ve just clicked why this theme jams uploading to wordpress – duh.

Agree with Stevevis though, it would make a great wordpress theme.

Hello lindafitzpatrick,

Thank you for your message. Right now we want to upload several html/css themes and then we will start wordpress versions. eVision theme will be in first priority for wordpress themes.

Thank you :)

Theme Update : Version 1.02

Hello Friends,

eVision – HTML /CSS – theme is updated today. What’s new:

1. Additional 17 skins – Total 18 skins

2. Sliders : Nivo Slider, 3D Slider, Carousel Slider

3. Testimonials Page

4. Footer Options – 3 Sample pages

5. jQuery Tooltip ( Tooltip page with examples)

6. Popup Login

7. Updated help file with new features.

Thank you :)

I sent you a private email about a request. Please check your email for it. Thanks Ed

Hello Ed,

We replied your email. Please check it.

Thank you :)

I would like to enable to accent! Can you help me with that?

Thank you

Hello atessier,

Twitter udpates and flickr photos are only css style widgets which is not integrate with live sites. Working twitter widget is in our next update list which you can use by adding your username.

Thank you :)

No, i’m talking about the accent in the title like à è é â û ô

Hello atessier,

You have to use html characters for accent….

For example use this code â for â character

Reference site : http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp

Thank you :)

Ok thank you for your fast reply!

Hi, I have bought this beautiful template, and now I need to have a wordpress version to have a blog inside. Have you made a wordpress version? I have read this is not in your plans. What a pity! I think it would be a great idea… why not?

best regards

Hello Cibernow,

We want to make several html themes and then we will move for wordpress theme. It will be faster to convert all themes than single theme at a time.

Thank you :)

I have found on your website the Word Press Blog Package. Is it possibile with thsi tool to create this template in wordpress?

Hello Cibernow,

In our website blog package is just simple theme with wordpress admin. So widgets, theme options etc. are not available in this package.

Thank you :)