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Hello, I’m using prettyphoto to have a googlemaps, but now I can’t add a marker. Can you tell me how to do it? Thanks a lot

I have read prettyphoto tutorial here: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/blog/2010/09/28/tutorial-opening-custom-content-in-prettyphoto/

Hello Cibernow,

Please send your website URL (page in which you are facing the problem) so we can check and send you solution to show google maps.

Thank you :)

Yes, this is my example: http://phpgogh.altervista.org/maps/index.html

Thank you very much for your availability!! :-)



There are two points which is you have to add as per prettyPhoto google map example to fix marker.

var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(43.842067,10.479167);


zoom: 17,

Thank you :)

Hello Cibernow. I have a question. I am trying to determine if I can put a larger image in the header area to replace the eVision Premium Theme logo (logo.png) which I beleive is 211×96. I am looking to increase the height of the logo to about 200. Can I increase the height of the header area to accomodate a larger logo? If so how? Thanks in advance!

Hello leisureisgreat,

You can increase white header height from #home-header-bg,#white-header-bg and slider etc. styles. This is a major change in top area so you have to fix all top area styles like logo, top menu, sliders etc.

Thank you :)

I meant to address my question above to Softwebmedia. Sorry…

Softmedia, there was a misunderstanding. The code I have posted is mine, and I would like to add a google marker in the maps, like this: http://phpgogh.altervista.org/maps/googlemaps_marker.gif. How can I do it? Thanks a lot

Hello Cibernow,

We could not find the reason for google map marker. May be this article will help you : https://www.e-education.psu.edu/geog863/book/export/html/1711 or you can get help prettyPhoto developer team.

Thank you :)

@leisureisgreat: don’t worry! ;)

Theme Update : Version 1.03

Hello Friends,

eVision – HTML /CSS – theme is updated today. What’s new:

1. Portfolio Single Page

2. Working Twitter widget in footer and sidebar

Thank you :)

Hi Nice theme. Can the header bar be made more narrow? You know the one that runs across the top of the page under the navigation menu?

Also, would I be able to change the background of the header? I would need a different header.

Lastly, can the border thickness be changed for the images? Right now it’s too thick for me.

Pls let me know if these can be done through the .css file or if I would have to hire programmer.


Hello Lanky,

Thank you for contacting us :)

You can change header background and top header height etc. but for this changes Photoshop and CSS knowledge is necessary. For these changes you have to edit PSD file and then export images, CSS styles changes etc. which requires both skills.

Hello, I’m trying to understand why in title tag (as h1, h2, h3 etc…), when I use special characters (as “à”, “è”), they don’t appear on the Browser. In normal body they appear regularly

For example: deformità -> browser -> deformit (without “à”)

I have used also special code as &-a-grave; (without -) but nothing…

Best regards

Hello Cibernow,

Cufon font does not recognize special characters (Entity Name), that’s why they don’t appear in all titles.

Thank you :)

Very nice Theme, Than You.

I find a bug :) when I’m trying to get button-size4, spend half hour to find whats wrong, and I find: You made mistake in typhography.css on line 228 :

a.button-size4, button.button-size3 {

should be:

a.button-size4, button.button-size4 {

other way, the buttons button class=”button-size4”..... and 3 display incorrect.

Good work, Im almost done my blog on http://drupik.pl on snews CMS .

P.S. So sorry for my poor english ;)

Hello Malcolme,

Thank you for purchasing the theme and sending us bug info :)

We will update theme by removing this bug.

Once again thank you for the bug info and good luck with your blog site :)

Thank you for the excellent service it is amazing how much you have helped and even added other features to the template to make this template be perfect for what I needed.

I have brought over 600 items on these sites here and have had some great service but I have never ever had service that compares to this.

I highly recommend following this author and if you see something you like rest assured he will help you with your needs and of course this template is fantastic plus he keeps upgrading it and adding new features all the time.

Thanks again Mike for all the help.


Thank you Ed for your feedback and best compliments :)

Hi Sir, I am Interested in this Theme, but having some queries.

1. Whether the blogging feature included with this theme ?

2. What we can do if our content exceeds more than 20 pages ?

3. What will be the validity of this theme after buying ?

4. What are the files types we get along with this theme ? Can we edit the content or code? Can we edit the HTML pages?

5. I posses the HTML and CSS knowledge, its enough to edit the pages?

Thank U in advance


Hello TecJungle,

This theme is pure html/css theme so blog (wordpress) functionality is not included with this theme.

You can make as many content as you want so no limitation for more than 20 pages.

Life time validity after buying, all future updates of this theme will be free.

We are giving HTML , CSS, PSD , Javascripts, PHP files with this theme. You can easily edit any html and css files. We are also giving detail documentation so it will help to customize this theme for your website.

For customize this theme HTML /CSS knowledge is enough because in this theme there is no dynamic/server side functionality. For adding images in portfolio, slider etc. basic Photoshop knowledge is necessary.

Thank you :)

cant we get the blogging facility as shown in live sample ?

if not, what can we do to get that??

Hello TecJungle,

For blogging facility you have to buy template from wordpress section. Site template and Wordpress both are separate section. So in site template you get only get static template and in Wordpress section you get full admin function theme.

eVision theme is only uploaded in site template, we will make this theme in wordpress for blugging in future but recently we are working on several html themes. So you can wait or you can higher any php wordpress programmer to make this theme’s blog function.

Thank you :)

Can I use accented characters like á, é, ç, ã with Cufon?

Hello fabiomtl,

Cufon doesn’t support accented characters so it will not visible in any Cufon font.

Thank you :)

Hello Fabiomtl,

We got solution for accented characters in cufon font of this theme so you can use accented characters like á, é, ç, ã .

If you already purchased this theme then you can get seperate cufon js file ( which supports accented characters), email us from our profile page form ( http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia/profile ) so we will reply you with cufon file.

Thank you :)


RE: Top Menu

I would like the first item in my list (the item that shows on the menu bar) to not be a link. Only the items that drop down would have links. However when I remove the a href from that top item, it no longer shows up properly.

Is there a way to change that?

Thank you so much!

Hello Bhsiao,

You can display active tab without giving link by following steps.

1. Open index.html file and go to top menu “home” link html code <li />

<li class="active"><a href="index.html">Home</a></li>

2. Remove anchor code and add span tag on “Home” like below sample code

<li class="active"><span>Home</span></li>

3. Now open style.css file and go to top menu code

-> (04) TOP MENU -> #top-menu ul li.active a, #top-menu ul li.active a:hover { ...

4. Add span tag in top menu active tab code like below sample code

#top-menu ul li.active a, #top-menu ul li.active a:hover,#top-menu ul li.active span{ ...

5. Add span tag in top menu divider background style which is next of above code…

#top-menu > ul li a,#top-menu ul li.active span {...

6. Open khaki.css or your selected skin css file from css/skins folder.

7. Add span tag in top menu background image

#top-menu ul li.active a, #top-menu ul li.active a:hover,#top-menu ul li.active span {...

8. Open theme-font.js and add top menu css code in Cufon.replace bracket like other style names.

#top-menu ul li.active span

9. Save all file changes and see “Home” tab is coming with active background without link. You can add curser pointer by adding cursor:pointer; style in span css of step 3 tag.

If you feel this is difficult then send us your website ftp login info (from our profile page form : http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia ) so we can fix it online.

Thank you :)

What is the advantage of pre-loading the images? My pages seem to jump around as they load. Is there a way to turn that off?

Hello Bhsiao,

You can turnoff cufon by following ways:

1. Delete theme-font.js and cufon-yui.js from js folder and all cufons will automatically turnoff.

2. Delete cufon calling javascripts from head section from all pages..see below

<script src="js/cufon-yui.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="js/theme-font.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

3. You can remove cufon from specific tags (h1,h1,span etc.) and style (css style names) from theme-font.js file…

Cufon.replace('h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,th,#top-menu>ul>li>a,a.slider-bullet,.button-size2,.button-size3,.button-size4,.footer-testimonials-client-info,.post-date,.about-author-title,.reply, .comment cite,.table-price-normal,.table-price-popular,.skin-button2,.quote,blockquote.style1,p.trigger, p.acc_trigger,p.trigger2, p.acc_trigger2,#content ul.tabs li,.pullquote-left,.pullquote-right', { fontFamily: 'Classic Round Medium',hover:'true' });

Thank you :)

can you tell my why the page title jumps as the page loads? if it is the cufon, can you help me turn off the cufon for just that and the top menu? I tried to edit the theme-font.js but was not able to figure it out.


Hello Bhsiao,

Cufon font is coming from cufon javascripts which only works after loading both java script files. Before loading these two files, page is showing default html fonts (Georgia font)

Please send email from our profile page form ( http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia/profile ) so we can send you cufon font js file which will not show menu and title text in cufon.

Thank you :)

hi there, i am trying to get the image effect (border with rounded corners)on the home page, but when i add the class, the image doesnt show.

is there any way around this please?



Hello Neil,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please send your website URL so we can check and give you quick solution.

thanks softweb, the url is http://furryfrog.co.uk/test/newfrog/

ive added two images of a frog on a skateboard, one has the round5 class, not displaying, the other has no class but displays correctly



Hello Neil,

Given URL has no page but we checked home page and found header slider html tags are not closed properly and that’s why rounded image style is not working. You can test it by removing header slider ul li all html code and refresh home page and image will come with border and round5 style.

You can test home page from w3c validator to fix header slider’s all tags issue…URL : http://validator.w3.org/

Enter home page URL and you will see errors list with line numbers.

For example in home page header slider, slide 1 html code has ‘span’ and’ p’ tag closing issue…see below code…

<div class="slider-content-bg1">
<div class="slider-content-left">            
<h2 title="website designer in Kent">Website Designer</h2>
<p>I&rsquo;m dedicated to helping new and existing small businesses establish an online presence and to provide next &ndash; generation tools that allow you, as a small business owner, to stand out from the crowd.</p>
<p>I can take care of your hosting, domain names, emails, visitor statistics, and all elements of <span class="skin-color"> <a href="website-design-kent">Website Design</a> </span> &amp; Development

In above code in bottom line ‘span’ tag is closing two time and closing ‘p’ tag is missing, this type of html errors are affecting on image left align with border style, if you fix all then issue will automatically solve.

Note : in this discussion forum pre tag is taking auto close code so ignore < /p>< /div>< /div>< /li> tags in last line of above preview code

Thank you :)

Dear Sir,

My question is if I can configure this page as a hosting template and if it can be integrated with WHMCS .

Best regards, Tiberiu

Hello Tiberiu,

You can integrate this theme with WHMCS like our other theme UltraWebStudio. See demo page : http://www.demo.whmcsthemes.com/demo.php?systpl=001

Thank you :)