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Hello Softwebmedia, I have seen your work for a wordpress template, but it is not this theme. When do you think you will build a wordpress theme for this template? This is a common question, I know it, but I didn’t know you have worked for a wordpress theme. So, when the next for this template? :-)


Hello Cibernow,

We want to make wordpress version of eVision theme but right now we are working on several HTML themes and then we will convert all themes in wordpress.

Thank you :)

Great template!

Tips for new elements (design/css) for next version:

- Tag Cloud - Forum - Poll

Regards, Ingve

Thank you Ingve for the suggestions, we are adding all points in our update list. :)

I have some problems with mail function. It sends email, but the text received is not formatted: all accented characters are misinterpreted, and there are not newline like - this is new line

regards C.

Hello Cibernow,

You have to enable HTML format in your email client or ask your hosting company to enable it, so contact form emails can visible in HTML view.

For testing you can check form HTML format in gmail client. Add your gmail id and see how it is coming in gmail.

Thank you :)

Hello, HTML is enabled. I have tried to put an html formatted message in sendmail.php file and the message eceived is in html correctly. the problem is between, I think, the contact form and the sendmail.php file. The message sent by the contact form misses its format. I think because the data sent are captured by ajax file and hee the data miss thier format. I think. It is a big problem, beacause I don’t know ajax an I don’t know how to solve the problem.


Hello Cibernow,

Please send your email login info and ftp info so we can check it. You can test it by gmail because form is working perfect with all email clients which has HTML enabled.

You can send details us from our profile page form : http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia/profile

Thank you :)

Hello Softwebmedia, I have tried again, but the problem is not my email client, because it is abled to html format, the problem is the script ajax. You can see the example here: http://www.evision.altervista.org/footer-sample-2.html

I have added html text in $message in sendmail.php file, so I have confirmed that my email client is abled with html format.

You can try another time in this way: erase the line that call theme-settings.js from the footer-sample-2.html file and add post and action in the form to point the sendmail.php file. Now it works, or better, special characters are well formatted but there is not new line yet. What a pity! However the most important problem is solved in this way, but form is not in ajax. :-(

best regards C.

Great template, very impressed with the level of detauil included.

I have one small request however?

On the pricing-tables.html page I need to use the GBP symbol of £ instead of dollars, however this doesnt appear to be supported in the supplied cufon?

CAn this be added in an update release please?

It might be an idea to include the euro symbol € too?


Hello frano8,

Thank you for your suggestions and purchasing the theme :)

You can show pound, yen, copyright etc. symbols from cufon (Reference : ISO 8859 -1 Symbols – http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp )

For this symbols “Latin-1 Supplement” addition is necessary in cufon font javascript file but it will also increase the file size from 72kb to 196kb.

Please send us email from our profile page form so we can send you theme-fonts.js file which will support pound, yen, copyright etc. symbols.

Profile page URL : http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia/profile

Cufon doesn’t support Euro symbol so we can’t display it.

Thank you :)

Hello Francis,

It looks some problem in receiving email. When we send reply email it is showing “Mail delivery failed:”. Please send email from any gmail or yahoo.

Thank you :)

I sent my gmail account yesterday were you able to forward the file?



Hello Francis,

It looks some problem in receiving email. When we are sending you reply email, it is showing “Mail delivery failed:”. Please send us email from your gmail or yahoo id.

Thank you :)

Yes I got that I sent you my gmail address yesterday?

I will send again now.



We sent you email on your gmail id.

Yes it arrived OK and the installed updated js file works perfectly.

Thanks again, great support to go with your great template.


how can I skip the main page in your Ultra Web Studio theme and take the visitor directly to a category page?

I purchased this theme for both HTML (my main site) and the blog. When clicking my blog link on the HTML site, I send the user to a sub-directory with WordPress. I’d like that to default to a specific post category. Can this be done – how?

Regards, Brian

Hello Brian,

You can make blog directory without home page by adding two files in the theme. Please send us email from our profile page form ( URL : http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia/profile ) so we can send you files with instructions.

Thank you :)

Just a suggestion, but a comparison table to compliemnt the pricing plans template would be a good addition to this template.

Are there any plans to include?



Hello Francis,

Thank you for your suggestion :)

Its good idea to add pricing plans table. We are adding this in our update list and after next theme live, we will upload eVision theme with all updates.

Great stuff,

I am also looking forward to seeing your next theme.

When is it released?

Thanks again


Hello Frano,

It will take approx one month so in July we will upload next theme :)

Its really nice work. I am already using your other theme ‘ultra web studio’ that’s also very nice but this new theme pull my heart.

Anyhow before purchasing this I would like to know two things

1) Does this have dynamic widgets? 2) Can you guys customise this theme for WHMCS ? How long it will take and how much it will cost?

Hello Munirkn,

eVision theme is static html/css theme so it will not work like wordpress or any other cms but simple static site like other site templates of themeforest.

We are not doing theme customization with WHMCS but we suggest you to contact whmcsthemes.com site team which are making many WHMCS themes from themeforest themes.

URL : http://www.whmcsthemes.com/billing/themes.php

UltraWebStudio theme in WHMCS : http://www.demo.whmcsthemes.com/demo.php?systpl=001

Thank you :)

Good work guys!

Thanks Adr1ann for your compliment :)

Another great template Softwebmedia!

We have made it into WHMCS if any of your customers need it :)


Looking forward to seeing more of your templates.

Thank you WHMCS for adding eVision theme in your themes section:)

It’s really looking nice with WHMCS integration.

Rated 5 stars – really good template to work with.

Thanks for the rating :)


I need some help with the Youtube video slide, (the 4th slide). I want to display this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1evHi8JmM&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

But it shows empty. Can you tell me how to fix this and make it viewable?

thanks, Martin

Hello Martin,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Try this URL for youtube video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1evHi8JmM

If it will not work then please send your website URL so we can check and give you quick reply.

Thank you :)

Hi, Thanks fior the reply. I tried replacing that link you sent me but still does not show. my website URL :

http://www.proimagen.com/clients/Aline/opcion3/index.html i would like to use this video there: http://www.youtube.com/user/Assessoriatop#p/a/u/0/iYn5nPy3K3I


Hello Martin,

We checked your website and below is correct URL for youtube video slide


after adding above URL , code will look like below sample code

var fo = new FlashObject("http://www.youtube.com/v/iYn5nPy3K3I?fs=1&hl=en_US", "mymovie", "550", "267", "7", "#336699");

Thank you :)

Thanks! it worked.

I have another issue , the site uses the language portugues and there are some characters such as: ê , ã , ç =that wont appear with the texts that uses the cufon fonts.

if you go to : http://www.proimagen.com/clients/Aline/opcion3/index.html

the title should read : Ciência Política and those strange characters won’t appear.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this?

thanks again!


Hello Martin,

In cufon for Portuguese language you have to use another cufon font javascript which will show all characters.

Please send us email from our profile page form so we can send you another cufon javascript in reply mail.

Profile page URL : http://themeforest.net/user/Softwebmedia/profile

Thank you :)


May I know when you will release wordpress version for the theme ?

Looking forward to hear you soon.

Thank you

Hello NetBuilder,

We can’t give exact date because we are working on several HTML themes and then we will convert all themes in wordpress.

Thank you :)


I love this theme and have found it extremely versatile.

I had several questions:

1. I am using acc_trigger toggles for a page. However, i would like the fist container in the series to appear already expanded when the visitor arrives at the page. How can I do this?

2. Have you had any progress with releasing a wordpress-coded version of the blog site. It looks like i’m going to have to hire someone to do this for me right now.

Thanks for your help!

Hello Sofiocustom,

Thank you for your compliments :)

1. You can make first container content visible by simple change. Open theme-settings.js and go to line #73 and remove comment from this line


Just remove // from above line to make code active (and first container will display content.)

2. We are working on several html themes so we can’t give any approx date for wordpress version of this theme.

Thank you :)