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Well, this is not very nice: you are sending us to the forum so your Themeforest comment section stays clean – but on the forum you are leaving us like beggars waiting for your solutions to this bunch of bugs caused by your incompetence… I bought this theme more than 10 days ago but nothing works at it should. So much for the “We are sured that this is one of the best OpenCart theme ever seen”. I am sured that’s one of the worse Customer Service i have ever seen.

i said i have 10 days since i bought the theme, not since i made the last comment, stop being defensive and start helping your clients. I still think that the theme is indeed very interesting, but what’s that good for if i can’t use it and i keep loosing money every day because i have more errors than products listed? I was not picking on the theme but on the customer service.

I must agree that the reaction was very prompt – it seems that the customer service is working and is doing a great job… perhaps it was only bad timing. So please disregard my comments on this subject

thank you for your feedback.

Best regards, support team

i buy this theme but really having big problem with support :(

these guys are proving them self a bigger company than Apple or Microsoft or Google.

to get support first you have to register on their forum and then crate a post in proper forum for help, this is really bad.

i register on form and send them message and did’t get reply for 2 days and after 2 days i got reply that you send us request on wrong forum, again submit the request in proper forum.

what is this support ?

till now i have no support and upset on this, i suggest peoples to think 100000s times before buying from them and also i am also contacting about all this.

Really not Happy :(


ok, i understood. we will fix it on our next updates.

Best regards, support team


in your theme you write BLOG READY but you have to write that our theme did’t include BLOG.

i ask your support team about BLOG and they say to me dumb, this is really bad when you speak with your customers in this language.

actually i am not dumb but they are bunch of STUPID and they don’t know how to talk to customer.

i am just deleting your theme and bye bye.

We didn’r write in the description that our theme includes blog. We wrote – BLOG READY. Do you see the difference?

I have carefully reread your communication with our developer. She DIDN’T say you “dumb” –

Other user with the nickname ” mobiphone” named you “dumb” and i think that he is right. He (not our support team) explained you what means – BLOG READY.

I wish you a good day and good luck! Let me know if you have any questions about our theme.

Best regards, support team

support cant help or dont know how to use modal windows, that used in theme. Great

Hello, bank911.

Please, submit your request on our forum in related topic – Our developer will check your issue.

Best regards, support team


i like this theme, very clean design, good job. My question is on the contact section, where miss a form for send an email. i wonder why , and if you can you put a form inside the section ? THX

Hello, actarus.

Thank you. Please, resubmit your question on our support forum – Our developer answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

you didnt include on the Installation manual HOW TO ACTIVATE THE SHOP BY (top category menu), how to?

i cant seem to make the SHOP BY drop down category menu at MEGU MENU appear. need help on this asap/

Hello bellemayhem,

Did you try Extensions -> Modules -> “eVOlution theme configuration options” -> Mega Menu tab -> “Hide/show Megamenu in Header” option?

If you have more questions submit it to our support forum – Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

irshadhussain – perhaps you could read my reply on the forum again, this time more carefully: i said: “a dumb question (as “perhaps this is a dumb question from me”), i never called you DUMB, you totally misunderstood. As a forum member, i was trying to help you understand your problem and get an answer. I never called you or anybody else DUMB. Please use a translator before making these allegations.

Hello mobiphone,

Thank you for your help.

Best regards, support team

The support is terrible, unresponsive and the template breaks the site when you implement translation.

There are lots of bugs and the installation manual is barely helpful. How can I refund? or report this to envato?

Hello bellemayhem,

Our theme supports all default OpenCart feature. What transaltion issues do you have? Give me please forum topic URL, I will review it.

What bugs do you mean. Submit all bugs to our suppor forum – We will review and fix it.

Best regards, support team

Hello, If a product is Out Of Stock with quantity 0, then still the Add to Cart button is displayed. How to replace the Add to Cart button with Out Of Stock text ??

Kindly reply asap.

Thanks, Ritu Jain

Hello, Ritu.

Please, resubmit your request on our support forum –

Our developer will check your issue.

Best regards, support team

Hello, On click of Shopping Cart, there are two buttons, ‘View Cart’ and ‘Checkout’. On click of ‘View Cart’ I am able to apply Coupon code but on click of ‘Checkout’ there is no provision to enter coupon code. How to enter Coupon code on click of ‘Checkout’ button.

Kindly assist.

Thanks, Ritu Jain

Hello, Ritu.

Please, resubmit your request on our support forum – Our developer will check your issue.

Best regards, support team

Ola, somos uma Agencia Digital de Porto Alegre, Brazil. Estamos com algumas dificuldades referentes à instalação do tema e percebo que não apenas nós mas diversas outras pessoas compartilham da mesma dificuldade.

Gostaria de ter nossas dúvidas respondidas aqui no próprio ThemeForest, e não em foruns ou outros locais pois a compra foi efetuada diretamente aqui.

Nossa principal dificuldade é em relação à ferramenta ZOOM IN/ ZOOM OUT. Ela está instalada porém não está funcionando. A documentação sobre o tema é precária e ineficiente então gostaríamos de maiores esclarecimentos sobre o que é necessário para ativá-la.


Hello, josiasoliveira78.

Can you resubmit your request in egnlish?

Best regards, support team

I’m having problems with megamenu, is not working, someone can explain me why .. now I enabled it and still does not work!

Hello crigus,

Submit your question to our support forum Our developer will reply asap

Best regards, support team


Hello, dear customers.

Thanks for your purchase. Unfortunately our developer is on summer vocation from June 30th to July 13th. So we are unable to process some of your tickets on our support forum ( Don’t wory all the requests will be processed on July 14th. Hope for your understanding. SORY FOR THE INCONVINIENCE. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards, support team

Hello, Does anyone know what font is used in logo?

great!! many-many thanks)))

thank you

hi ; can we use theme with opencart 2.0

Hello, bbs1809.

Unfortunately not. We are planning to make necessary update in the future.

Best regards, support team

i’m waiting your update thanks

It wil be not soon. I think 1 month. A lot of was changed in 2.0.

Best regards, support team

this is by far the best theme i ever used, and i used a lot of them, it would be pity to leave it without an update to 2.0… i like it so much that i would even buy it again if released for 2.0 – i think is not right to have only 65 sales – compared to the other themes here, is a shame, there’s no other theme like this one

Thank you very much. We will think about 2.0 update. Best regards

hi i need the sql sample data and images . thanks

Hello, actarus.

Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our support stuff will send you required materials.

Best regards, support team