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Nice theme. But when I viewed the demo on my Samsung galaxy 3 and bb curve, it was all choppy. The images and text disappear as you attempt to scroll. Is there an option of disabling the animations for mobile devices


What is browser you are using on your S3? It works very well on my phone.

About disable animations on moblie, the function is not ready yet, but it’s great idea. We will add this very soon.

Thank you.

Hello efeflash,

We just update new package with option disable animate on mobile added. ;)

Hello, would you mind to give some infos and details about the mentioned “page builder”? I have searched the demo page, screenshots and support link with no success. Maybe you could provide some backend insights… i.e. theme framework and config, layout options, pagebuilder etc.

Thanks in advance. GLWS

Hello, this is video tutorial about our framework: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcGo0A2bfEs hope it make sense to you. ;)

Thanks for the video! Looks nice and simple. Is it your own creation? Or an existing base theme/framework?

This is our owner framework :)

Thank thecrea. ;)

Can you please also provide PSD file?

Hello parm23,

I’m sorry but the PSD is not available, we did with HTML only.

Hi, will this theme work with and be nicely formatted for eCommerce with the Drupal solutions: Drupal Commerce http://www.drupalcommerce.org/ or even Ubercart http://www.ubercart.org/

I will be very interested to see this demo and purchase if so.

Hello mcollins,

Thank you for your interesting with theme. We have not demo with Commerce yet. Will try it in feature and update the theme.

Such a beautiful theme! Question before I pull the trigger: my client finds the abundance of animation to be jarring; can I turn all of that off? That includes the front slideshow, the page load animations, the dropdown menu, and most importantly, the search at the top.

Thanks! Looking forward to working with this theme!

Hi sambot,

You can turn off all animation because it is a option in block configuration.


Great news! Even the dropdown animation in the main menu and the search?

Except dropdown animation but we can remove easy.

Thank you for the wonderful theme. I am experiencing difficulties installing the theme. I followed the steps in the “Full installation” of your documentation. However, when I go to my drupal website, only the homepage work partially (with an error message Warning). If I go to any link from the primary nav dropdown, I got a “Not found” message from my browser. Do I need to run profile installation on top of full installation?

Thank you

Hello gyrdesign,

Look like your server does not support rewrite url yet. In this case please contact us via email support@drupalexp.com to get support.


I am interested in buying your theme, but I want to ask Layerslider your copyright or it’s free – GPL 100%, I can not find any document talking about it, I had to buy megaslider $ 100 should I care to Layerslider if it’s free.



The Dexp Layerslider is our owner module and it’s only free if it is used in our themes.

Thank you,

I’m having problems with this theme and the support. I can’t seem to create an account to post a support question (it doesn’t want to email me the activation link).

I’m also having a problem installing the theme. I’m trying to emulate the demo you have based on the “Full Installation” area of the documentation. I unpacked the files, made the db and user and I end up with this page and no content… http://bit.ly/1lCF3rE

Thanks for the help.

Hi dyldebus, Thank for your choosing our theme. It seems you haven’t imported database yet. Please double check and send email to support@drupal.com if you have any problem. Thank you

Sorry, The correct email: support@drupalexp.com

It is wonderful. May I ask will it support IE8 or below?

Hi josephlau,

This theme only support for IE 9+. Thank you,

Noted and thanks.

Great Theme/Framework! Regarding Updates,can you post just the files that were changed for the updates instead of having us download the entire zip. This will make it easier, for us who have started development, to update the necessary files without updating the entire site. Thanks

Hi kk4799, Thank you for your comment, we will do it.

Nice theme! Two questions:

1. Can I easily make a subtheme with your theme and do all changes/customations there? Do you have documentation on how to do it? I think subtheming is a good Drupal praxis.

2. You say in a comment above that you can easily remove dropdown animation. Do you have any documentation on how I can do it myself? And some info on how to, not remove it, but change it a little bit?

Hello, 1. Yes, you can easy to create subtheme by copy info and template file. The document is not ready yet, but you can contact with our support staff to get example.

2. The menu animation is created by css3 with LESS. you can find it in mainmenu.less file and easy to modify.

Thank you,

Thanks! Another question: If I add a left sidebar region, is it possible to define that it in the source code comes after the main content, even if it displays to the left, i.e. before the main content. This is a SEO issue (and in the Omega framework I can do it).

Yes, can do it, but need custom a bit in region template.

How to add new region in section of layout?


Please see this video tutorial to know how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcGo0A2bfEs

Tnx! It’s easy

Hi There,

nice theme, but how to install an update ?

Thank you!

Hi HKraus,

You can update via FTP, just upload and overwrite all modules (sites/all/modules/druaplexp/modules) and themes (drupalexp and evolve). After upload, do flush all cache.

Thank you,

This theme is beautiful and easy to use. And the support is just AWESOME. Thank you guys :)

Thank you, usaginyunyu.

Support on this theme is fabulous (had to spell it all coz it is that good). :):)

Thank tongze, can give us 5 stars :)

I am considering to buy this theme for an RtL project and you offer it natively. However, in your RtL the vertical scroll is going to the left side of the screen in IE. Is it possible to have it in the right side of the screen also? As you know, we use right hand although we right from right to left. :-)

Hello Aratypo, We will help you to fix the issue vertical scroll to left side in IE. Thanks,

This theme is beautiful! And the customer support, out of this world. I’m not a developer, just a business owner, and I was able to figure out most of it on my own. What I couldn’t figure out, the customer support was amazing. They helped walk me through it so I could learn, and what was over my head, they did for me. Thank you so much for putting together such a great team of developers and support!

Thanks, HeatherFrey. It’s our job.

Hi, Interesting theme (I just bought it). First thing to notice is that - the demo gives a WSoD after connecting it to the DB (imported and all, passwords match etc in settings.php) - webforms (from webform module) are very messed up, layout-wise. Is there a quick fix for this, as my site uses many webforms?

thanks a lot


Can you give us 5* rating :)

Done! Is it possible to switch of the search icon in the main menu bar (at the far right)?


Just remove the search form block from “top” region then search icon will auto hidden.


I want to install this theme with Pantheon Drupal hosting service. Is that possible?

Yes, of course if it meet with drupal 7 requirements https://drupal.org/requirements

Thank you.