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Dear dynamicpress,

The previous owner of my website bought your template a few years ago and implemented it. I want to buy the new version of the theme in order to update my website (evolve version 3.4.3), because some elements are not working 100%. But before I will buy the template and update it, I need to know if the update will change my website-layout and design. I don’t want any big changes in my website. Can you look take a look at my current website? And tell me rather the update will change my website(layout) or not.

kind regards

Hi dynamicpress,

I just went to appearence -> themes and i clicked on update. Now the website is updated to version 3.6.2 but the website isn’t working anymore?

Kind regards


I just got it work, but the whole lay-out changed!


Please send me dashboard access. Most probably you have upgrade our theme with free theme with the same name https://wordpress.org/themes/evolve/

Newest version of our DP Evolve is 4.2 not 3.62.

Generally you must have prvious very old version of our Evolve. Since v 2.0 our theme is installed in another folder dp_evolve and such mistaken upgrad eis not possible.


http://www.patiocover.us/ my page keeps going down. I’ve had issues like this for about two weeks now. I’ve contacted my host and they continuously tell me it might be an issue with the skip on the page. At this point I’m not sure what the problem is and how to prevent this from happening. Can you please look into it and possibly clarify it this is something that can be corrected to prevent it from happening again.

I have received WP dashboard access. :) I suggest we stay in contact on support forum. There is more comfortable to answer :)

please provide me the link for support forum and we will keep contact that way per your request.

I thought that you know this. 35 minutes ago I found the same question (regarding the same site) on our support forum. Sended by nadav.

Perhaps two people from your team at the same time asking the same issue?


Beewoman Purchased

Quick question: I just downloaded your new update and instead of showbiz in the plugins, there is now essential-grid. Is this new and how do we use this new feature on previous versions of your theme?


Beewoman Purchased

Thank you, as always, for your quick reply!


Beewoman Purchased

I followed everything but it will not integrate into the site when I use the Visual Composer, any info on that? I have to update 5 other sites the same way to migrate over from Showbiz to Essential Grid so want to do this correctly!

Pleas send me more detailed information:

- Site Url - WP Dashboard access -link to issues sites

I check it and fix online.