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I want to know if I can put a background that has to do with architecture? You help me get this background?

I want to change the background color of the slider and I want to change the background color of the body of the layout. Can you help me?

I want to know before buying.


Hello rabeloalexandre,

You can easily change purple skin to any other color in 5 seconds from skin.css style color change. We also added slider’s separate background psd file so you can edit it as per your website requirement and then replace it with current background image.

Main body background in light grey color with pattern is also flexible to edit and replace it with any other background. We will help you to edit both backgrounds with basic guidance so you can customize theme easily.

Thank you :)


Thanks for the reply!

I also know the part where (Client Logos) can automatically switch the logos? without tightening the arrows?

And back to the subject of the purple background. You can put a background color is purple today?

I want to put a background on the purple and it is also the part that is white on the body site.

Will you help me?


Hello rabeloalexandre,

Please check your email, we sent you reply to your questions.

Thank you :)

LOVE your work! I’ve purchased several of your themes already… and thank you for making a responsive HTML :)

For this ‘Evolve’ theme, is it relatively easy to make the logo appear on the left side (left aligned)? Can this be changed in this CSS file?

Thanks for your help!

Move logo and top menu to left align

Hi accoladeseo,

Thank you for purchasing the theme and your positive feedback :)

You can make logo left side by making text align left and adding width 940px.

#logosection { ......; text-align: left;width:940px; }

After this, remove left side space in psd file and export logo image because current logo image has both side extra space.

You can move top menu center to left align with below extra css style

.top-menu>ul.sf-menu { width:940px; text-align:left; margin:0 auto;  }

Clean theme love it!

Thank you Jirachi for your compliments :)

Hi, just bought this theme, great work!

Just one question: I’d like to use the style used for tweeter posts (black rectangle) for my own text; how can I achieve that? I tried to follow the code, but there’s too much nesting for my skills..


Hi putto72,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Below are sample css and html codes for black rectangle box.


.black_box { 
    border:1px solid #2B2B2B;
    padding:10px 15px; 
    margin:0 0 10px 0; 
    font-size: 11px;}

.black_box:hover {  

.black_box a { 
    text-decoration: none; }

.black_box a:hover { color:#6b63a4; }


<div class="black_box">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,  <a href="#">link example</a>
 adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor ind exercitatiui officia deserunt 
mollit anim id est laborum.

If you want to make smooth transition of hover effect then add .black_box class name in (2) Global styles > smooth transition section (line #167) in style.css file.

The documentation is superb :) 5 stars

Thank you Quevega for purchasing the theme and ratings :)

Thanks for this wonderfull job ! I’ve just a problem with the contact form. I want change the “contact form submitted” to another word in french… How can i do that ? Thanks

Hi jeanchaudet,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can change contact form submitted text from

evolve/js/theme-settings.js file’s bottom part (line #522).

Is there a way to make the carousel responsive when the image is clicked on – that is, when the prettyPhoto image opens)? Right now when the lightbox opens, it’s not responsive. For example see the Recent Projects section of the home page

Hi cerie,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please send same details from our profile page form so we can send you updated theme settings javascript which will fix prettyphoto lightbox issue in mobile device.


Just a quick question. Does this template come with the media queries code already finished or must it be added?


Hi yankeerebel65,

Media quarries code is already finished of this theme.

Thank you :)

Thanks for your nice work and very clean codes with comments.

Thank you Amigo2000 for purchasing the theme and your best compliments :)

Hi , I noticed on slide some side effect; for example: by moving of text evolve from left t right, some vertical lines will be visible even after the text will stop moving. ( rest of overwring of last images of text will be not be cleared) I used Chrome. (same effect I see alo by your demo). What could be the reason?

Hi Amigo2000,

We found the reason for vertical lines.

If your google chrome browser mode is GPU then it renders graphics without any vertical lines. In google chrome you have to enable gpu by following steps.

1. Type chrome://flags/ in chrome address bar

2. Enable option called “Override software rendering list”.

3. Click on “Relaunch Now” button at bottom and then test slider.

Thank you :)

Thanks a lot for your fast response. I did it and problem solved. 5 stars for product, 7 stars for support. I appreciate also your coding style with embedded comments. Wish you all many success.

Thank you Amigo for the ratings and your positive feedback :)

Hi, great template. Love it! One question. How do I setup the blog using your blog.html template?


Hi fearkarma,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You have to integrate ready html blog page code with wordpress. You can refer some tutorials to convert html to wordpress. Tutorial 1 | Tutorial 2

You can also use wordpress version of this theme from here which has ready blog with advanced futures.

hmm too late as I have already bought your other template. I will have to get my thinking cap on but it looks a little complicated so may just have to do without :( Thanks for such a quick reply.


I am considering purchasing this template. Has the site been built with HTML 5 and CS#?

thank you

Hi MrMert,

This site is built with CSS3 and HTML5.

Thank you :)

Thanks for a grate template. I have difficulties making the first page revolution slider to show thumbnails, it seems you are not using the full slider and a subset is included with the template. The thumbs are shown vertically and to the left. Could you please help? Thanks.

Hi Mebomi,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Thumbnail navigation is disable to avoid design conflict with responsive script. If you have any issue with thumbnail images animation in layer then please send your website login info from our profile page form.

Hi—Lovely template, and sooo many positive reviews. Im thinking abut buying, but require this, using whites/creams etc and not the vivid bright colours like purple and green. Easy to chance all relevant colours to White/Cream?

Hi DaveRoseberry,

Thank you for your positive feedback :)

Both changes are easy.

You can change purple skin to any other skin with simple color picker from admin options.

Body white-light grey color pattern you can replace with new background image to image folder.

Hi – Its not the WP theme I will be using? I was asking about editing in the items in HTML/CSS

Hi DaveRoseberry,

You can change skin color from skin.css – just replace color value in this file with all styles in one minute and for body white-light grey color pattern you can replace with new background image to images/background folder.

Both changes can take hardly 5 minute.

Thank you :)

Hello, nice template Please let me know how to change the submit button color on the contact form, and the caption colors on the sliders txs

Got it!

Great… and Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Any way we can resize the sub menu to be the same size in width as its parent/main header menu?

Hi Dave,

You can set header width by adding extra id inside header id.

like #inner_header


<div id="header">
    <div id="header_inner">
        logo and top menu code


#header_inner { margin:0 auto; width:600px; }

Thank you :)

which file do I edit matey?

You have to edit style.css and all html files.

SWM.. I downloaded this, thinking it provided space for landscape OR portrait image gallery.. I see that is not the case.

Any chance you can add an Portrait Gallery please?

Hi Dave,

This theme is using masonry script for images alignment so any size of image – landscape or portrait can automatically adjust with next rows. You can try by adding portrait image.

Thank you :)

Excellent response – very quick! thanks