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This Theme is amazing! Its not the same boring look and feel as all other websites and it offers a truly unique shopping experience. I purchased this theme and had it installed and customized by the Theme author (eThemeUK) and everything went smooth. We worked on the site together for about 2 weeks and everything went extremely well.

What’s the secret to rating sites on here? I can’t seem to find it.

Never mind. got it. 5 Stars :)

Thank you. I add your feedback to theme’s description page :)

Your theme is great but when I install…everything is ok…but click some tabs…contents are not there…how can I solve this.. Thank you

Hello, jkim_dev.

Please, submit your request on our support forum –

Check FAQ for details –

Our developer will check you issue.

Best regards, support team


Can I replace the main slideshow with this module (drag and drop is easy for me, I’m not technical guy).

They say it is compatible with all template. But if any bug your company will do support for me or I must ask the module company?

Just wonder who will do support me?

Hello, Mark2rb.

Thank you. We didn’t test our theme om compatibility with this extension. Also we don’t provide FREE support with other 3rd party extensions. You can ask about support module company developers.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, support team

Hello, Your recent demo Slider is full width and has some effects like closing image, where can we set the size, and could you please tell us what we need to do to make it same slider look. Best Regards

Hello cilkaydem,

Submit your question to our support forum – Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team


This is a pre-sales question. I love your Evolution Magento theme (I didn’t bought it yest), it seems just perfect for one of the projects I have in hands and I’ll need some customization from you.

I need to create a website similar to and I wonder if you can provide me the values to customize your theme in order to do that.

Thank you for your time and I wish to receive your reply ASAP.


Hello allspy,

It needs major theme changes to make it like Unfortunately our developer is not available for customization service for next 2 months. We can offer you only minor customization changes for this theme. Drop email to if you interested in minor theme customization.

Best regards, support team

Presale questions

1-When clicking on the left menu , info is updated in the left Column, do we have a button that can close and open that column, which leaves more space for the isotope listing to show more items.?

2- The top 1 menu field ’ Shop by ’ is that a regular menu that can be expanded to 4 menu items instead of one and so the currency, language can be removed or move to the right.?

3 Can we add another column in the product page on the right?

Thank you

Hello tsafi1,

1) Nope. Theme doesn’t have such feature 2) Nope. You can’t add new item at “Shop By” level. You can enable / disable currency, language block via theme settings. 3) Nope. Theme doesn’t have such feature

We can offer you customization service to get this features done for you. Email to get a quote.

Best regards, support team

Do you sell a separate extension for the tabbed left sidebar?

Thanks, Francois

Hello, modesociety.

Unfortunately not.

Best regards, support team

pretty nice item;

thanks :)

Hi, Anyway can let the slider appear in mobile view?

When i use Android mobile phone’s browser to view, even i preset desktop view in the browser setting but it still auto change to mobile view which the slider banner will be missing. Anyway can make the slider exist even in mobile view? Can you add a setting to let us choose in the theme layout session?

Regards. Kelvin.

Hello Kelvin,

Submit your question to our support forum – Forum usage FAQ –

Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

I want to create a user account in admin for only editing slides. But when I change in Role Resources from “All” to “Custom” the option from Admin Menu “eVoque v 1.3 / Flex slider (home) / Manage slides” is missing (although I checked all the resources manually). I posted this in but I didn’t receive an answer. Help please!

Thank you. Our developer will contact you.

Best regards, support team

Any news? Thanks!

Our developer replied on the forum. Sory for the delay. Best regards

The demo is not working….It shows errors..Could you fix that please?

Hello, akios.

I have rechecked our demo – everything seems to be ok –

Can you specify what is wrong?

Best regards, support team

Did you have support service? I have bought your product.But some features don’t work. I have posted my issue to your forum.But 3 days later, i have not got any response.

Hello, jack2055.

As far as i see you have submitted your request yesterday.

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

You will be replied soon.

Best regards, support team


I would like the left sidebar will have the same on all sides, what do I have to change where ?!

Hello, roshanharief.

Please submit you request here –

Our support stuff will answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

As you suggested I have sent a PM to one of your support members. It is almost a week now since I had no reply at all. If a simple question can not be answered for the whole week… at least let me know the reason of no response.

PS. It might be helpful for someone else with a similar question, so I will ask/post it here… where do I change the very left navigation tab titles/links? For example I want to rename the “blog/news” to just “news” etc. Thank you.

Hello, dynamicn.

Sory for the delay. What is the link to your topic? I will hurry our support. Sory for the inconvenience.

Best regards, support team

Did you even read what I wrote? It is in the very first sentence… I said that I have sent a PM to one of your support team members (Alexey) and yet had no response at all. Can you please pass my question, which is at the bottom of my initial post, to any support team member who is capable and willing to answer it? Thank you.

Sory, i want to clarify some isssues.

1. I don’t advice to write about your problems in PM. Private messages are only for resending confidential data (passwords, access). I can’t control PM messages that you have sent to our developer. If i had link to the topic i would be able to review it and hurry our support stuff. Now i even don’t wether he have received your message or not.

2. Our developer and support stuff don’t have access to comments section. The only place where you can get support from our developer – is our support forum.

3. I have forwared you request to our developer. I hope he will reply soon.

Hope for your understanding.

Best regards, support team

I have post my question to your support forum 3 days ago. Hope to get your attention. Thanks.

Hello, Jack.

As far as i see the last reply is from our support stuff Alex –

Did you see his reply?

Best regards, support team

Dear etheme

I am working on “eVoque – Premium Responsive Magento Theme”. On your demo I can see a product with “product-2x” class, however I can not find this option in magendo admin panel. Could you please help me with this issue?

Best Regards Dorothy

Finally I found when to change it, thnx a lot!


I’m glad that you find the solution by yourself. In any case you can submit any technical requests on our support forum – Our support stuff will be glad to answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

Dear etheme

I nedd to show the Flexslider on mobiles, is there possibility to do that

thank you in advance.

Hello, hebs2013.

Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our support stuff will answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

Thank you, I submitted a ticket.

thank you. You will be replied today.

Best regards, support team


Does double product work when classic layout for products is choosen?

Thank you in advance.


Hello, Dorothy.

Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our support stuff will answer your questions.

Best regards, support team