Discussion on Exa - A Fresh & Creative Portfolio HTML5 Template

Discussion on Exa - A Fresh & Creative Portfolio HTML5 Template

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hello the exact template applies to blogger?

Hi, this item is a static HTML site template that needs to be integrated with your prefered framework / platform. Hopefully this helps.

Hi there,

I have I purchased this Item but cant seem to find a php for the mail?

Can you help?

Hi, please get in touch with me via the Support tab and I promise to get back with you asap on this matter. Thank you.

Hey how do we search for the wordpress version of this? I search Exa and its not coming up.

Hi, there was a WordPress theme developed by another author, but it is no longer available for sale. You can get in touch with the designer for additional details: https://themeforest.net/item/exa-agencyfreelancer-creative-portfolio-template/12241840

Hi There! Great theme! Was just wondering how the gallery. WHen clicking on images it seems to jump to the blog or about page. Doesn’t look like there’s a logic flow. Forexample, maybe a light box or a single image post for the thumbnail image from the gallery? Thanks, M

Hi, thank you for your interest and feedback – this is a static HTML site template with components presented only for visual reference. It is really simple to add a lightbox/gallery solution (using plugins like fancybox3 it literally means just adding an attribute to a link and including the script) and I think this decision should be made by each client/developer that implements the template. If you decide to make a purchase I can offer my support to help you in this direction. Hope this helps.

Hi, I would like to get access to the admin panel of the theme before the purchase. May I?

Hi, thank you for your interest – this item is a static HTML template, not a theme. Hope this helps.

Ah, now I see that it’s a basic HTML template… Sorry.

No problem, best wishes!

Can I use this template on blogger.com?

Hi, thank you for your interest – this item is a static HTML template, not a theme. Hope this helps.

Hi Liviu Compliments for just the beatiful right amount of minimalism, which does not mean less but more and well reflected work. I’m trying to customize the template with a fixed-top navbar, including a custom navbar related only version of bootstrap.css and adding what you suggested here for i2insights. In my case this works too, making the navbar fixed at top, but then the footer get empty space below it. How can I get the foot staying always at the bottom of the page without having extra space below it? Adding negative bottom-margins to footer equal to what has been added as padding to top seems not affect this behaviour… Thanks for suggestions and your time!

Hi, thank you for your purchase and I appreciate your kind words.

The top fixed navbar shouldn’t affect the footer behavior (if you compensate with a padding as suggested to i2insights) – you are probably searching for a way to always have the footer stick to the bottom of the page, even if the content is smaller then the actual window size. I would suggest taking a look at some solutions for this here: https://css-tricks.com/couple-takes-sticky-footer/

I hope this answers your concern and please follow up on this via the Support tab, if you need further assistance.


A client of mine likes your theme but want to add woocommerce, will it be compatible and get the same look at the homepage design?

Thanks David

Hi David, thank you for your interest, but this is a static HTML template not a WordPress theme. You can search for the theme implementation of this design on ThemeForest (it is not developed by me).

What changed in the April update?

Hi, the new update contains new .html files to better demonstrate how to use the dark version style.

Hi nice template GLWS

If you like partnership in Joomla version then please contact me via contact.bluetheme@gmail.com


Hi, I know the search bar and the contact form are just placeholders and it is me who should be making it work. I bought your wonderfully designed theme to make my life easier and so I can complete the website faster. Is there any chance you could send me some code snippets that I could insert into the HTML so both the search bar and the contact form will work? Would really appreciate it.

Hi, thank you for your purchase – indeed, the template is a static HTML one (hence the low price) and it needs the addition of a dynamic programming language to make some sections work properly. You will not achieve this using simple HTML or JavaScript, so any such requirements may require extended work from you or help from a freelancer using a server side programming language like PHP, ASP.NET, etc. You also have the option of purchasing the WordPress theme version of this design in case you want to manage everything from an administration panel and have the search/contact forms working properly with no extra effort. Hope you understand these aspects.

Hey, is there a wordpress version of this template?

Hi, yes there is, but it is not developed by me, so I can’t vouch for it. Please search for it in the WordPress section.

The theme is great and well documented. And it’s very easy to make dynamic with Craft CMS and Twig. It’s a customization question, but hopefully a quick 10 second no brainer. I want to fix the header and nav. I added .navbar-fixed-top CSS from Bootstrap to the css-personal.css file. It works, but it appears to reduce the “space” between the bottom of the header and the start of the main content. I assume there is one variable I need to adjust to re-establish the space between the header and main content areas. ... I should clarify that I added the navbar-fixed-top class to the header class and kept the persisting navbar so that both nabber and navbar-fixed-top are assigned.

Hi, you can search for the .thumb .info .title, .thumb .info .excerpt and .thumb .info .arrow-right declarations in the style.css file. I suggest you familiarize yourself with a browser tool that can help you inspect DOM elements easily: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/dom-and-styles Hope this helps.

Thanks. That worked. I have another question – and I know its CSS – so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated… On the Features page under Mouseovers…specifically number #2 (the backpack image – but I guess it would apply to any of them) ... is there a quick CSS edit/trick to disable the mouseover and make the overlay and image appear simultaneously at all times?

Sure, search for the .thumb a:hover .info declaration in the @media (min-width: 768px) section and remove the :hover part. Hope this helps.

I’m getting a Google Maps API key error when trying to run this theme on my website. I have a key now. Can you tell me where to place in the code? Thanks!

Hi, this is a static HTML template that doesn’t use any Google Maps API keys. You either meant to contact the author of the WordPress theme version (not me) or you added some code on your own which causes this problem. Hope this helps.

Hi, I am interested in your template, i’d like to ask two questions please: - Can i use images in any size, or only square images? (i’m looking to use 16:9) - Can i customize the background colors (for the body background and for the submenus, for example?) Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your interest – sure, you can customize the template for your specific project, since this is a static HTML item (you’ll need basic HTML, CSS knowledge of course). Hope this helps.

I want to make my contact us form working! Need your support!

Hi, the template is a static HTML template designed only style-wise and it doesn’t include any dynamic part. It requires you to make changes in your favorite programming language in order for the user to see any updates (like the blog, contact form, etc.). I suggest you hire a web developer to help you out with any such custom requirement. For any other concern r question please contact me via my profile’s form and I’ll continue support via email.

Really having trouble with this contact form, I know you are going to say it is a static html etc etc, but I have bought other html templates here with fully functioning contact forms. But thanks.

Hi, please contact me via the contact form in my profile and I’ll continue to offer you with support via email. Thank you.

another theme that I really like…but no map. Had to pass

Hi, thank you for you interest – may I ask what map functionality are you looking for? This is a static HTML that can be tweaked and I’m sure any feature can be easily created/added. Cheers.

Can I have some help for the search form? I have some troubles to making it work. Thanks.

Hi, I responded to your support message make sure you follow up on that message for further concerns or questions. Thank you

Hi…I really liked your template & finalized to purchase it…but before that I’ve some basic queries related to it :grin:

  • If I straight forward put this html template on my hosting server, will the blog section be active or do I have to create a database?
  • On homepage the section on which it is written ‘We help brands connect with people’ is not selected like other text, can it be made selectable or can be copied?
  • is the theme dynamic or static by default?

I’ll be obliged if you can answer my queries, it will help me to make buying decision! :grin:

You can also write to me on harshadmoray@gmail.com


Hi, thank you for your interest – the template is a static HTML template that requires you to make changes to it in order for the user to see any updates (like the blog page). You can edit the blog HTML page directly each time an update occurs and avoid using a database, but this is only up to you to decide. The homepage text can be copied like any other text, it’s just that it’s a link and you need to make the selection above the block element – this is basic browser behavior and has nothing to do with the template. Hope this helps you decide on the purchase.


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