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Hello Ricci,

Q1. Six months (6th page at the moment) ago InSolo asked about a fix for bundled and grouped products. I’m not sure if he refers to grouped/bundled products with options, or the grouped/bundled products are not supported at all.

Q2: I’m not a seo expert, but I found that the product names are in h2 tag on the product view page. Is this intentional? Generally the h1 tag is proposed.

Q3: Does the grid and the product images slide effect in category view fits with longer product names (for example breaked in 2 lines)?

Anyway, great theme :)


Q1: Usually Magento doesn’t support grouped/bundled products with options (configurable products), thus I coded a custom module which support this.

Q2: We can change h2 tag to h1 on product view page, this is no big issue.

Q3: There is a possibility included to shorten very long product names (php function).

Hope this will help you further, kind regards

Thanks, one more question: on the frontpage the Sersen briefcase (Sales of the week) mouse over effect changes the picture. But in the category view the same picture comes up. Is it the feature of the modul, or can be set this option also in the category view?

This is a configuration issue in Catalog Management. You have to setup different images for image and small_image in Product Management (Images section).



Must say, that I love the theme! Great job!

I have one issue: My site is running really slow, do you have any adivce what to do?

link: http://posevnica.si/public_frizerplac

It is also a matter of your webhosting and configuration of the webserver. There can be done some optimizations. As you can see that my theme live-preview is really fast.

You can contact me with PM for more details/help etc.


Thank your response ,but i’ve not received the list you mentioned yet.Would you please send me again ?

1.Product thumbnail of the “View Product” 2.Product page in the “Next Product”, “Previous Product” Add to shopping cart “order total” 3.Product directory “Hide Options” on the drop-down box “per page” at the bottom of the “back to top”

To change “View Product” open

, and goto line 73. Repeat this also in
line 178.

To change “Previous/Next Product” open

on line(s) 103/109.

To change “Hide Options” open

on line 49.

To change “per page” open

on line 59.

To change “back to top” open

on line 216.

To change “order total” open

on line 34.

NOTICE : If you are familiar with a text-editor ( I recommend Notepad++), you do a search (or search-replace) query too. It is very easy and quick.

Kind regards

Hello: Ricci

1.Single column of the product list displayed when the manufacturer pictures are not displayed

2.”Hide options” has been translated, but when clicked or show the Chinese,

“Show Options” on translation do not know where.

3.”Previous / Next Product” has been translated but still not show up. Translation Picture will appear in the product page manufacturer does not display

4.”Per page” do not know corresponds to a translation file.

Ok. I will look to fix it and give you updates.

When I click “Add to cart”, the page is going straight to the checkout. I would like the message appeared…”you added …”, but to continue on the product page. How can i do that?Please check www.lojamarcelacastro.com.br

Hi, you have to configure this Mageno backend. Goto “System > Configuration > Sales > Checkout”, then “After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart” to “No.”

Kind regards Ricci

tengo un problema, no me carga la paginas de categorias me sale siempre “404 Not Found 1” y esta es la url que me manda dominio.com/catalog/category/view/s/zapatillas/id/5/

Sorry, but in englisch please. My Spain is not that good.


the root category shows “404 Not Found 1” and another problem is that “Main Menu” all that is within the root category as if they were shown the same level

Please follow instructions in documentation, there is a how-to for configuring main menu too. Your error “404” is server specific I suppose. As I had a look to your installation few days ago everything worked.

Otherwise contact me over profiles page for further help.

Kind regards

Hello Ricci,

Well I’m running into a small issue that I want to see if I could get your help with. I have multiple websites running off one Magento installation so when I try to use your theme on one of add-on sites for some reason it doesn’t have category drop down next to the search bar. Could you help me figure out why it’s not showing up?

Cheers, Dell

Hello Dell,

just let me see if I can help you, please do share me your site-url. You can send it to me via PM if you want.


Hello Ricci,

Well I figured out what the problem was I forgot to add a few core files when I was transfer the theme from one server to another one. So everything running at 100% :) Thanks again for the quick responses Ricci and keep up the good work bro!

Cheers, Dell

You’re welcome.

Thanks Ricci! I just sent you message with a link to my website :)

Cheers, Dell

Hello Ricci, I’m working in local and I have the same problem of post written by user STEMALO ‘how to get the language switcher ?’. I’ve created 2 store views with 2 languages and these pages translate most things correctly but only separately: how to see or put the language switcher like in your demo? Thanks and regards


please send me a screenshot via PN.

Hello, here is the screenshot of the home page loaded with the script: https://www.box.com/s/6bb55507aad7212b8b34 Thanks

Hello Sir, I have installed Facebook Connect and Like Free(belvg). It’s installed perfectly and showing tab into the system configuration but i am unable to see LIKE button on the product page what i am doing wrong please give me solution



well, this is third party. Did you read the install manual of the extension. Please do follow as instructed. Usually you have adapt template path and include “echo” function in template file.

I do no consider my request for support as inappropriate. Having the correct page titles, only one h1 tag not 8, having the PayPal button not knock out the styling etc are pretty fundamental to the operation of the site and not custom work.

Normally developers provide help on the wall so others can fix same issues and its also good feedback to improve the theme. All the links posted above to development sites are all experiencing seo issues which means low traffic unless fixed.

Perhaps I have missed it, but I cannot find any extensive documentation. Just a small HTML help file that came with the theme. Where is the extensive documentation located? If that contains all the answers to fixing the seo issues etc I’m happy to try to fix myself.

1. Where I live we do ask in a normal manner to get help from someone. I have no problem helping buyers, mostly for nothing and I do this every day. And all are satisfied.

2. Your complaints are incorrect regarding SEO issue thus it is inappropriate: SEE HERE for more INFO (screenshot): spidertest-exdress-magentotheme. Have a close look at it!

3. Theme related config is all instructed in my documentation. Maybe you’ve missed to learn more about Magento, in my documentation are some helpful links.

4. All other requests you made are not theme related, but again, did you asked normally I would helped you for sure. But instead you are complaining facts that are wrong.

Hello Ricci, do not know is what went wrong, home products and product list page title can not show only ”......” do not know where to modify.My website address http://www.z-27.com/, help me!

To change “product-title” character limit open app\design\frontend\exdress\default\template\catalog\product\list.phtml, goto line 175 and you will see this:

<h2><?php $productName = substr($_product->getName(), 0, 25); ?><a style="color:#FFF" href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $_product->getName();?>"><?php echo preg_replace('#[^\s]*$#s', '...', $productName); ?></a></h2>

Here you can edit character limitations. Repeat this steps also in following files: app\design\frontend\exdress\default\template\customwidget\list-homepage.phtml and list.phtml

Kind regards Ricci

I have contacted themeforest directly for them to review every comment you have marked as “inappropriate” as clearly requesting support is not inappropriate. I have bought scores of themes from themeforest but never encountered this sort of behaviour from a developer before. It is very perplexing, especially since I am a customer.

I have highlighted the seo deployment on this theme contravenes Googles guidelines but rather than look into this and fix those issues you mark each comment as “inappropriate”. It seems to be a common trend on this thread that people have SEO concerns. Why not just fix them?

When you publish the theme and view the source code there are 8 x h1 tags (not 1 as you suggest).

The same page titles and 8 x H1 tags are very bad for SEO . There are other things that do not work well once activated such as paypal express which breaks the css on the cart rollover.

These are not things that are unique to my installation but all who have bought this theme and it being dealt with swiftly and maturely would benefit all and improve the theme.

It is a good theme, but it will not perform on the internet with SEO flaws like this.

I asked for the location of the detailed documentation that you keep referring to, since all i can find as a very brief html file, but you have not answered this request.

Some of these things may be to do with the theme and maybe magento flaws. But all I know is, since you are refusing to communicate appropriately insisting that I speak to you like people do at “home” whereever that is – we cannot get any further. Which is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with any of my comments and I have asked theme forest to review them. I think you were having a bad day. And with that said, some of your responses where I am from, I would consider to be rude to a lot of people on here. BUt I often ignore these things as I am a professional and leave personalities out of business issues. It would do you good to do the same.

Read my post minutes ago. And read all my other support I’ve made so far…I have no problem helping buyers and I do this! You can’t say the opposite as in other things you do.

Tell me just one thing:

What do you say when you study this: Spider Test Exdress Magento Theme

You can try it by yourself here: Spider Simulator.

I do mark your comments because they are not at all theme related, I don’t want you do write comments that are not correct. That’s all.

Watch this and reconsider what you complained about SEO : Podcast statement using of H1 from Google software engineer Matt Cutts. Same on newest Google Guideline.

Nothing else to say…but valuable time spended, for what?!

h1 class=”logo” div id=”header-content” > h1 div id=”header-content” > h1 > div id=”header-content” > h1 >

The H1 needs to be on the page title! Otherwise all the H1 tags will be exactly the same on the logo!

All the other blocks on the homepage contain H1 tags.

Last thing regarding H1:

As I told you before, it is not theme files related. All H1 elements, except logo, is from “SAMPLE CONTENT ” I’ve created for preview purpose. So all your sayings about SEO etc. are unfounded. You can’t make me responsible what content you are going to publish in affected “STATIC BLOCKS …”

Hope you understand now why I am annoyed about your previous comments, ungrounded statements.

Does anyone know how to correct the spelling mistake on the product pages? It says Produkt-ID: But should say “Product-ID” (a c not a k)

Also does anyone know where the “manufacturer” part is populated from as I cant find it anywhere in the catalogue.

Produkt-ID: app\design\frontend\exdress\default\template\catalog\product\view.phtml, line 134

Manufacturer: app\design\frontend\exdress\default\template\catalog\product\view.phtml, line 135

My dearest Ricci

I hope you are having a wonderful day today!

Thank you for your helpful coding response above.

With regards to your other comments – I am an SEO expert and I fully understand SEO .

What I dont understand is magento and this theme and how to fix the problems I am experiencing. Which is why I was asking for support in getting the homepage to perform properly.

Unfortunately, sending me links to basic videos from Google and Spider crawlers does not help me locate and change the H1 tags in Magento.

Very best wishes with sugar sprinkled on top

app\design\frontend\exdress\default\template\customwidget\list-homepage.phtml, line 106

app\design\frontend\exdress\default\template\customwidget\list.phtml, line 106

Edit this line:
<div id="header-content"><h1><?php echo $this->getHeader();?></h1></div>

Intention of Spider Crawler analyse and Google video was to show you that the theme is well SEO and that it doesn’t affect the listing on Search Engines by default. As you can see on Score Points etc.

Nevertheless, if you need further help – let me know.


Thanks for the helpful response! (sincerely)

OK – 1 more issue. The site isnt processing paypal payments. It allows you to add to cart, and then click express payment and then pay, BUT then it redirects back to the site with an error message

Fatal error: Call to a member function setFieldNamePrefix() on a non-object in /home/mysite/public_html/foldername/app/design/frontend/base/default/template/paypal/express/review.phtml on line 28

Which seems to be this line: $billingBlock = $this->getChild(‘billing’)>setFieldNamePrefix(‘billing’)>setHideEmailAddress(true);

Do you know why that is?

Remove or rename paypal.xml to paypal._xml within “app/design/frontend/exdress/default/layout/”. I suppose you’re using Magento 1.7+, Magento uses the default paypal.xml by removing/renaming. This should solve your problem.


Yes it is 1.7 and sorry, but that hasnt worked – same error

Hi, Ive just noticed that product variations are not working on my installation of this theme. If it is set to show different colours for example of a particular product, you cannot add to cart (the button wont depress). No matter where I click, nothing happens.

Example here: http://tinyurl.com/d42efyw

It’s Magento configuration: GOTO Catalog-Manage Products, choose a product. Then switch to DESIGN tab and select “Product Info Column” in “Display Products Options in.”

Repeat this step for each product.