Discussion on Exertio - Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

Discussion on Exertio - Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

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1. Can you add geolocation with a pluggin? 2. What ways of highlighting a service are there? (at the top, another color of the ad… etc) 3. Can you add search alerts with a pluggin so that if a person does not find a service he can save the filters added and get notiffied when there are matches? 4. Can you make it so that the home page only shows featured services and Freelancers?

Hi! Presale question. We have to make complicated system to count cost of task. With some conditions. I am going to use Formidable Forms for this and add those fields with ACF to request template. Or Calculation for ACF. Is it possible with your theme?

Yes, you can add fields using ACF. Regards

Thanks! And what ia the best way to ask you couple more questions about customization?

Welcome. You can send email at scriptsbundle@gmail.com Thanks


mdlorr Purchased

how do i make people pay for featured projects? currently it just asks for wether i like the project to be featured or not but it dosent ask me for payment? how do i fix it?

Featured projects are listed under the package user has purchased. If user has purchased package in which he is allowed to make project featured, he can. For more information and guide please communicate with support team at they will guide you. Regards

Do freelancers receive an email every time they are sent a message or hired? A confirmation email when registering, etc? can be configured? Thank!


Yes, we have all those options. The user revives an email on any action.


I would like to add in the services pages a section where you can see more services of the same category but from other people, is that possible? Is it possible to charge users for their ads to appear there?

Thanks a lot! those are on proposals, are there the same options in the service announcements? Kind regards

Related ad depending upon category example is also mentioned https://marketplace.exertiowp.com/services/i-will-be-your-social-media-marketing-manager-and-content-creator/ You can only post bids on projects not on services.


LavaLink Purchased

After updating plugins and updating to current version of the theme, the whole website (Admin and Live site) is down: “500 Internal Server Error”


Here is what the host said:

“Thank you for contacting Dreamhost support, I’m really sorry to see you are having trouble with the site, I’d be happy to help!

I know how important this is to the running of your business and would like you to note the following which I have shared below;

Upon further investigation, it is evident that the “redux-framework” and “exertio-framework” plugin are proving not to be compatible with the current version of WordPress and might continue to break your site.

Thus, I have deactivated the above mentioned two plugins and tested your site to be up and working again. Please let me know if you would like me to switch your WordPress version back to 5.9.3 and I’d be happy to, as it seems that these two plugins are not compatible with the latest WordPress version.”


LavaLink Purchased

As far as I know, both of these plugins are required for this theme to work and my website is empty without them, what am I supposed to do now?

Please communicate with the support team they will be checking it on your side and guide you. Regards

My target is to make booking system. Customer will search using location and result will show available freelancer within predefined radius of searched location. Then customer can book the service with payment.

Can we do it using your theme and solutions? If yes, share the step and we will purchase the theme.


Hi, Sorry you have to customize it to meet your needs. Regards

Hello, 1. Are there woocommerce payments, 2. are there OpenStreetMap maps, 3. are there a mobile application, Regards


1) Yes,

2) No,

3) No,


Hello, 1. is the template multilingual or does it work with WPML? 2. is it possible to pay for renewed subscriptions using woocommerce? Regards

No sorry about both

Hi! Have some pre-sale questions. 1. Is it possible for admin to set price for separate “freelancers” if you want to use theme for staffing with your own employees? If not is this possible to set up? 2. Will there be Ios and Android apps available as for Nokri theme? 3. Is there a calendar function available so freelancers can setup a schedule when available for work? 4. Can admin preset the type of skills for freelancers to choose from in each service? So the same skill is named the same throughout the system? If not is this possible to set up? Regards

Hello, 1) No sorry, we do not have separate pricing for Freelancers.

2) Not yet.

3) No,

4) Yes, available


Hello, I want to buy this theme but use it for completely free services. Can it be used for this purpose? All functions should remain but payments at any level should be disabled.

Hello, Yes you can disable everything related to payment and make it free for your users. Regards

Hey there can you please share the solution for the “disabled for demo” message on the registration page?

Please go to appearance > Theme options > General settings and disable demo option. Regards

Hi! I have presale question. We need to set very complicated formula to count project price before posting and use formidable forms to do it. This plugin has an opportunity to create custom posts after submitting but does your theme support this?

We have our own functionality for projects and services. If you still want to use this plugin, you should ask to the plugin developer regarding this. Regards

Ok, thanks! I’ll ask them. One more question. Can I use WP Bakery instead of Elementor? I understand that I have build all pages by myself, without demo, but do all built-in templates like header, footer, user dashboard and so on work without Elementor?

Hello, Currently we have integrated Elementor only.


There are several questions.

1. Are you planning to integrate OpenStreetMap maps with the ability to display them in the search for Jobs, Services and Freelancers, showing their point on the map? If not, can you order this as additional work?

2. Are there email notifications for the site admin about the new placement of Works and Services?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, Currently email templates are for freelancers and employers for orders but not for Admin.Regards

And how can administrators control the placement of orders and services in time? The administrator cannot sit 24 hours a day and update orders and services on the site in order to understand that users have recently placed them, in order to then approve them for placement on the site.

And if a user placed an order or a service, and the administrator was able to access his site only after 48 hours, and only at that moment saw the placement on the site and approved it… Users will not like this service and they will leave this site.

With respect to your work already done, I want to say that these admin alerts are a must and should be required in a theme. This is the very beginning of working with users, and here the site administrator cannot control it in time. It is very uncomfortable. I think that many of your customers will agree with me on this.

On any ad site and service exchange, these alerts must exist. Open any topic and have a look.

I am very interested in buying your theme, but I lack control over order placements and services. I beg you, add this in your next theme update!

Thank you so much!

I think you didn’t understand how the orders works. You have options to approve orders automatically or if you want to check them out before approval you can check it out and approve. Orders email is always send by Woo Commerce. and if order is placed, then admin will get notification email (default woo commerce settings) . Please note that this is done only when you have direct purchase option enabled. Regards


murohuso Purchased

Hello scriptsbundle team i want integrate wp-guppy chat plugin it is possible ? Thanks

Hi, We didn’t test this plugin with the theme. You can check it out or ask plugin developer is it works. Regards

Hey, pre sale questions:

1- Are there freelancer levels and variable commission based on level ? 2- Can freelancers make a custom offer for customers (buyers) within service? 3- Is there a selectable payout days (as a option) by freelancers on the panel. Then I would like to apply different commission rates based on payout days? 4- Can admin set minimum price for services based on categories? 5- Is customization available?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry all are not available. Regards

Not a problem at all. I already know that. I just asked to make sure of it :)

But please tell me you are accepting custom requests with a price? If it’s not the case, then it’s sad. Cuz I’m thinking of purchasing this theme.

Yeah we provide customization for the theme and plugins. you can send email to our team at scriptsbundle@gmail.com

How to disable for demo, after installing the theme when I go to create a new user account it says, disable for demo, kindly let me know how to fix it and also share the link if there is any guide to setup the complete after the installation. Thanks

Please go to appearance, theme options > general > and disable demo mode. Here is the complete setup instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gov4M2FP3UU Regards

Hi, Questions before purchase: 1. Does the theme work on a multisite wordpress installation? 2. Do you have a demo admin panel and is it possible to provide access to test all the functions of the theme? 3. Is there an escrow system to work in the system 4. how does the user role switch work: switches within the same account or creates an account in the database with an opposite role and name? 5. Is it possible to hire several freelancers for one project? 6. Is it possible to resume/use an already completed project as a template 7. is it possible to rehire the same freelancer as before to the same project 8. Up to what point can the customer cancel the project? 9. Can the customer create a milestone in the process when work on the project has already begun , etc. etc. (2. Do you have a demo admin panel and is it possible to provide access to test all the functions of the theme?)



1) Yes, it should work fine.

2) No sorry not available right now.

3) Yes, available for the projects/jobs

4) Both option available. You can allow both role in single email or separate account. Admin can decide and hide show anytime.

5)No, sorry about that.

6) No,


8 ) On going projects can be canceled.

9) Milestone can be created by the client only.


daeneil Purchased

can I change the header of the dashboard? since the header both from other pages and the dashboard is different from each other

You will have to do it in child theme.

i create a project and its cost is 10$ and freelancer propose 8$. when i accept its proposal, instead of 8, 10$ withdrawal from my wallet. why?

You have option in your backend to change it. Please communicate with support team they will guide you. Thanks

Hi, can we add a location filter? Like city, state, country, so people can search projects in specific locations? For example “painters” in “New Work” Thanks, Francisco

Hello, yes we do have location filters.


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