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2 days waiting the creator of the theme answer me… apparently is useless.

I’ve emailed several days ago and still no answer.

hi there a pre-sale question, what about wordpress 4.1.1 is working? on the details page i saw worpdress 3.5


Hi, I have the same question of @dgmaximiliano, template works on wordpress 4.1.1? on the details page i saw only worpdress 3.5.

We haven’t tested it for version 4.1.1. We are working on it though, keep you posted.

I really like the minimalistic layout of your theme. Could you confirm if you have WooCommerce in the works? If not, can you let me know when do you plan to have it?

Thanks for you kind words @gandharvepc,

I’m afraid but we don’t have any plan to include WooCommerce integration as it’s not the purpose of the theme. Although will take that into account and think about it as a possible feature.

Thanks again,


How do you link the menu to multiple pages, rather using the single page menu. I don’t mind a single exhibition showing, but I would like to have seperate pages for the information, which it is linked to.

Hi gandharvepc,

You just need tu put them on the menu through wordpress menu. Apparence > Menu and assign it in Manage Locations.

Is that what you meant?



No what I would like to do, is create a page with content, and gallery below it. How would I go about doing this?

yes, it should work with visual composer.

hi – i’ve emailed you through contact form last week and not yet had a reply.

Hi polly72,

Just replied.


Hello, i have some few questions before bying: > is there a limited number of pictures in the 3D gallery ? > is it responsive, for mobiles ? > Is it possible to have several portfolio with several 3D galleries ?


Hi palexposii,

1. There is no limilt. 2. Yes, it’s optimized for mobile devices 3. I’m afraid but you can have just only one 3d gallery.




- Im the developer and my boss bought this theme, im having a problem with this theme with the sponsor only show 3 sponsor instead of 4 can you help me.

Anything send me a mail and i can explain to you guys.

Hi miguecalderons,

Could you please send an email to with a test user and password for your Wordpress?

Thank you!


I recently purchased the theme. It is looking good and most of it works perfectly fine. But I am having troubles with the venue section. Even though I filled in all the address details it is always causing an error if I click on the direction button.

Thank you for the support.

Best, Uebersax

Hello, How can I change initial map zoom level on venue?

Hi, were can i see the different colors modifications for this theme ? thks

Which are the 6 Color Scheme?

would you please make this theme compatible with 4.5.2….really crappy since core update.


stelzer Purchased

Hey, any idea about when the update for wordpress 4.5. is released? That page would make the perfect landing page for our project!