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Very nice man!Keep it up :)

Thanks A Lot! I Will…


Really Awesome! GLWS! :)


Nice work! Layoutbuilders are the future. What I think could bee a interesting niche here on TF are Landingpages, (HTML)-onepage or site templates who comes with a pagebuilder. Like the template builder here. So you can add/remove order of modules (call for action, Pictures…). May bee you will think about this.

thanks. I think it is a very good idea!

Great work!.. GLWS ;)


Sorry to use the comment section to ask for support, but I am unable to find my Item Purchase Code.

I’ve followed the instructions on the documentation and I still can’t find it. I just have a button to download the file.

Thanks in advance.

It might be useful fro others as well…
Click on the download button and choose “License Certificate”.

Ok I swear to god that when I clicked on the download button before nothing happened…

Now it worked. I’ve got my Purchase Code :D Thanks :)


I love this – very easy to manipulate and to customise. Very neat. Lovely code and unlike MANY email templates I have bought on here this one actually seems to work and not break at least on the mail systems tested so far.

I also love the editor, really speeds up customizing because at least all the blocks are there in the order you want them.

Five stars, I highly recommend to everyone, and thank you, a real pleasure to use :-)


I’m really glad you having a good experience.
thank you for sharing here !!!


no way to make header show up in Outlook. I wrote to you this morning no reply. Can you please help with this. I used MailChimp to edit, in preview and test mails shows header but to OutlookExpress it come without header picture. Tnx.

Best regards, Petar

Dear Petar, unfortunately some versions of outlook still doesn’t support background images. for that case we use solid color as alternate color.

Oke, tnx

I tried with different uploads – my ftp, flickr as you said, gallery of MailChimp and always without success.


see answer above.

Thank you for your reply


perfect work! Some questions:

1. the header image I can change in the builder with the image source I did see. Must I change all other pictures in the code then? Do ypu plan to make them also editable in builder?

2. which browser you recommend for the builder to use? In my test chrome was better than FF.

Thanks John

thanks a lot!

1. change in the code or use mailchimp’s editor. yes, I plan to make this upgrade but it will take me some time.

2. I’m using chrome…

the layout builder has been upgraded with an image content edit ability.

Good News

the layout builder has been upgraded with a new content edit ability.

Click on any image or text in order to change its content.

Quick question if I want to change the header image or the footer images using the layout builder. How do I know what size the new image should be?

Use 1280×850px.

iam a little novice in html . heres a basic query , i want this file uploaded on the server and used as copy pasted html on my gmail and send from there . is it possible ? or will i have to use only mailchimp to send emails

it is possible as well.

very nice work

tootsboo, I know this is not the right place to ask. But I am desperate and I hope you can answer. What framework or library are you using to create my own email template layout editor?

Nice template – WISH I COULD USE IT. Clicking the startup link does nothing but HANG on the website. What gives?

hi Kartoony, please send me the broken link to
i will fix it ASAP. Thanks.

Amazing! Love it;


Looking good and purchased it. We have a problem with the automatic resizing of images. Using the Mailchimp option. When I upload image of larger size then 184×184 the image does show large in the template (ie size is not reduced automatically). Now I edited all images to 184×184 and the image is increased in size looking at it from mobile. Images are not sharp anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Please advise.

You are doing it well. This is the best practice for working with mailchimp.