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Realy great work! Modern and sylish! Have a nice day :-)

Thanks, Fleedy! :)

Very cool style , great typography , especially the serif ones. Looks great, Congrats and Kudos ! :)

Hi. Please excuse my ignorence on the matter, but this theme really rocks, and I could definitely put it to use.. However I have a question.. I have not worked with .html templates for many moons, I started using WordPress about 5 years ago.. Before that however I did work with at the time html 3 and 4 projects using at the time Macromedia Dreamweaver.. HTML has come a very long way in 5 years. My question is, I do have Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 .. would this be sufficient to work with this Template and html 5 , or would I have to upgrade to a newer version of DW?

Thanks in advance. KD

Yes dreamweaver is the tool you can use. You also need html css js knowledge


I would like to know who to work with these forms. Where do i change my email?


I love this layout—Do you have a Wordpress Theme for this layout??

I love this layout—Do you have a Wordpress Theme for this layout??

Ok, buying it right now love. Thanks! -Melanie aWebWizard@Gmail.com

preview function isn’t working ATM

Preview is working now.

Hi, I just purchased this. I have one problem with the slider. When I click to play the video, it starts, but then the slider continues to go through the slides. How can I get it to stop when someone clicks on play, because it just keeps playing, but cant see it as it goes to the next slide.

This page is unmonitored. For support please send us message via our profile page form http://themeforest.net/user/owltemplates.

I did as you suggested, but its been 5 days and I have not gotten any response

we had issues with our email. please send the email again

Hi. Nice work! I’m looking forward to buying the template but I see in the demo that there’s an “Out of stack space” alert in IE. Is this something you can solve in the short term? Please let me know. Thank you.

Still waiting for the contact form update.

Oops, Upon receiving the mail, I note that there is no message included in the email even tho I put a message into my test email. Any assistance you can provide in solving my contact form problem would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hello, Just to let you know, after hit and miss, I’ve finally got the contact form working correctly!! :) with a generic php form I added. Thanks again! Best.

hi i purchased this template and when i fill up the form the data is not sending. how can i update my email id and where do i enter my email id.

Waiting for the form update. Thank you.

Hi, can you explain how I can totally eliminate one of the menus categorize, and slide the the other over so as to not leave a gap.

I desire to get ride on half of the menu in about such as: Porfolio – Feature – Product price

I also want to get rid of the elements and portfolio menu altogether

So all I want is the home, about (service, blog, Blog details), blog and contact

How can I do this?

I did it

I would like to eliminate the slider altogether I am having a proble with the images moving the whole page.How do i do this

How do I change the email so the contact form and the email sign up gets to me?

In the area of practice the links how do I deirect them to a blog or a page.

Form won’t send message!