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Performance of this theme has really dipped. It’s slow and causes so many server errors. Switching themes kills all the issues. Any plans to update this one to perform better? Or should we all start looking for a replacement?


noma123 Purchased

Error message when making a post “Metaboxes-generator.php not downloaded “properly in WordPress. What do i do?

Please open a support ticket so we can assist you, thanks.


mervyn Purchased

oh, this theme is not retina ready?

This theme fully supports retina.


mervyn Purchased

just get the reply from your cs, the theme is not fully support retina, the image showing are 72dpi only… hope can get this update soon thanks

Is this theme still supported? Will it be updated anytime soon?

Yes the theme is still fully supported. Not sure on a timeline for update at this point.

Has there been an update? I downloaded the theme and when I tried to import the demo the menu fails me and it does not look like in the preview.

Then this version is not compatible with Wordpres 4.7.x

Most of our user base is using it successfully with 4.7.x, so there must be some specific thing happening with your setup.

I’m out of support but I just need to be pointed in the right direction. How the theme manages browser titles (the title tag)? I’m asking because I checked that with default WP theme I get all correct titles, while with Explicit I’m getting the URL as title in some particular pages. Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

You can look in the header.php file within the theme and near the top is where the title is setup.

Hi Brian thanks for your reply. Of course I checked header.php at first, but no luck. I opened a private ticket to further investigate with your help.

Thanks, we’ll respond to your ticket when we can.

I am outside the support window but I recently went back to this theme and I can not create a new post, the screen is blank and my seo’s aren’t there or my review section. when I change to another theme it all works and I can format a post correctly. Please, Advice.

Sorry about that response but yes I redownloaded the latest one, from August 2016 right? I do not have jetpack installed, should I? Thanks for the help.

No, the theme does not require Jetpack. I have noticed issues in the past with one of the Jetpack modules so I was making sure that wasn’t installed. Any PHP fatal errors in your error log? Or can you turn on wp_debug and see any PHP fatal errors on your admin dashboard?

I thought it was something with WordPress so I started from stracth and issue still persists. I guess I’m going to have to use another theme.

Hello, ask with this topic Can users write article posts? I would like to create a community where users of the same users post content. This is possible Thanks for the help!

Yes, as long as users have Contributor user role or higher, they can do so.

Does this theme work with the new wordpress. Are you going to update it.

Yes, it works with the latest version of WordPress. We will continue to update it to be compatible with the latest versions.

When will this theme be updated? So a great theme but updates are so few…Please give this theme some love..

We have updated this theme many many times and added tons of new features along the way. We will continue to update the theme to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

How do I update my theme? I don’t see any updates in WordPress. What is the latest theme version?

Latest version is 2.5. Please see here for details:

Are you ever going to update this theme? Seriously? Because you have not in nearly a year and its starting to be a little outdated…..

What is the issue with the theme that you are experiencing?


jana5 Purchased

Is this theme SSL compatible?


jana5 Purchased

I’m having the same problem as @ichpen – can see nothing in the backend when I try to add or edit an existing post. I get a console error “wpColorPicker is not a function”. Am running WP 4.8 and PHP 7.

I have raised a support ticket, but am wondering if you have any article on this problem? Thanks.


jana5 Purchased

It’s OK – now resolved. I tried making the recommended changes as per your article titled “I’m using WordPress 4.5 and/or PHP7 and my theme is broken.” ... and it worked. I can now edit my posts. Yippee.

Glad you got it working!


jana5 Purchased

Hi Brian, thanks for a great theme! I have some suggestions for your next upgrade/release:

  • Can you add a note to the end of your video about the page builder to say you can no longer user a page builder on your posts and pages, but you have access to all of the page builder components within the shortcode generator when editing the page or post? You don’t have to remake the video as long as there is a note in text above or beneath it. Otherwise it’s very confusing when the theme no longer matches your video instructions.
  • Can you add proper titles above each screencast video, so we know which one is which? Hyphenated titles would be fine – just something meaningful instead of 4 occurrences of “Using”
  • Can you fix all calls to http:// to become https:// in your php or js files where possible, for compatibility with SSL sites? For example, I had to edit some files to replace with otherwise vimeo videos would not display on my secure website.
  • Finally, this one would be nice but is not essential. Can you fix the portholes shortcode so that if you display 6 portholes (via the shortcode generator) on a page or post, the right hand edge doesn’t exceed the page width?

Thanks again, you’ve done an amazing job creating this theme.

Thanks for the suggestions, we will take them into account!


jana5 Purchased

Some menu questions.

1. I’m confused over the purpose of the sticky menu versus the Sections menu. The Section menu sits where you normally have the main navigation. So what do people use the sticky menu for?

2. In which menu would you put your About page and Contact page and Home link?

3. Where does the Utility Menu sit? I have populated my Utility Menu but I can’t seem to find it on my displayed webpages, or see it on your demo site. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your purchase! Please open a new support ticket so we can assist you, thanks!


jana5 Purchased


Does it work on wordpress 4.8?

Yes just fine.