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No news on Wordpress 4.5 yet? Is it compatible?

Yes, Explicit is compatible with 4.5.

Hero Slider is broken at chrome.. And no updates so far…

Please use support and we can assist you.

For users who haven’t updated from v1.* to v2.* – DO IT NOW! Overall, the theme is great… tons of options and it looks really cool. I decided not to update a site to v2 because of customizations & fixes I’d done to the code. Unfortunately, after the latest WP update, v1.4 started spinning up a huge amount of PHP processes on my server, causing several server functions to crash… including MySQL, which in turn killed other websites on my server. Once I updated to v2.4, the multiple processes disappeared and the site was functioning as expected again. Just wanted to have this here in case anyone is having similar problems and trying to figure out what’s going on.

That’s excellent to hear! Thanks for posting this for others to see.

Hey guys! If I buy this Explicit theme now, will it still be with unfixed bugs and errors mentioned in the most recent messages here? Will the theme be working as it should and properly including all those features you mention on the sales page? Do I have to pay something on top of the 64 dollars you charge for the theme? I mean do I have to pay for your support everytime I have an issue or do I pay extra for this theme’s updates or anything? I just need to understand what’s behind the irregular updates and the pending unfixed bugs people mention in this comment section. Thanks!

The theme is fully working with all the features listed on the sales page. You do not have to pay anything on top of the $64 for the theme. You will receive 6 months of free support included with that purchase. We are glad to help and will answer any questions you have about the theme. Thanks!

Thanks for such a prompt reply! And what about the theme’s updates? Do I get them at all or do I get updates only within the first six months of free support and then I have to pay for updates? The sales page says your theme is for WP version 4.3, whereas the latest one is 4.5. I need a theme like yours for a high load website, but I don’t want to come across problems caused by no updates or anything like that as I use your theme. Thanks!

Updates are always free, it’s just the support center access which expires after 6 months. You can always download the latest version of the theme from your downloads page even after that time period. I need to update the description to say compatible with 4.5.

Hello, I need to speak with you so I send an email at : but I don’t have answer yet.

I received an email from ThunderNetwork in French. Is that it?

I have send nan answer

If you claim it is compatible with 4.5 you are wrong. I have 4 hosts, Godaddy, site5, hostgator and webpage, and the theme itself makes pages not laod and the resources run extremely high. Because it has not been updated. You telling people its completely compatible is false. I am so frustrated at this theme we literally had to get a refund and go with a worse looking theme because of the lack of updates.

Please open a support ticket and we’d be glad to assist with any issues.

Any news on an update over a year now !!. Also having the same issues as Levelspawn mentioned,

Anyone looking to buy DON’T until its updated, been having so many issues of late with no answer other than, we plan to update in the future,

Hello! We’re looking at purchasing this theme and like a lot of the functions it has. I noticed on the sidebar it doesn’t say it’s compatible with the latest version of Wordpress, but some of the comments seem to imply that it is? So I’m just confirming that.

Also, does this come with BuddyPress

Yes it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We have not tested with the latest version of BuddyPress however. Please let me know if you have any further questions, thanks.

Migration is possible with all mini sites of the steam theme for the explict theme?

Some work is required. We have written a migration guide located in the Explicit documentation, and here:


First, great work with this template. Indeed it’s so beautiful, really! I’m not familiar with english, sorry advance if i made mistakes …

I have some questions for you :

1) have you planned to use the last version of buddypress (1.6.11) with your template ? Same thing with bbpress?

2) your template is compatible RTL/translation ready ? and compatible with WPML ?

3) it’s possible to make “sidebar custom” ? and to add “sidebar” in pages, news, posts …

Thank you advance,

Kindest regards

We simply have not had the time to test with the latest versions so I’m not sure what the level of compatibility is.

Thank you :)

I still have two questions :

1) can we create a child theme ? 2) I would like to buy your template. But I need buddypress operational. You plan to check compatibility in the coming weeks or months?

Thank you so much for your time

1) Yes the theme is fully child theme compatible.

2) We don’t currently have a timeline for this.

I want to place the review section of the post to the bottom of the post. Namely: the positives, negatives, the rating & bottom line section?. How do i do that? please reply asap.

You would need to extend your support in order to be able to open a new ticket so we could help you.

Can you please atleast point me in the direction. I will extend the support but this issue takes priority right now. Thanks.

I believe there is actually a setting in the reviews section of the theme options to have the review content above or below your main post content.

Hi mate,

We are a group of people interested to buy this theme, but we have a few presale questions:

- first of all, do you have a real demo (zip file) so we can install it on our test domain ? – can we add our own logo and make it clickable ? (like the trendy word) – can users register on the site via the normal WP registration form ? or the registration form (if any) is linked via woocommerce ? – does the site supports multi language ? (it has any .po/.mo files?) – Is it fully compatible with Virtual Composer ? (we have a license)

That’s it for now. Best Regards, Johnny

@ Logo

Now it looks strange, i would like to arrange it accurate, to show nice and good, maybe a little more down and to the right, modifications like that :)

Can you link me your known FAQ’s ? i did not find it here. If there’s an issue, can it be fixed ?

Also, i have noticed that the last theme update was 6/6/2015 – 2.4 version. it have been more then 1 year since the last update, what other problems does the theme have except social buttons ? (WP was vastly updated since 6.6.2015)

Do you plan future upgrades for the theme ? Regards.

FAQs are here:

The theme works great with WordPress and is not in need of an update. We will update it to work with future versions of WordPress.

Hi again,

I could not found the social bar icons problem in the FAQ’s but nevermind, i think that has a fix right ?

Also, can you provide 1,2 sites that fully use this theme ? (u surely must know some) so i can see it live with content ?


Hi. By now are the theme made WPML compatible? If not yet, when?

We haven’t specifically tested with WPML but I have heard some customers report they are using it with that plugin.

That sounds like the same answer you have written several months ago – but then you stated that you would look into getting the theme compatible with this multilanguage defacto standard. If you have no plan to make it compatible, I will look else where for a theme :) Yours looks right, but it must also perform.

any news on updates ? still lots of bugs with WP 4.5 and no updates from you, how can i get a refund for this theme now its getting silly ?

Just an FYI for anyone looking to buy this you cannot upgrade to latest buddypress it messes up the template, this in turn causes a massive security flaw as the updates for buddypress contain important security fixes to stop unauthorised access to your site while running this, I learnt from experience and now have had to restore a backup and also remove buddy press in order to stop it happening again.


Thrasher84 Purchased

Is it possible to set the number of views for a post? Since I’m migrating to a different system, I would like to maintain the views for my posts and not to restart from zero. If you could point me in the right direction it would be nice. :)