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Que tal soy Roberto… y me gustaría saber si esta plantilla funciona correctamente para la versión de Wordpress 4.8.1

If you want I could send you the theme via email so you can test it out on your server before you buy. If so, contact us via email. Thanks.

Yes please wait for the mail

I have version 1.1 of the template on the web that I am reviewing … but I wonder if you have any version problem since on the website, it stopped working correctly.

help me. I watched your help video and finished demo installation. but, I do not see any “posts options”

If you do not understand, please take a look at this picture

Please open a support ticket and we’d be glad to assist, thanks.

Resolved. It was a version problems. There were many problems related to posting. (4.8.1 -> 4.7.5 complete) XD thank you.

Glad it’s fixed!

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hi i like this theme. but i have a question . Is the theme supports rtl? cause my website is rtl

Explicit does not support RTL layouts. You would have to use one of our other themes instead.

Hi! Thanks for this theme. I’m a happy buyer and this is one of the best themes I purchased. Do you plan to upgrade it so it can support PHP 7? Wordpress recommends that version. If not.. is there some fix we can apply? Thx!

That is great! I thought that was for Flavor theme. Does that work in Explicit. That would be great!! :) :)

Yes, that works for Explicit as well :)

Is it possible to display the last time a post was updated in addition to the published date?

Yes, with a custom theme modification that is possible to do. Open a ticket if you need further assistance, thanks!

Bought this and im iffy on it. A few questions I have

1. The “Overview box”/ Details. How can I make these into CATEGORIES. I see you have them set up in your steam theme. I want users to be able to click these details and have them redirected to other items in that categories

2. The Positives/Negatives, these should be all color coded green and red with little plus and negative signs. Where can I edit this feature to include that.

3.Documentation. Perhaps I was unsure of this but the other themes I have bought have come with documentation that explains each feature and how it works. THe documentation I found has only install

It is not how its described and the documentation is terrible

We will continue to respond to your support tickets until we get you up and running.

I am awaiting the refund request. I am not satisfied with this theme as its not what is shown to do

Does anybody know how to remove the “Demo Header 468×60” advertisement from the top of the home page?

I poured over theme options. When I go to Theme Options>Advertising. The Header Section is Blank. There is no option to delete it or upload a different one.

See link below with the photos of this:

Please, if someone knows how to get that part active please tell me because I have no more support. Already renewed twice. Not going to do it again. I don’t get why the Header and Footer section are blanked out. Makes no logical sense.

You have to disable your ad blocker to see those fields.

^^THANK YOU!! I would have never guessed!

You’re welcome!