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ngonadi Purchased

I try to post a support ticket on the support site but it states that the product code (which I purchased less than a week ago) isn’t working. Tried sending an email to the support address that never went through.

My problem is that I am unable to get my website logo to display on the responsive mobile site.


That is strange, sorry you’re having that trouble. Can you please send an email to

Has something recently changed with the them? Any way to revert to a previous version? We’re using WordPress Pro Advertising plugin for our Ads, and since a recent theme update, our menu disappears.

Thanks!! Sorry for the delay. If you can, 2.4 and 2.3 – that way if one still doesn’t work, I can use the other. Please send to:

Thanks, again!

Sent this last night.

Received – Thanks!!


A few pre-purchase questions hope you’ll answer to -

- Can the user rating be turned off, so only the editor can rate?

- Let’s say I make a post A with a rating, and B, C, D etc – then I’d like to make a guide (post) with ‘favorite movies to watch with your friends’ and inside I’d enter movies from post B, post D etc – is there a possibilty to add a post snippet with the rating, just like here – – it would be awesome if it would have just the name of the post and the rating. Or will I have to do it manually?

1) Yes user rating can be turned off via the theme options.

2) If you tagged or categorized all of those posts that you want to display on that page with the same term, then you could use the shortcode generator on that page to add a page builder component powered by just that term, and you have a lot of options on how you want it to display.

Hi, Can letter grades be changed from A+,A,A-,.. and so on till F to just A+, A,B,C,D? If yes How to do so? As in change from code (php) or inbuilt in theme? Does your theme support buddypress? If yes! – Can you attach frontend for vistors view of buddypress?

That would require a change in the PHP code. I could direct you towards where that code is if needed. Yes this theme supports buddypress.

Yes, that would be very helpful, please direct me to the PHP code file :D

Go ahead and open up a support ticket and we’d be glad to help, thanks!

I made a ticket from 2 days without respond from your side

I will cancel you theme if you don’t fix my problem in next hour

We are currently working through support. Thanks for your patience.

How much time you need to fix my issue???

Hi! I am unable to save my settings in theme options. The dial keeps rotating but nothing saves. I have disabled all plugins but still no solution. Kindly help. Thanks!

thanks buddy!

You’re welcome.

why you not updating this theme and i ask you for demo login no response,,,, bro update this theme give new feature like more option to add post like viral post and more faster….

Hello IndustrialThemes , explicit is a greet theme , I stay 1 hour or so on the demo and about one on the screencasts deciding if i’m going to make my first buy on this marked place, i seen that 1 thing is missing, Layout for categories in the demo and videos i can only see squares”s layouts for categories you are saying something in the videos about it but maybe i missed, If you add custom layout for category easily customizable for categories you going to have yourself a new buyer, i will return on this page in 2 weeks i have 2 picks to buy , This one looks perfect but the other one has custom category layouts, aldo i love how much option are in this one.

Please add custom category layout not only square like in the demo and i well buy.

Best regards.


Is your theme compatible with myCRED plugin?

I have not tested with that plugin specifically, so I’m not sure what level of compatibility there is.

Hmm, is there any way you could test it before Ill purchase the theme? I am afraid to purchase it only to find out later that myCRED won’t work on it.

Also, is there an option in this theme to request from users that all the “fields” (Negatives, Positives, Comments, name, email etc) are required and has to be filled in, in order to submit a review?

Send me an email and we can discuss further:

Hi there, the theme is experiencing conflicts with “Ads Pro” plugin…when activating the plugin some theme features (such as the Sticky Menu) don’t work anymore!

Please use our support center for support related questions.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

The author of this theme comments on the “pre-sale” questions daily. However their support once you purchase the theme is slow. VERY SLOW!!!

Hi, Is an RTL version of the theme in the works? This theme is so beautiful and I would definitely purchase if there’s an RTL version or at least some direction from the author as to how and where to edit to turn it into rtl mode.

Explicit does not come with an RTL version, unfortunately. You would need to make some custom theme modifications to perform this.

Hi there! Iam using explicit theme on my website but iam not seeing the responsive mobile version when I try to browse my site on a mobile. is there some settings I need to toggle? The UI appears very ugly and clogged up.

It’s all in the css/responsive.css file

Cool thanks. What would i need to add to my functions.php file if i wanted to add responsive.css file in the child theme. I’ve already created a css folder and added the same responsive.css in it. Is this correct? function my_theme_enqueue_responsive_styles() { wp_enqueue_style( 'parent-style', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/responsive.css' ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_theme_enqueue_responsive_styles' );

I just installed the theme on a new separate new wordpress installation. Created a child theme and still the same problem with portholes etc not turning into horizontal tabs like the main site. By that logic it should be a problem for all the child themes for everyone.


PedroRH Purchased

Hello mates , i just bought Explicit theme. It’s a really outstanding theme! I am having though some problems. When i go to create new posts i dont have the toolkit and i cant write at the main text field.. can you help me ?

Sure – just open a support ticket and we’ll respond as soon as we’re able to, thanks!


PedroRH Purchased

hello waiting for your response at my support ticket. I understand you may have big queue.

Working through them as we speak.