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Does this template include full RTL support? (Other languages)

I’m new to Wordpress and themes and have my site hosted at GoDaddy.com. I’ve purchased this theme, downloaded, and haven’t been able to upload it to Godaddy.com. I keep getting either a “Missing CSS Styesheet” message or if I try uploading the lowest level folder which contains a CSS file, I get a CSS file header error. What I am I doing wrong?

I downloaded the file, unzipped it to get the Explorer V1.2 folder, and then rezipped it at several different levels trying to find the right ones which would upload correctly.

Hey, I spoke to you on email last night. Let me know if you need help.


There is a difference between the live demo and the template. If I click on project title 3 in the demo it opens the images, while in the template I downloaded when you click on all the project titles it appears a big title and under it a mac pro screen with the images inside it. I need what I see in the live demo. How can I achieve it?


Thank you for your purchase. There is not actually any difference between the demo and the download files. In the download file all the projects are linked to project-1.html, so clicking on the third project is opening up project-1.html. Just change the link to project-3.html and it will open. It is the same as on the demo. The file project-3.html resides inside the projects folder.

Ill check out your mobile issue and get back to you.

Thanks Hasan

Yes there is, if you click on project 3 it shows the images, while for all the other projects it shows a big title and under it a mac book screen with the images. I need like project 3 in the live demo.

No there isnt. Project 3 on the demo is also images and title under the images. http://explorer.codeblvck.com/#!projects/project-3.html

As I said in my previous comment you have to open index.html and change each of the project link.

The files for the projects are in the projects folder. project-3.html in the download archive is exactly the same as project-3.html on the demo

I need to use a logo bigger than 190×65 px. How is it possible?

also, what about the mobile menu that doesn’t disappear when you click an option? I have tried to add the script in the main.jsyou previously suggested in this section, but it doesn’t work.

never a reply, also by email….

Hello! How can i add a dropdown menu? Like this – http://gumbyframework.com/docs/ui-kit/#!/navigation Help me please :)

Hey deaction I got back to you on your email a little while back. Hope you got your problem sorted .


Hello. I need help with the following:

1. The navigation is not matching in the website and the blog. Please let me know how to match the navigation in both (same spacing above the logo; and consistent spacing of the navigation). I can send screenshots.

2. Instructions to add Google analytics for my web site. Thanks.

Hey Rajashi

On your homepage the navigation list is <ul class="six columns" id="top-nav" /> on your blog it is <ul class="five columns" id="top-nav" />

Use the same class and it should fix your problem.

For the contact form have you input your email address as mentioned in the documentation?


Thank for your prompt response. If I change the number of columns in the navigation, will it align correctly to the stop as well? The logo and navigation is higher in the blog than in the index page. Re the contact form, yes, I did, but doesn’t seem to work.

Typo: I meant align correctly to the top.

The preview has gone…. Were is preview??


L2 Purchased

The support link isn’t working so I’m going to post my question here. Is there a way to change the slideshow timing and add previous/next buttons to the the html5 device flex slider?

Hey L2 thanks for your purchase. If you want to change the frontpage slideshow timing the option is inside js/slideshow.js If you want to change the project slideshow timing the option is inside /js/ajax.js . Just search for flexslider and you can change the settings for that.

The project slideshow does have next and prev arrow buttons for the slider. Im sorry I dont understand you question


L2 Purchased

Sorry I should her been more clear. I’m using the flex slider on my home page. Not in the Ajax.

Got you but I will have to see your website to give you a solution. You can mail me through the contact form on my profile. I apologise for inconvenience