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hello im here to ask a question about how to use twitter intergration in my blog? how do i add the tweet button? do i need to create a twitter account for my blog?


i’m curious of on thing, i went to the editors section and i went to the 4 125×125 Ad wiget, can i put the HTML code in there besides using the text widget??

Yes, you can use Text widget to add any HTML code.

Yes, you can use Text widget to add any HTML code.

hello there look i have an ad about a book that talks about global warming, i want this ad to be in the article post that i wrote about global warming. In other words, i want to put the ads to be revelant to the post .


1. Yes.

2. Probably yes.

when writing a post i see visual and text mode. to enter a ad code i use text?

Yes, you must to use Text mode.

i want to know how i can connect my blogs twitter account with my website….you know how you can connect your twitter account with youtube and everytime you upload a video, youtube automatically shres it via twitter, i want to do the exact thing with my blog post. Every time i piblish a new article, automatically it shares via google + and twitter…do you know how?


Try to search third-party plugins for this purpose – http://wordpress.org/plugins/

i also want to use the explosion Ad widget….i was amazon, cj and click bank. every time i choose to promote a product i get HTML or javascript….the widget wants link URL and image URL…can you tell how to use this??

Just use standard Text widget for this.

I can´t install the theme because: “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”


Greetings. I’m a big fan of this theme. I’ve proudly used it for a while now. I’m curious, are there any plans to update this to Bootstrap 3 and update the compatibility? I’m keeping up with wordpress updates and I haven’t run into a problem yet, but I’m since this is a great template for a professional who also has a blog, I’m sure you’ll continue to get great results from it for as long as you’re willing to upgrade it.

Thanks again, I look to your themes first when I need to find something awesome.


Yes, we plan to release an update soon (bug fixes, etc.). But not plan yet update to Bootstrap 3.

Hello every time i log in the website, i go to post> all post and i see high voume numbers of views that my articles has. Does this theme or wordpress measures page views accurately? Because everytime i go to google analytics i get a different view point.


The page views counted only for non-logged users.

I don´t find some words in .po file that I need to translate as: “Read Article”, “by”, “in”...

You can check out here: hayBeacon

It seems you need to refresh your .po files.

Or you can change these words in the files: post-info.php, includes\loop-meta.php, includes\loop-metaslider.php, includes\loop-metastandard.php

Hey do you know how to put your picture into the gravatar in the theme? i tried to do so but i don’t see the option to do it…

hey there haven’ been here in a long time. I want to know if there is a plugin where every time i post a new post i want it to automatically share it with twitter, google +....is there a good plugin that is easy to use?

I need username and password. Send me a message through my profile

I’ve just send that through profile


HI! A client of mine has purchased and is using this theme. I am managing content mostly, but they’ve asked me to add a page for them. After doing so, and adding a new button to the nav, I noticed the button fell below the others, creating a second row. How/where do I fix this issue? I thought I could just change the left and/or right margin on the nav, but I can’t seem to figure out where I could do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile

Sorry, I had to check with the client and make sure they were ok with me creating a user-admin for you. Then I got busy with the Holiday weekend. Can I send you log-in info today and have you take a look at the Nav bar buttons for me?

Instead of waiting on your reply to send the info, I just went ahead and sent it. So, whenever you get this, if you could take a look I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

Also, I’m sure you’ll notice, but I currently have the Contact button turned off. You’ll need to add it back to the Nav bar after the Learn To Play! button in order to see the problem. Thanks!

How can I remove the “Related Posts” section and header from published posts? Thank you.

Just remove Related Posts widget from Single area.

Goodness gracious, I was looking in the theme options and general options for a button to turn on/off. Didn’t think to look at the widgets. Thank you very much!

Hello there I’ve just visited my site from a mobile device and I’ve noticed something. It not fitted properly with in the frame. It swipe to the right and there is just a blank space. Do you know how I can prevent this?

It seems your Google Ads cause this. Recommend to use Responsive Ad unit.

Where do I get responsive ad unit?

Hello I was using the wordpress app editing a blog post. When I click “update” I get a 502 error message. Then I go to my site on the Internet an I get a 502 error page from host gator. Can you tell me what caused this? Thank u

done it

okay i checked my site with my iphone and the youtube video in the articles are within frame, but they are to long. http://www.returnofkings.com/47144/street-harassment-is-a-myth-invented-by-socially-retarded-white-women look at this article on your phone and notice how a youtube video is perfectly squared in frame. How to do i reduce the height of the video like the one in the link?

Actually, it’s not a theme issue.

You can use third-party plugins to make your videos responsive. For example – https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder/

Or you can use this hack – http://alxmedia.se/code/2013/10/make-wordpress-default-video-embeds-responsive/

Hey there I have a question on how do I put my “about” page offline because I plan to update it. Also I want my blog twitter followers to get the new post every time I publish a new article. How do I do this?

Can you show me this on your site?

christologic.com/are-we-living-in-a-democracy/ if you almost at the middle of the article, you’ll see the article overlaps the ad.

Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

I sent you an email a couple hours ago with login credentials and asked for assistance with an issue on our site. I just want to make sure that the email address I sent it to is still valid and that you received the message. Thanks!

lol. You emailed me back right as I was sending this. Awesome. Thanks for helping us out!

You are welcome ;-)

why the $399 price tag?

sorry.. now $39