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Looks good, good sales!

Thanks ;)

Loved It !!!! GLWS :)

Thanks ;)

Thanks guys ;)

ZERGE , nice work!

Google Chrome / 23.0.1271.64 m > http://gyazo.com/c17904e50cccdc810c8c5b9e39ed2b66

Yep, will be fixed.

Great template! Best of luck with sales ;)

Spasibo Olya ;)

Zerge, ya ne znal chto ti shprexaesh po russki ) Poetomy vopros – podderjka russkogo yazika v shablone est?

Privet :)

Konechno, kak i ljubyh drugih jazykov.

Awesome theme zerge, glws mate! ;)

Thanks Peter :)

Very very good work! Good Luck with sales!

Thanks Alex ;)

Gonna buy it today ;)

Glad to hear it. Thank you :)

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks ;)

Nice template…

But where are the social sharing buttons, on the individual article pages??



It’s here. Buttons from the AddThis service.

Thank you. Also how do you change the colour of the “black” border, underneath the main “welcome” screen?

You can change it via Theme Options (Welcome Settings)

I have but, this only changes the blog section, and not across every page?

Try to change background in the style.css:

.inner-title-block {
    background: #2A2B2C; padding: 50px 0; color: #FFF; text-align: center

I have just tried it, this doesn’t work?

It’s not possible. Show me your site with this changes in the style.css

And please, do not start a new comments thread, just reply to my comment.

There is only a reply option, on my own comments? Also, there is no option, to send screenshots?

Yes. You can place link to the screenshot here. Or send me to email.

And? It works! http://d.pr/i/1Pbk

PS: Just Reply, please :)

Yes it does work thanks. There were some latency issues.


I have one question: How can I modify the height of .navbar-fixed-bottom in css? Only if 1170px;

Hm, I wrote it wrong. Other words: I tried to modify the header, when width 1170px. Because it is litle too high. Or not? :D But otherwise I’m very satisfied with this theme.

(Header “problem” solved) Little bug: When I set the slider to not show views, comments and likes, the views icon does not disappear:


Hi, Enspire. Please, change code in file /includes/loop-metaslider.php. Delete Line 13

[i class="icon-eye-open meta-margins"][/i]
and paste code after Line 15:
echo '[i class="icon-eye-open meta-margins"][/i]';

P.S. The brackets replace for the angular.

Hi! In function.php:

add_image_size('large-thumb-fluid', 849, 9999); set_post_thumbnail_size('large-thumb-fluid', 849, 9999); But where is it used? (the 849 width) Because: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33282709/enspire_hu_image.jpg


You can reduce this if you want.