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hi Zerge, opposite from wellytengara i’d like to display the ’/read article/’ link in my blog list i’ve set it up to display excerpt, but the ’/read article/’ text/link is not showing up in the list it’s only shown in the slider.

is there any setting that i’ve missed?

update: it’s now shown after change ($display_content == ‘Content’) to ($display_content != ‘Content’) in loop-metastandard.php

Ok :)

You may to change this via Theme Options -> Blog Options -> Use Excerpt/Content/Titles?

i did that and choose Excerpt, but as ‘read articles’ didnt show up. i think because of that $display_content value needed to be ‘Content’ instead of != Content (or it should be == ‘Excerpt’ let say)

No, you need to choose “Content” and it should works and also it depends on post format. But in any case as I understand you already resolved this issue.

Great theme! Is there a way to modify the 404 page? I’d like to put some custom text, links, and images in there.

No, another person on my team purchased it. Though, I’m the one that needs to do the final tweaking.

Send me a message through my profile

Will do. Thanks!

I’d like to conserve as much vertical space as possible. Is there anyway to remove the title band (inner-title-block) entirely? I’d like to move the title from the top of the page to the top of body content near the date in row-fluid.

Yes, this also can be changed.

Great. How do you recommend that I do this? Do I need to modify the templates under Appearance -> editor? If so, which files should I start with? Thanks!

Hey Zerge,

Firstly, nice theme I really like it! I’ve made a few modifications here and there but the most significant one for me is to remove all comments and just have Facebook comments enabled. The power of this is amazing! My only concern is that I’m not yet seeing comments in: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/comments

Did you have any tips for this?

Thanks again

Hi Zerge,

Thank you for your fine effort in making this theme. I am quite pleased with my purchase. I would, however, wish to ask if there might be a convenient way for me to be able to have it so that the audio post type accepts sound files hosted on the blog server itself, rather than on SoundCloud only. I would like to have an audio blog, but do not wish to create an account with SoundCloud and have my files publicly available there for the sole purpose of being able to integrate them with this theme. Thank you very much for your assistance!


Try to use third-party plugins for self-hosted audio.


I’ve purchased you wp-theme, awesome job there. I just have 2 questions, one of them is how I can insert code blocks into posts? (I use visual composer on posts as well, but there is no box for code snippets. And the other one is, could you tell me the width of the post page cause I want to create images to my posts but I don’t know how wide it can be. Thanks. Rated 5 stars. ;)


1. No, I mean, programming code, like Objective C. I’m planning to create tutorials and post snippets of codes, and I want to have something like a wrapper to distinguish the code part from the real text.

2. Thanks. :)

Try to use third-party plugins for this.

Ok, thanks. :)

Hi Zerge,

Thanks for the theme, looks great. I have managed to change the logo size but its not in line vertically with the menu.

Website is www.feathersnquill.com can you please help?



First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of our themes, we truly appreciate it! :)

Try to align the menu with css code, just add to the style.css:
.top-block .span6, .top-block .span2 { margin-top: 30px; }

Hi Zerge, thanks for this great theme. However, I need some little help… Sorry but I couldn’t find this in docs… How can I put a “slider” (this which is showed on main page) instead of Nivo or Flex slider on “page”? And, the second one is how to show only excerpt with feature image (I don’t need this one big picture), is this possible? Thanks again

Hi, let me explain again. I found in theme three types of slider: one available from Theme Options > Slider > Category Slider and next two from Visual Composer > Posts slider (Nivo and Flex). I want to put this first one on a single page using shortcodes instead of build-in post slider from VC. Is this thing possible? Or, have I clone a page template and manually modify a page layout? Thanks

No such settings in this theme (Theme Options > Slider > Category Slider), may be you mean Theme Options -> Slider Settings ?

To Add this Slider to the single post page you need to modify the file single.php

Ok, that’s it. Thanks again.

Zerge, this is the 2nd theme of yours I’ve picked up. So far looking good! Can you direct me to where I can change the color of the tags/text that show up on left/single post view? Right now they are yellow and I’m wanting to go with more of a blue. Still much more to learn, but for now thanks!


You can change it via style.css:
.cloud .tag a {...}

I opened on IE 7 and it’s all wrong. It will be corrected this situation?

Hi joaobexiga,

Unfortunately IE7 is too old browser and Explosion theme not optimized for it.

How can I translate it? How can I change the color, I tried black but still showing the yellow


1. For example, use Codestyling Localization plugin – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/

2. You can change the color via theme options. Also, be sure your theme files are writable (especially \css\options.css)

All files are writable. This never happenned to me

And \css\options.css? Please check it.

It would be better if you give me access to WP admin panel and FTP access, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Almost all changes I make on theme options don’t appear on the site..

Excellent :)

Can you send me your email? I’m having same problem

Send me a message through my profile or you can find my email inside the Documentation, section Support.

If I have the excerpt don’t appears the “read article” and if I have all content appears “read article” on homepage. How can I change it?


Show me this on your site.

my sidebar appear under the content ? why http://www.underratedsupply.com/blog/


I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Support for all our themes is conducted through the ColorTheme Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

how do I get rid of the “archive” title in a single post page ?


thank you !

Check your widget area “Single Page Top”


Can i use all the post format in one post, for example i want to add an article with video, quotes and chat !


Hi tomawebdev,

Yes, of course.


Is there an option to update the Visual Composer plugin somehow? Which version of it is implemented?


That would be awesome, cause right now I’m having some problems with it, and hopefully an update would solve it. :) Also, how can I replace it? It’s inside the wp folder, not in the admin panel of wp, right?

Yes, you can replace it via FTP, for example. Send me a message through my profile

Thanks for the support, email sent.

Hello there i just bought explosion theme a few days ago. I need help to customize it in wordpress such as setting the tabs on the main page, to be able to post videos and articles. All that this theme is ment to do.

1. Be sure your theme files are writable (especially /css/options.css)

2. http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2067564/How-To-Use-HTML-Meta-Tags

where can I find these css/optiond.css??

You can check this via FTP (/wp-content/themes/wp-explosion/css/options.css)

I’ve made a few changes in the theme and it works very well, I want to learn everything about this theme, I’ll back to this forum soon.

hello there look i just added a new menu “Home” but when i click the home menu, it says on the top of the page “post by: uncategorized” i want to get rid of that. Also when i click the “experiences” menu, the same thing appears inspite that i’ve posted a post already under that category…

what should i do?

It seems you doing something wrong. I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile

okay i did it

Check your inbox.