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Just awesome!

Will a future update provide for horizontal sliding of the sponsors.. since normally events will have many sponsors?


Hi, Gluegl!

Thanks for your positive reply:) We’ll 100% include horisontal sliding in a week or two.

This is a great landing page. I agree on the sponsors having a scrollable slider. That would be helpful. I would be really interested in having separate detail pages to expand on information like session descriptions and things of that nature.

Any plans to possibly expand beyond the landing page and offer a full site? That would be great. Then a sponsor page could list a ton of sponsors, a page with expanded bios for speakers, a page with hotel details, and as I mentioned session details.

The landing page is a great teaser. Solid design.

Thank you, NWM !

We will try to do a full site version of the template a little later. Many thanks for the advices!

Hi! I Just bought your script. Nice!

In the register form, how to send the email to me (admin) and to the registered one?


to send some text to registered user you should add extra code to php/form.php

you can add it before line:
header('Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8');


$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->From = $_SETTINGS['email']['from'];
$mail->FromName = $_SETTINGS['email']['fromName'];
$mail->Subject = 'LETTER SUBJECT';

Hm, I putted but it´s not working.

Basically, I just want to add an extra recipient “to”, or “cc” with the mail label (inserted in the registration form).

Then, when someone registers, he will recieve the confirmation mail (and I will recieve too).


I’ve done a mistake in the code

try this one:
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->From = $_SETTINGS['email']['from'];
$mail->FromName = $_SETTINGS['email']['fromName'];
$mail->Subject = 'LETTER SUBJECT';

($_POST['fields']['email'] changed to $_POST['fields']['Email'] and added first line)

So, if you want just add a copy of the same message you can do this: after line
$_SETTINGS['email']['address']='YOUR EMAIL'; // Email to receive data
add this line
$_SETTINGS['email']['address'].=', '.trim($_POST['fields']['Email']);

Are the psd files available anywhere so we can modify the color settings?

Hi, Domestica! 100% psd for this theme is not existed by some reasons. Write is a letter (via profile page and describe what exactly you would like to change. We’ll try to help you :)

What would be the easiest way to add more fields into the form?

Hi, clutch719,

adding additional fields is simple – just add necessary fields in code, using special names (fields[FieldName] – see the Guide, section Contact/ Register Form) and they will be worked up after submitting.

layout of the form is up to you.

how easy is it to change colors and background images…? Great landing page, and considering this for a project :)

Dear joransrb,

Thank you for you kind words! :) Sure, you can easily change background images and colors. In case of any questions concerning the installation or settings please contact us and we’ll help you gladly.


Couple of questions before I purchase…

1. Does this landing page work with Wordpress?

2. Do I install it just like a template on Wordpress?



this is not Wordpress template.

Okay thanks…. How would I go about setting up this landing to a website?

You should just edit page in any HTML editor – insert your texts (some HTML skills would come in handy) and upload files on your website hosting.

Form is up working great for email or mailchipmp, but seems to hang or not process on gdocs spreadsheet. user/pass was edited into form.php. Are there any other required changes in any additional .php files to enable the spreadsheet option. Thanks


I have just checked script again – it’s working.

Have you done all the necessary settings as it written in the guide?

User/Password/Spreadsheet Name/Worksheet Name? All the necessary fields in the spreadsheet are created?

Hi, Any idea when the horizontal sliding will be available? Ready to purchase! Thanks!

Hi, FBecht,

thanks for your interest and support. After hot discussion and disruptive fighting we decided not to do slider for logos for some reasons, one of it is that logos of the sponsors, as we see, should be visible all at the same time, not only several first and other after sliding.

Thanks Mopc76, Going for it.

Not quite sure the issue, but everything is working beautifully in Chrome, Safari, Firefox -but huge space after heading and registration missing in IE. My site is up and i need a quick fix (losing ticket sales) HELP !!!

Even your theme-example site “” is not loading correctly in IE.

Hi, phlpalxndr,

which version of Internet Explorer have you used to test? In IE8 & IE9 it looks quite correct. IE7 is absent in the list of supported browsers in the item description.

Using IE 8 , tested on more than one computer.

Please, check the option “older browser compatibility” in your IE. Does it turned off?


congratulations for the work done with this landing page.

unfortunately does not work in the form for registration in google docs.

I followed the instructions and set the php file like this:

<?php /* CONFIG */ $_SETTINGS[‘send_to_email’]=false; // true/false to send data on email or ‘gdocs’ to store data in Google.Docs $_SETTINGS[‘store_to_gdocs’]=true; // true/false to store data in Google.Docs Spreadsheet $_SETTINGS[‘store_to_mailchimp’]=false; // true/false to store submitted emails to your MailChimp List

// Google.Docs Settings $_SETTINGS‘gdocs’ = “”; // username for google account $_SETTINGS‘gdocs’ = “xxxxxxxx”; // password for google account $_SETTINGS‘gdocs’ = “Landing Spreadsheet”; // Spreadsheet Name $_SETTINGS‘gdocs’ = “Sheet1”; // Worksheet Name

I created the file on google docs as described in the instructions but doesn’t work.

when I click on the REGISTER form begins to work but remains stuck and nothing happens, if you want to experiment yourself here:

Thanks in advance for the help

I looked at the form, tried to submit it and it said “Richiesta inviata Presto ricever? la conferma nella sua casella di posta.”

Script should work. Please check all the fields names and verify spreadsheet name “Landing Spreadsheet” and sheet name “Sheet1”. Unfortunately I can’t help without accessing your gmail account and FTP .

If the problem will not be resolved, please, contact us via email (themeforest contact form).

ah…email method works perfectly…

I’m having the same problem, success message does not display. Form hangs up and even though email comes through, the success message never comes up.


it seems that your web-server has PHP4 , but the script needs PHP5 to work correctly. So, please, set up PHP5 on your server or write me via contact form, I’ll reply and send your file and instructions, that will fix that problem with PHP4 .

I’ve noticed some odd behavior on Firefox. Maybe you can reproduce the behavior. When scrolling the events the entire page is also scrolled, which is annoying behavior because it removes the cursor from the events section and causes me to have to scroll back up to the events section.

Question: how can I make the footer to behave like the header, following the mouse pointer while hovering over the background image?