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Upon further inspection, it appears this scrollable behavior was likely intended for a touch screen. The above reported behavior was with a scroll-wheel, which I should have stated. With further experimentation on my local copy, I found clicking, holding and then dragging up and down scrolled without a problem.

Hi, roottoor,

that’s right, events should be scrolled by mousedown and dragging.

About footer: as you can see, footer background have no additional layer, which is scrolled as on the top (we decided that such an animation at the bottom is unnecessary and makes page too heavy). So, making footer scrolled the same way as on the top needs extra HTML , CSS and JS code. It’s difficult to describe here. If you have some html/css/js skill you can do it by yourself, the presented template have no scrolling layer on the bottom.


I’m reaaaaally interested in buying this template however i need to know one thing! If i buy this, as “Admin” would i be able to view a list of all registered users and their details?

Please let me know a.s.a.p (sorry if that sounds demanding :P)



yes, after filling registration form, data can be collected to the spreadsheet, where you can see all records.

hey i brought this template and love it :) good work! however i have one minor problem!!!! well, 2…

1: I’ve edited the form.php file to my email as the recipient to receive the emails when somebody registers however it doesn’t work? i receive nothing????

2: This is something that’s my mess up not yours, i have no idea on never used them before, when somebody registers will the automatically update to contain their info? Or is there some code work on my behalf to do? Also, how do you view this spreadsheet :/ sorry that makes me sound stupid just never used that before!



1. Could you tell me site URL , I need to have a look.

2. You should create spreadsheet in google.doc, then set up form.php (just specify the login,password,spreadsheet name,list name – see the Guide) and after it, when somebody registers, spreadsheet will be automatically updated – you just have to login in to you account and open spreadshhet to view it.

Hi! Great theme.

Well, we want to remove the animated background and put a simple image. How can we do that?

Best regards,


Hi, thanks!

To replace background: 1. Replace /img/theme-../headline-bg.jpg picture to yours. 2. Remove /img/theme-../headline-lines.png file (it’s the second layer of the animated background) 3. open file /js/custom.js and comment out headline_init() function call

is there a way to take of the white drop shadow type effect on the main body font? i have changed the background to a darker image and it is too busy with it. it is fine in the headings, but the body gets busy.

Hello, misnerjn, thank you for purchase!

yes you can remove text-shadow, open file css/style.css, find the code
    -webkit-text-shadow:0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,0.6);
    -moz-text-shadow:0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,0.6);
    text-shadow:0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,0.6);
    padding:0 40px;
and remove from it the text-shadow lines, so you should get:
    padding:0 40px;

I know that this may sound stupid.. but what plat form should i use to work on this file. Or should i just use dreamweaver…

Hi, evolutionmagazine – this is a HTML files, so yes, please use dreamweaver or something similar. This file is located under Site Templates category on Themeforest. All files in this category is simple HTML files!

I think you can ask TF stuff do a moneyback for you. Sorry, but this is not our fault, hope you’ll get your money back.

No problem i have dreamweaver i can work on it from here… the hard part is done.. thank you for you assistance.

The countdown timer doesn’t work,any suggestions.

Hi, daithaig, we can’t help you till 10 may (developer is on vacation, sorry). All should work perfectly, as you can see in the demo example on Themeforest. Please read carefully instructions of how to set up a conuter. In any case please white to us directly with a code example or site example URL throught the contact form here

Hi, daithaig! Have you solved timer issue? If not please send to us details via contact form

A simple question mopc 76

...sorry I had to remove the question because I just found the reply in the item description..a bit stupid not to check well before asking.

Cheers! :chuckle:

Done! Thanks for the speedy communication

Thank you for purchase!

I bought this theme and am trying to install it into a new wordpress site for a convention. I know this is only a landing page but I do not know how to incorporate this intoa new website. Can anyone help? Do I just need to make this page a static htm page.

Hi, knowella 2012

You need to use ftp to upload static (modified by manual) html page of Expo18 in the folder like ../coference. After that just make a link to

Hello I just bought Your theme and am unable to install it. If I install ZIP package using WP install module it gives me info that “The package can not be installed because there is no style.css file. What should i do? Please helo me ASAP ;-)


unfortunately it seems you were mistaken with the ThemeForest category. This is not WP theme. It’s simple one-page HTML template, which should be edited via any editor (notepad/dreamviewer/etc.) and uploaded to web-server via FTP .

Wordpress themes are only in this category:

hi there,

do u have the wordpress edition? :). thankks


currently we a working on extended version for Wordpress. I hope, soon it will be available in the WordPress category.

I don’t seem to be able to get the News Scroll Frame to scroll. Can you help?

Hi, mhylton,

of course, write us via contact form and provide us a link to the page.

How I can change the background?


Hi! Just replace 2 background images to your own – that’s it.

but, this template is located in wordpress items… so, now I bought it and I can’t edit using wordpress? Terrible.


unfortunately you are wrong. This item is located under the Marketing/Landing Pages category.

There is another one similiar item under WP category:

Hi Looking to see how to modify the contact form to either reply with an email or reply with a static HTML page where they can download pdfs. And not sure how the form collects data as I couldn’t found a comment.php file. Thanks

Hi, thank you for purchase!

Contact form handler contains in the file php/form.php

I want form.php file, I lost this one so that cant registered user.

Please give me copy

Hi, please send request via contact form on our autor’s page.

I want just form.php file. Can you please give me.


I don’t see label “purchased” on your post, please, log in under the account, which you used to buy this item and you will able to download the package from your profile.

where are the instructions?

i got documentation.pdf, nothing about mail setup there

There is no label “purchased” on your post, it seems that you are mistaken and didn’t buy “Expo’18 Responsive Event/ Conference Landing Page”.

I changed the form.php to include my gmail user, password etc… It doesn’t seem to be working. The instructions were very clear. Help please??


could you provide us you website URL and the code of form.php file (only settings section, you can erase your password). Please, write us via contact form ( ).