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It supports the version wordpress 4.4.2 ?


yes it does.

Hi, I am unable to view the comment section of pages. I have Visual editor plugin active Kindly assist urgently

That fixed the comment issue. Forgot that,

Which contact form am i to send the message through

The form on this page at the right side:

Hi – are you able to provide Custom CSS to reduce the font size of the Footer Text Line / Copyright info?

My site is

Thanks! Regards Melanie

Hi Melanie,

use the code like this:
.subfooter-copy {

Thank you!

Hi, we like your theme and had buy it. One support question for you: each time we change a setting in the theme, it delete our custom css stuff, we dont know why and how to fix that. Thanks for the good support! Regards, Raymond.

Hi Raymond,

do you put your custom CSS into style-custom.css file? If so, it’s a wrong way, this file is updated every time you click ‘Save options’. You should put your custom CSS into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS” field.

Hello mopc76, can you please help us. We lost the login codes of envato and want to update our theme.


please, write us via contact form , probably we will find a solution.

The theme seems not compatible with WordPress 4.5. The countdown timer disappeared.

Please, switch to our support forum with this issue ( also, please, provide temporary access to WP-admin through “Private information” field in the form.

I just bought an extension for support but forget with what username and password my purchase code is connected. What now?

You can click “Lost password?” below the login form and restore the password with your email. If you don’t remember email also, you can create a new user, then drop us a letter with your purchase code via contact form ( ), I’ll deactivate this code for old user so you could activate it for the new one.

I updated to vs. 1.2.4 today, and no changes/updates to any parts of the site (pages, countdown timer, slides, etc.) are showing, unless you’re logged in as admin. Time-sensitive info needs posting right away… Need assistance!

The server administrator just found that WordPress was using its cache files. He went into the wp-content/cache folder and moved everything there into a “hold” folder, and it fixed the problem.

We don’t have any caching plugins installed, so is this a theme issue?

Found the problem. The server admin added a cache plugin file that required comet cache, which wasn’t activated. Turning it on has solved the problem.

WARNING – Don’t upgrade to WP 4.5. It completely blew away the speaker short code for the front page. Would love to know if there is an overall fix for this issue. Thanks

Count down timer missing as well.

The latest version of the theme (1.2.4) is compatible with WordPress 4.5. Just update the theme to the latest version and it will fix these issues.

Updated theme last week to Version: 1.1.2 but no more updates showing as available to fix the countdown issue with WP4.5?


the latest version is 1.2.4 (which fixes issues with WP4.5), please, double check it in your downloads section.


rmdcm Purchased

i get this error when i tried to open a ticket: “Envato License Verification

Sorry, this key is already in the database. Please, make sure, that you trying to access Forum related to the item you purchased.

If you think this is a mistake, please contact us to resolve the issue.” by witch conctact i need to resolved it


please, reach out to us via contact form, provide your purchase code and user name on our support forum, we will figure out the problem.

Hi, just a quick question.. is it compatible with the latest WP v4.7 version? Thanks in advance.


yes, it is compatible.