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Wonderful Theme!!!! Congratulation!!

Thanks :)

Nice work Friend!!

Thanks bro :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks :)

not responsive? would buy it :(

In blogger there are mobile template layouts which you can activate alongside this template. So i think there’s no meaning of responsiveness.

Bought; but would prefer a static HTML non-Blogger version..

Sorry but currently its only the blogger version :(

Would buy again if you made non-Blogger version.. ;)

You can pay me to create one :D;)

Nice Template. Bought!

BUT i have a problem, when click to Menu doesn’t show anything, the sidebar is not openned… Help?


Im having trouble with the thumbnail cropper, I am used to wordpress, i really have no idea what I’m doing with this. Everytime i post the code in it blows the img up in my post..help!!


Can you give your blog url???

Thanks Jasdeep

Great template. Is there any way of generating a thumb from a vimeo/youtube link?

Sorry but currently only images :(

When I load this, instead of all six squares, there is only one? In older posts, there is at most 2 squares per page, but it is very inconsistent. How do I make it so that there are 6 squares per page, like the template?

Alight so lets do a check up first. You need to login to your blogger dashboard and go to your blog’s “Settings” >> “Posts and comments”

And then check the number of posts that are set to display in option “Show a most”. Try changing that.

If it doesn’t work contact me through http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/

Is This For Blogger.com users? its not a wordpress or something, right?

Yup its for blogger.com :)

bought it :)

Good luck :)

Nice Work jdsans :)

Thanks :)

Hello! to write entries with quotes (””) deforms the size of the post, as I can fix it?


Yes its because of the script that creates the posts gets confused regarding around these tags. There’s no possible solution to this.

Thanks Jasdeep

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to reduce the number of icons of social networks just to get the facebook and twitter.

I am also curious if it is possible to put tags on home, on the main page for the visitor to find more easily the older articles. From what I can gather, the tags are only when we open a post on the side of the phrase Posted by BloggerNetwork and date. It is a very limited way to use the tag. And the search box is also included?

Sorry for my english google translator Thanks for listening!

The icons in left bar can be easily reduced, i have provided information in documentation.

Regarding tags i really can’t provide what you’re asking as it will disturb visual hierarchy.

Regarding search box there is a blogger widget which you can add in the right sidebar.

Where can I find this in an html 5 version? Blogger is fine, but the world does not revolve around them.

Sorry but right now there’s only the blogger version :(

Hi, I am uploading my logo as a header and it won’t centralise it! Please help!

I also deleted the about section in the navigation, is there anyway of putting it back in?


re: the image cropper tool – your instructions are a bit vague.

“Insert this image code in your template code and its done.”

Where in the template code?

Ah for that the icon from the header will have to be taken down as well and the theme might not look good with only one icon showing u. So i recommend it staying the same.

Thanks jasdeep

Could you let me know how to change it so I can see how it looks? Or, alternatively, is there a way to have it open as a default, and the icon to close?

Also there’s one more problem, in current system the menu after coming out makes the content shift right. so if i make it open by default then your content will look shifted by default.

If i try explaining you the process then i might confuse. I can do the change but i’ll do them once. I mean its not that i’m gonna switch them back. You’ll have to re-install the template again to revert the changes.

Please contact me through http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/ for me to send you my invite email.

I don’t know how to activate the social menu button and sidebar wrapper: http://efepeando.blogspot.com.es/


Are you using any third party plugin or code form any third person on your blog?? If so then try removing and check if the sidebar works. Let me know if that works

Thanks jasdeep

No, I am not using any at all… :(

So the Image cropper tool you use does not allow to make the whole squared image to become a thumbnail, its basically designed to be a thumbnail. Do you have any other way to utilize whole image as thumnail?

as said image is created as a square to be used as thumbnail, so theres no reason for cropping,


Yes the tool only crops a certain portion as thumbnail, not resizes a square to thumbnail size. This is not available. The whole reason is to make the images appearing as thumbnails more clear not blurred.

Could you explain how to activate social menu and sidebar buttons?



Please edit you template code, you need to find code like this, should be at the bottom of the template code.

$("li.infinite:nth-child(3n)").css({"margin-right":0}); )}; //--><!]]></script>

Replace the whole above code with the one below:-


And save.

Thanks Jasdeep