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Awesome! Very nice!

Thanks Arias. Much appreciated!

Would love to get this template, but need to know how easy it is to integrate with mailchimp. Any comment on that.

Hi shennong, it should be very straight forward and easy to do. You would need to make sure all images use absolute links in the html – then import the template to MailChimp (took me 30 seconds to do). Otherwise, if you run into a small hurdle – MailChimp would be happy to assist you with further enquries :)

Thanks, much appreciated!

hi, i just purchase this theme! Is that possible a person who does not know much about programing set this email theme? Do i need more than photoshop to set this up? can you help with this? I did not figure out how to edit the images or text and then how to put on the email so i can start sending… Thnak you

Hi flaviopessoa, thanks for the purchase! Please email me directly, so I can guide you on the best way to move forward with your email template. :)


Just got the templates. looking great.

Just one question. Can I add videos to this template?

Like youtube or my own embedded videos.

many thanks


Hi kursat73, you probably can – but it will not work on most email clients given that a majority don’t support videos.


I have just purchased this template which I found very easy to edit and customise, thank you.

I am having a couple of issues I hope you can assist with please?

A: The newsletter does not show correctly in Outlook; is this a known problem?

B: I have integrated this into mailchimp, however, I am unable to edit it, is this something you can help with, or do I need to contact mailchimp?

Thank you

Hi there, this should work fine in Outlook. Which version are you using? With regards to mailchimp, you will need to contact their support team.

Hi Vuu,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I am using Outlook 2010.

I will email mailchimp today; thank you.

Hi there, this should be compatible with Outlook 2010 out of the box. Unless you have made changes to it?

Hello, The template doesn’t seem to be compatible with outlook

Which version of Outlook are you using?


Hi miked1122. I’ve done a test on Outlook 2010 and it looks fine: