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nice theme, does the gallery grid support videos?

Thank you! :)
Yes, it does – you can see an example in the Mixed Gallery page, for example on the “YouTube Video Item”.

Hi, lovely theme! Its is possible to add a Facebook like and share on home gallerys? tnxs a lot!!!



Thank you! :)

There are share buttons included – when you open the image slider, in the left bottom section you will see a “Share” button. When you click on it, you will see the default Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest buttons. There is also an option to add custom buttons as well.

Hi there. Just purchased your theme. Love it. Your work always amazes me. The only gripe (and it is a pretty big one) is that when viewing on a iPad or iPhone, the thumbnail does not show if it is a video or a photo, so there is no way for someone to know when viewing a mixed gallery. Is there a work around for this?

Thanks for this amazing theme!


First of all – thanks, I’m glad you like the theme! :)

If you mean that you want the icon that shows the type of the item to be displayed – this can be very easily accomplished with a few CSS lines added to the Additional Styles section – I have just created a tutorial about this, you can check it here.

If you still have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support site here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you!

Got a weird set of errors when attempting to upload a logo file via the panel. Easier shown than described:


From the screenshot you provided I can see that the theme is not installed correctly – for more information please refer to point 2 of this article.

If you still have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support site here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you!

I like this theme so much. I have one question,gallery page can set auto slide ? ( )

This theme beautiful. Good luck with sales.

Sorry if I wrote wrong English grammar. :D


Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m glad you like it :)
Currently the inner item slider doesn’t support an autoslide option, however we will be considering adding one within the next updates. Alternatively, you may also check the fullscreen slideshow pages (example here) which provide an autoslide option.

Thank you so much.

Finally your new theme! It’s amazing! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Gallery is the only options for homepage or i can use slider, full background or other thing? Great job :)

Thanks! :) Every page can be set as a front page, it doesn’t have to be a gallery.

Are you for real!?? This has got to be hands down the absolute best theme I have found for a photographer. You are a bloody champion mate. Will be purchasing straight away!

Wow, thank you so much! I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)

Woow! amazing work…just looking something similar for long long time…

Thank you very much! :)

Just bought it! I can’t wait to customize my website using the theme ;)

Thank you, I hope you will enjoy working with it!


The theme looks great. I am really interested in buying it right now but I would like to know if it could be possible to add shopping cart, so that my visitors can buy some of my photos too. Photo description. Maybe also comment sections per photograph?

Or if you know of any plugins that I can use to add these features please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks, I’m glad you like it! :)
Generally the item slider text area consists of a title and a short description and if you would like to add more complex functionality, such as Shopping carts and comments section, maybe the best way would be to insert a button/link in the description area of the item (named for example “Purchase” or “Comments”) linking to a static in which you can easily embed all the functionality you like. As a shopping cart plugin I can recommend the WP e-commerce plugin – it is a very widely used plugin for e-shopping.

Thank you! :)

Hi There I love the theme, but I hate timthumb.php. I don’t get the Nivio Slider to work in a WMPU environment. Can you pls. help?

Thanks, Tee


Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use this system to post your support questions:

Thank you!

P.S. I have tested the Nivo slider on a WPMU installation and it worked for me, so when posting please also provide a link to your site so we can have a look. Also, if you think it is Timthumb related – you can disable the Timthumb cropping (automatic image resizing) in Expression Options -> Slider Settings -> Nivo slider section.

Hi There, Would it be possible to add a lightbox functionality to the blog post pictures, gallery and videos?

Cheers, TF


Please check my reply to your comment above :)

I love the gallery. But need a home page. Does this theme have a home page other than the project thumbs?

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)
You can make any page you see on the demo to be your front page, it doesn’t have to be a gallery. For example, you can make a static page with Nivo slider to be your front page and insert whatever content you like into it.


a short question now: do you thing that is ‘odd’ to have only one picture inside a portfolio item?

I’ve read the documentation and understood that the idea is to have more than one photo inside a portfolio item – grouped as a gallery right?



Hi Catalin,

Yes, the main idea is to have more than one image attached to each item, however I don’t think it is odd to have only one image per item – with one image in each item you still have the link to the previous and next images which makes it like one related gallery.

Beautiful theme. Is there a widgitized footer? I would like to have the option of having a larger footer with social media buttons, twitter feed and contact info. Is this possible?

Thank you! :)
The footer as it is in the theme is designed to be part of the gallery and to be simple, so this can’t be done with a big widgetized footer. However, all the standard pages contain widgetized sidebars where you can insert the widgets you like. Also, as you can see on the demo, there are social icons included in the header of the theme that can be used and regarding adding contact info – it can be also easily added to the footer with a small code modification (we can provide instructions for this on our support site).

nice & simple theme

Thank you very much! :)

Beautiful. +1 for a WooCommerce integration.

Thank you! :)

Hallo, just bought your theme, I liked it a lot and I think it works great for my aim, just a little question. It si possible in the portfolio > gallery full width image have the chance to make the image center the screen, also vertically? I tried to play with css but no result..

Thank you


Hi Alessandro,

I’m glad you like the theme! :)

We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you!

P.S. Meanwhile I will see if I can think of an easy to implement code snippet.