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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have a dedicated support site here :
So, if you have any support questions, can you please use our support site to post your questions – we will do our best to assist :)


Nice website! I was wondering if there and another slider like the homepage for the portfolio please? Because there are a lot of pictures for each albums, and that could be better if we can every pictures in each albums.

best, Rosa

Hi Rosa,

I’m glad you like the theme :)

We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so can you please use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you!

P.S. I’m not sure if I understand correctly what functionality exactly you need, but you can see all of the sliders and galleries available in the theme on the demo page. If you open a ticket on our support site can you please provide more info about what you are trying to accomplish so we can understand better, thank you.


I wanted to know why it’s slow is it because there are a lot of pictures?

Yes for each gallery that will be better if we show every pictures like the home page. Because there are a lot of pictures

Thanks in advance

It’s because you have uploaded custom thumbnail images instead of using the theme’s automatic thumbnail resizing – some of the images are too big (for example the “Canada – Toronto” item contains an image that is 4.3 MB). My advice is to either not to use custom thumbnail images and use the default theme thumbnail resizing or just use smaller thumbnail images. If you need more details about this, as I mentioned above can you please please open a support ticket on our support site here:

as this is the only place where the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you

Hello I bought the theme in January I have some problems with wordpress I wish redownload how this possible? thank you

Hi rastello, Thanks for purchasing Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme by pexeto Download your purchase Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme License Certificate The author has nominated that they will provide support for this item. Head over to the item’s support page to find out more!

and after i pusch download and redirection weeb site i have this message :

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try the following:

Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly
If you reached this page by clicking a link, contact us to alert us that the link is incorrectly formatted
Forget that this ever happened, and go browse the files :)


I don’t see a “Purchased” label on your comment or a “buyer” icon on your profile, so I guess that you have used another account to purchase the theme. In this case, just login to the account that you have used to purchase the theme and go to the Downloads section to download the latest version of the theme. If you are not sure about the username that you have used, you can also use the Envato Recover Usernames section and enter your email address.
Once you access the account that you have used to purchase the theme, you can always dowload the latest version for free from the Downloads section. Also if you have any further questions, you can open a ticket on our support site here:
where our support team can assist you.

Really like this theme, couple questions. Can you sell photos with it, Woocomerce? Can you password protect some galleries? Thanks.


I’m glad you like the theme :)

If you use WooCommerce to generate the product page with an option to download the image file, then you can manually add a link (for example a “Purchase” button) to each image description linking to its corresponding Woocommerce product page. Regarding password protected galleries – you can have a password protected quick gallery – you can see an example here (use “pexeto” as password). You can have this gallery in a sidebar and full-width (no sidebar) layout.

I’m looking for a solution on my home page the possibility of category 5 with 1 photo per category Example 1 wedding photo, 1 photo sport, culiaire 1 photo and 1 photo landscape then click on the photo scenery for example I’d arrived with subcategory landscape Monaco, paris landscape, landscape thailand then click on landscape paris paris album goes straight into I debuted on the theme can you tell me exactly handling thank you


We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so can you please use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you :)

P.S. You can create a separate gallery for the front page items and for that page create a few portfolio items for each subcategory, linking to the corresponding subgallery. You can read more about creating multiple galleries with different items in this article.

HI! I’m a prospective buyer, so I can’t post a question on your support site I presume. I’m liking your Expression theme a lot. Your tutorial videos answered some of the questions I had, but I’m still wondering: 1. Can I use the Filtered gallery on the front page? 2. If so, with the filtered gallery, can I mix the lightbox display items with other display items like slider and full width slider, etc.? Maybe I’m using the wrong terms, but I mean the way the items display on the demo home page, where the thumbnails slide over to reveal a slider? Can I mix that with the light box display? 3. This is sort of minor, but it’s bugging me. Can the filter buttons have a rollover effect? Just a simple color change? Thank you! Great theme! Joe Dean

Hi, I have another question. I notice that the standard gallery has a Load More button at the bottom. Is this a function that can be turned on in a mixed gallery? Or does it activate when you’ve gone above a certain number of items? Thanks!


Yes, the Load More button can be activated on the Mixed gallery – there is an option to set the number of items to show before the Load More button is selected. In fact the mixed gallery page and the front page gallery use the same gallery template, they just have different settings applied.

Sweet, thanks!

This looks so awesome. Is there a limit to how many Picts I can have a portfolio page? If they’re small, can I have a grid of possibly 10×10 or more? Thanks!


Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

There isn’t a limit of the number of images, by default you can set the default image size and the gallery will automatically calculate the number of images that it can fit per row depending on the window size. So, depending on the image size that you set and the window size, it can fit 10 and more images per row, just keep in mind that if you have longer titles, you have to make sure that your image size can fit those titles when the item is hovered.

Perfect! Thanks so much for the reply. I was hoping to not have any titles/text displayed over the thumbnails, just the pure image. Would that be an option, possibly altering the code if not a dashboard option?


Hiding the titles can be easily accomplished with a minor CSS modification.

hi there i ve’posted a new ticket on your support forum, but got no response this is the link to that ticket: thanks in advance for your answer


I can see that one of our support members has already posted a reply to your ticket several hours ago, so you can follow the discussion in your ticket section on our support site.

Hello, I find myself on the cusp of buying your theme, Expression. Three things please. One – when viewing your sliders in the demo the photos look like they have a mesh over them (fly screen), very faint but distracting. The actual photos do not have it. Can it be removed?

Two – I noticed you haven’t updated the theme since the 9th December 2013. Considering the number of tweaks requested by purchasers I do wonder if you have stopped support?

Three – iPads are the best photo viewing platform and as such they need to work perfectly in both landscape and portrait. You are close to achieving that, but I have read comments from purchasers requesting coding tweaks to make sure the photos fit the slider screen perfectly in every instance. I wondered why these basic and fundamental functions are not simply one-press options in your Pexeto control panel? Why would you not want them to fit by default? Note: in your support regarding Full-Height Slideshow – always display image in full size. There is some script, some in red – is the red added or is the red just a take-note? It’s not clear, expecially to non coders!

The photos you use in the demo are for show. I can think of a thousand instances where it matters completely that MY photos are seen in their entirety and not cut off anywhere.

Your reply is important to me… Many thanks Grant

Hi Grant,

Here are my answers:

1. Yes, there is an option to remove the overlay pattern

2. We support the theme all the time, in fact we have just released a new update (a few minutes ago).

3. This is how the full-height slider is designed to work – it always displays the image to the full height of the screen. The red text of the script in the knowledgebase article is just a syntax highlighting – it is part of the code snippet.

Hello, Very nice theme! and the additions in version 1.3 seem promising. one question though. If I purchase, I would like all my images displayed in the home page, and that once one is clicked, all the others can be iterated in the same lightbox. Is it possible? because in the example, the lightbox displays only the images of the category, not all of them.

thank you!


Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

This depends on what type of preview you want to use – if you have a single preview image per item and you use the gallery slider, then the images will be still related one to another – for example, if you click on the first item, the preview image will be displayed and then the right arrow will be pointing to the “Next project” right away, showing the next image. If you want to do this with the lightbox preview and make all the items’ preview images displayed in the same lightbox window – I think this will be possible with a few small code modifications.

Hi, I love your theme, but before buying it, i would like to know whether it’s possible to display on home page 20 pictures (all rectangles) – redirecting towards a pre-defined link on click – , without having to click the “load more” button. Is this possible ?


By default the gallery supports order by date and custom order, but there isn’t an option for random order. You can accomplish random order if you have all the items displayed at once (without the Load More button) and by applying a minor code modification (we have provided instructions here – it’s regarding our Photolux theme, but the modification would be the same for Expression).
Regarding the default ratio – yes, there is an option to change the default base size and you can have all the images in the same size – for each item you can choose whether to make it bigger/vertical or just keep it in the base size.
Regarding your last question – the number of items per row is dynamic – it is determined according to the user screen size – to see what I mean you can try to resize your browser window so you can see how the images get repositioned according to the window size.

Thank you, i understand your theme is responsive, but can i control something like the max width on each thumbnail, so i can more or less choose the number of images displayed on a desktop screen ?

Yes, there is an option to set the default thumbnail width which would be also the maximum width of the thumbnail.

Hi When i purchase the Theme can you help me to make the Header and footer sticky? thanks for answer


Making the header and footer sticky can be a little tricky (especially on mobile devices) – it would require some more additional code modifications and it’s not something that can be provided in a short code snippet, however if you have some coding knowledge (mainly CSS and JavaScript), we can point you to the right direction (e.g. provide the names of the elements selectors/files that might need to be modified).

Hi envato develpolers. I can not write to your Help Desk page because I should register, which I can not because I have not buy your theme jet. I was searching for a theme and after long time (one month) I did find out that I like Expression. Only thing I would like: There are Full Width slideshow and Full Height slideshow. I would like to see “Fit in” slideshow, or option to see whole picture on every device, PC, tablet or smartphone. Thanks for future answer and my feature in next update.


We have created a tutorial about how to accomplish this, it requires pasting a single CSS snippet and optionally a JavaScript modification to vertically center the image.

Thanks for quick answer. Is there any limited version, or demo of Expression theme which I can try localy on my pc?

We don’t have a trial limited version of the theme, I’m sorry.


When viewing on an iPhone can the menu sections be collapsed? Similar to your Porcelain theme?

I think this would look better than having all the sections opened/extended.

Thank you


By default the mobile menu doesn’t include such kind of option, so it would require some code changes in order to apply this functionality.

Hi, i wanna buy this theme, but i need to know if i can set this page: as homepage. Tnx in advice.


Yes, you can set the fullscreen slideshow page as a home page.

I just bought this theme yesterday. Love this so much. the amount of quality and details is awesome!

I need a help, I don’t want to use a custom post type “portfolio” instead I need to use the standard “Posts” type to work like the gallery grid.

So the whole site is just “Posts” with masonry layout.

I had a look at the library, and js files. Looks like it need some tweaks to do this ? Any tips on this ?

I really really like this theme, so planning to customize this to my need.



First of all – I’m happy to hear that you like the theme! :)

We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so can you please use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you!

P.S. With no code changes you can just link each portfolio item to its corresponding blog post. Otherwise if you would like to load the blog posts directly, it would require some code changes.

Hi, I want to buy this theme but before I’d like to know something.

Can I create albums using keywords? For example, I’ll upload about 7 albums with a lot of diferents kind of photos and I’d like create another one called “portrait”, using the keyword “portrait”, does this album will include automatically all the photos with this keyword?

Thank you.


You can accomplish this by using categories. For example, you can create a gallery that contains items assigned to different categories, including items from a “portrait” category and you can create another gallery page that loads the items from the “portrait” category only – in each gallery page there is an option to select the category of items to load on a page, so you can load a specific category only without having to recreate the items for that page.

Hi, template looks awesome! Does it work with Wordpress eCommerce?

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

I haven’t done in-depth tests with this plugin, I have done some basic tests by creating a few products and making a purchase – as a functionality it was working well, it only may need some additional styling of the plugin’s generated content (e.g. aligning and improving spacing). Otherwise you may also consider using the WooCommerce plugin – we have recently implemented some improvements into the theme for this plugin.


I am interested in buying such theme for a future web site i intend to open for friends to share galleries of photo. I would like to know if i can customize each gallery and protect it with a password + add a download button within the gallery to download all images in full size…?

thanks Bil

Hi Bil,

You can have a password protected quick gallery – you can see an example here (use “pexeto” as password). You can have this gallery in a sidebar and full-width (no sidebar) layout and you can insert it in both standard pages and portfolio items (so you can link an item in the main Grid Gallery to its single page that can be password protected). Regarding a download button – there isn’t such kind of option included, but you may alternatively search for a plugin that can add this functionality for you.

Thank you very much for the provided feedback

Still trying to get into support. Just bought this them, have purchase number but I can’t remember my password, and your system doesn’t recognize my user name. What to do?

I can email someone my proof of purchase if that would help. Where would I email it?

Please help! I want to get started with the theme I just bought but I can’t! thanks


In order to access our support site, you just have to register by using the “Register” section here – just insert your purchase code, email address and password and an account will be generated for you. After that you will be able to login and post a support question.

I also wanted to mention that the theme comes with a documentation that includes detailed instructions about setting every aspect of the theme – you can find the documentation in the “documentation” folder of the main download package.