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Hi All,

If you have any support questions, we kindly ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

where all the Pexeto items support is handled – registration takes less than a minute. Thank you :)


Is it possible to add one page of description to the galleries. For instance, when one clicks on the gallery item, rather than going directly to the photos, for one image to be text within the lightbox/full height?


We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you :)

P.S. When posting can you please explain this a little more, as I’m not sure whether I understood your question correctly.

Hi pexeto!

This is a fantastic theme! So beautiful!

Just one question: Is it possible to add a link in the full width sliders, the ones with the sharing buttons? I’d like to have a link for every image to the site where I sell prints.

Thanks so much!


Thanks a lot – I’m glad you like the theme :)

You can add a link in the description of each image – you can see an example on the 4th image here. If you want you can also set it as a button, if you want it to be more visible.

Thanks pexeto! This is great!

Just one more thing: Do you know if your theme works with fotomoto script? They support different galleries libraries, you can find a list here. Do you use one of these in your theme?

Thanks again for your time :)

By default the theme uses the PrettyPhoto plugin. Generally if you want to use the Fotomoto plugin on the standard pages everything should be okay, but if you want to use it in the main gallery – this gallery uses the PrettyPhoto functions to load the images (so that you can attach more images to one item), so if you want to replace it with FotoMoto this should be modified in the code of the gallery.

Amazing theme :) How much does a prospective update of the theme cost? (if there will be updates)

Thank you very much :)

All the updates we release of the theme are for free – once you purchase it, you can always download the latest version of the theme for free.

Thanks so much pexeto! So, if I understood correctly, the fotomoto plugin will work in the lightbox gallery Or am I wrong? Thanks again :)


Maybe my explanation wasn’t clear enough – the gallery uses custom PrettyPhoto functions to load the images, so if you want to use FotoMoto instead, you have to first make sure that this plugin provides a JavaScript function to load a set of images by setting their URLs and then the PrettyPhoto function should be replaced with the FotoMoto one in the gallery’s JavaScript code. Because the gallery supports attaching multiple images to a single item, it must be using such kind of function to load the additional images, as most of the galleries and lightbox plugins are designed for displaying only one image per item. Otherwise, in all the other sections, that are not part of the gallery, it should be easy to apply this plugin.


Question: In Gallery with filter, can you add video option to that as well? Or lets say if you are in standard gallery and you have a video link that goes together under landscape folder, is it possible to see the video when you scroll through landscape? Or does it only play video in lightbox mode?



Hi Julia,

If you want to display a video, you can do it in a lightbox – the image slider support images only. However, you can have both an image slider item and a video with lightbox item on the same page – you can see an example on the Mixed Grid Gallery page, where you can see different types of items inserted. Another option to insert a video would be to link the item to its single portfolio page which has a standard page layout and where you can embed the video into the content of the page.

Thanks so much pexeto! :)

You are welcome :)

Would it be easy to add little thumbnail images that are part of the same series under a picture that pops up with the lightbox system?


We have included an option to add small thumbnail images overlay in the lightbox which is displayed over the image in its bottom section – so adding this is very easy.

This message is for everyone reading comments, not only pexeto.

Just wanted to tell you that I’ve purchased several items recently, from lots of authors.

I’m used to give 5 star rating to those whose product might not even be perfect, but support is fantastic!

What I want to tell you is that pexeto provides simply THE BEST SUPPORT on Envato that I’ve ever tried. Full stop.

Fast, nice, useful. And moreover, attentive to customers’ needs – although a request might not be so related to the theme itself.

Oh, I was forgetting – This theme is terrific :)

pexeto, thanks again for your great help. Bravi, you deserve it.

Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I’m really happy to hear that you are satisfied with the the support we provide and that you like the theme! Taking the time to provide your feedback is highly appreciated, thanks again :)

I agree whith marcofama, I just Buy the theme.

I whave a problame whith Widgets I instal woocommerce,and on shop, can you remove widget search, pages, archives, categories, that apear on the theme?

On the section widget of wordpress I dont have any whidget.but the apear on the shop page.


We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you :)


Wonderful theme! Are you planning to propose the blog page with the similar viewing option as the galleries?

Many thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

I can’t really say for sure – as there are lots of update requests, we usually implement the most requested features, so if this is a highly requested one, we will be considering implementing it into the theme.

Hi Pexeto, I love this theme and i want to buy it, but first i want to know if i could install a multi language wordpress plugin with out problems.

Best Regards, Javiera

Hi Javiera,

Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

The theme is designed to work with multiple languages – we have implemented a functionality to enable different translations of the built into theme words. As you may know, you will also have to install a multilingual plugin in order to enable translation for the content you create. Depending on the plugin you are going to choose, the plugin may also require some additional modifications to enable its translation work on the dynamically loaded content (such as the one on the main gallery) – some plugins are designed to work well with this kind of dynamic loading and others are not. For example, we have experience with our previous photography theme Photolux – where the WPML plugin was working well, while the qTranslate plugin required a few lines of modifications in the theme to support the dynamic content loading, the instructions for which we provide on our support site.


1. I asking about the search function again…can it be installed in the top portion of the theme?

2. When you search can the results come back similar to the grid style?

3. Can I also have a section that has “if you like these photos you will also like these.” basically it will pull other images that are related to the same tag.

If I can do these things I will buy today! Thanks for your help!


Thank you for the interest!

Inserting a search field in the header of the theme can be easily accomplished with one additional line of code – we can provide instructions for this on our support site. Regarding the other two functionalities you are asking about – the theme doesn’t support such kind of options. The search results are designed in a blog-style layout, you can test the search functionality on the Blog page of the theme demo.

Could u do a customization for what I want? Ill pay…

At this point we are not available for customization (freelance) work, I’m sorry.

Hello I just bought this template. How do I go about setting my website up. is there a video I can watch? also I have a mac. Am I able to set it up there? sorry I m new to all this


There is a documentation included with the theme – you will find it in the “documentation” folder of the download zip file which contains detailed instructions about installing and setting the theme – I would recommend first checking the “For WordPress Beginners” section. Also, you can watch this video we have created about creating a gallery with the theme.

If you still have any other support questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you! :)

I noticed that you are using some form of masonry, if i’m correct, is there anyway to get more of a staggered look with this theme like this site: instead of how everything is so lined up?


By default the gallery is designed to be in a more grid and lined layout and by default there isn’t an option to set that kind of layout. However, you can still accomplish a staggered look by setting different image sizes – you have an option to set a base image width and height and also for each item there is an option to set the number of rows and columns to allocate. Also, if you want you can check our Photolux Theme which is designed in this kind of layout by default.

Just 2 short questions to your wonderfull theme: Ist there a possibility to have background music at the landing page or any other page?

Is there a way to set a link into the footer? In the demo there is just a text. I am searching for the option to set a link refering to “contact” into a footer.


By default the theme doesn’t support a background music player, but you should be able to accomplish this with a music player plugin. Regarding the link in the footer – it would be easiest to manually add the link into the footer file (we can provide instructions for this on our support site).

Hi pexeto! I really like your theme a lot and before purchasing I have a few questions…

1. Is it possible to add video instead of the full width slider? How?

2. Is it possible to make the masonry gallery to display the featured images of each blog post and when you click on the image to go to the blog post, linked with the image? Or at least add custom links to each image in the grid?

3. How wide is the full width blog page/post template?

Thank you and again, awesome theme!!!

Are you thinking of adding a full screen video in the future? I think plenty of people will ask for that to justify adding it :)

Is it also possible the main page to be a gallery like the one after you click on a grid image?

Sorry, I know I have lots of questions …

Regarding the fullscreen video feature – I can’t really say for sure whether we will implement it, if it is a highly requested feature, we will be considering implementing it. Regarding having a portfolio slider as a front page – by default WordPress allows setting pages only as a standard page (the slider is a custom post type called “portfolio”), however setting a non-page post as a front page can be also easily accomplished with htaccess or with a PHP redirect.

HI !

Is it possible to do a password protected gallery ?


You can have a password protected quick gallery – you can see an example here (use “pexeto” as password) – you can have it an both sidebar and fullwidth (no sidebar) layout.