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I would like to show a particular category portfolio on a normal page. How can I do that do you have a short code for that ?

Example: I would like to show portfolio on about us page, how can I do that ?


In “Theme Options > Portfolio Settings” you will find the “Assign Portfolio Page to a Category” section. Assign your portfolio page to needed category.

In the portfolio page, in the content area you can add the content that you have in About Us page and you will get the desired result.

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if i wanted to use a differnet slider in place of the ones included with this theme for example Revolution Slider is this possiable?


It is possible. Page Options has the section “Top Page Full Width Container” where you can add the any slider shortcode or another shortcode.

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Dropped you a couple of e-mails through here recently about some issues we are experiencing with contact forms using your theme, could you pass me a direct e-mail address i can contact you on please as those ones don’t seem to be getting to you.

Thanks =)

Hi, Received your email. I’m sorry for delay. Will reply to your email in a few minutes.

Hi, I sent an e-mail more than a week ago asking about how to customize my front page but never heard back, can you please message me an e-mail address or some other way to get in touch?


This is the answer for one email. For the second one, I will reply to it.

IMPORTANT: Backup your old theme folder. Download it to your computer locally from Download section on ThemeForest.

You can upgrade the theme in a couple of ways:

Overwrite the entire theme folder

Upload the extensio folder which is downloaded from Package and upload through FTP the folder in /wp-content/themes/ folder.

Re-upload via WordPress admin panel

Navigate to Appereance -> Themes page. Activate a different theme. Delete previous version of Extensio and re-upload the file (refer to basic installation) downloaded from package.

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I upgraded a demo site and the upgrade was a complete mess. Ubermenu locations broke. OnebyOne slider is no longer an option, any shortcodes for OnebyOne were removed, so all my slider pages are blank. i reviewed your documentation and it talks about OnebyOne but there is no shortcodes documented anywhere.


This is completely new version. It is responsive and I used all things that works with responsive modes on mobile devices and tablets. Unfortunately, was a necessity to remove the OneByOne slider because of its problems with responsive templates.

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i am trying to change the size of the intro header i have read in the comments it should be in the EXTENSIO Panel Options can you please tell me where i can not find this maybe i am over looking it

many thanks

i have found this now sorry i was looking to hard as they say and over looked the setting

Great :)

Hello There, I have a problem with portfolio. The problem occurs on iOS device (iPad or iPhone). When I put YouTube link in “Video Portfolio URL”, it is working on computer. But when I open portfolio on iOS device, the video is not shown. I see only a white square and my text.

What can I do ?

Thanks !!


Please send the portfolio link with the video and I’ll check. I will reply to your email also, in case you want to send it only to me.

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Hi Atix,

I have installed your theme and most seems to work fine. However when I reduce the size of the screen (responsive) the navigation disappears and does not change to the drop down version as in the demo.

I have using the lastest version of the the them and wordpress 4.01

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks Richard

In addition I disabled all plugins just in case

Additionally I am using a child theme, if I switch back to main theme works.


Does anyone know if they have finished the update to make this theme responsive and if so what do I need to do to enable it?

Hi. The theme is responsive. You have to download it from your ThemeForest account and to install it.

Thanks for replying. I purchased this two years ago. If I re download it from my account, that will be the newer version?

Yes, in the TF account is the last version every time for every item.

Ok, so I purchased this two years ago. If I re download it from my account, that will be the newer version? Thanks for your response.

Yes, in the TF account is the last version every time for every item.

Greetings, How do you set header height and also so that it will be responsive?

Greetings – Logo is 174×142



The item was removed by ThemeForest accidentally, now it is alive and I tested the issue with responsive header and menu for logo width 174×142px.

In this screenshot you can see the uploaded image for logo and the fields set with image width and height, it is important.

After you uploaded the logo and set the width and height, open and edit the “header.php” file and below the line:

echo '<h1 class="logo"><a href="'.home_url().'">'.get_bloginfo('name').'</a></h1>';

add this line:

echo '<style>#main-menu {margin-left:'.($logo_width+20).'px;}</style>';

Will reply to your email too.

Best regards, AtiX

Hi, Very nice theme. Anyway I have a couple of questions.

1 – In page option we have “Top Page Full Width Container”. It doesn’t work. :) How can we place anything there ? After placing in that field: HTML, or text, or shortcode and saving the settings. All of our modifications are gone.

2 – Custom sidebar. Where can I set the place to view custom sidebar ?

3 – Menu. Is there a possibility to place in the header (next to the logo, on top of navigation menu) search field + social links ?

Anyway. :) I was able to fix nr. 3. You have to edit header.php.

I would not buy this theme. Buyer beware, support is very lacking. I’ve been trying to sort the same issue out for over a year.


I’m sorry for delay. Why you are not using the lists shortcodes that comes with the theme, like they are listed in our demo page:

The default lists has been reseted in the style file, to not have incompatibility with other lists in the theme, and this is a standard used in WP theme on ThemeForest. If you don’t like the usage of the incorporated theme shortcodes, than I will come with with another solution.

Best regards,

Hi, I have an old version of Extensio theme which is not responsive. I wish to install this new one. Is there a simple way of updating my current theme with this responsive one without loosing content on the site?

Hi, the new version is different. The shortcodes, page templates and the settings are different than in the old version. You have to install a test website and to test the migration.

Hi Atix. Did you make any changes to the [latestwork title=”” count=”” rows=”“] shortcode? When viewing on mobile (, the videos are automatically scrolling to the left giving the user no control over it. Furthermore, when it scrolls to the left, it doesn’t scroll to the new set of videos but just the same set is scrolled from. Is this normal?

Hello, i am having this error on the panel options: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ereg_replace() in /homepages/23/d614616062/htdocs/clickandbuilds/alexScuba/wp-content/themes/extensio/admin/admin-interface.php:1153 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/23/d614616062/htdocs/clickandbuilds/alexScuba/wp-content/themes/extensio/admin/admin-interface.php(232): siteoptions_machine(Array) #1 /homepages/23/d614616062/htdocs/clickandbuilds/alexScuba/wp-includes/plugin.php(525): siteoptions_options_page(’’) #2 /homepages/23/d614616062/htdocs/clickandbuilds/alexScuba/wp-admin/admin.php(236): do_action(‘toplevel_page_s…’) #3 {main} thrown in /homepages/23/d614616062/htdocs/clickandbuilds/alexScuba/wp-content/themes/extensio/admin/admin-interface.php on line 1153

Hello, what PHP version do you have installed on your server?

Hello, thank you for contacting me, i am using 5.6 version. I also tried to load the demo site but the sliders are not showing at all, i didn´t see anywhere i can import them from. Thank you

Hello, I have a question regarding “Disable Title Section”,”Disable Footer”, and” Disable SubFooter”; they don’t get updates. (Meaning, after I checked the box and updated, I can never uncheck it again). Please help, thanks.

Is this theme supported anymore? I’ve submitted a support email, but no reply.

My issue is this – using the Extensio panel, I’m able to do most things. However, when I try to change footer colors, it just ignores me. The panel SHOWS the colors I’ve selected, but those changes are not reflected on the front end. Again, this seems to just be the footer as I’m able to alter other colors of the theme sections. Please advise.

Hello. I’m sorry for delay. Will reply to your email for more details. Thank you.

I have not received any response from my email support request. I have issues with the theme, making me wonder if there was an issue with installation or a conflict of some sort with the latest WP version: 1) The admin panel is not displaying correctly. The theme options display below the menu for example. This does not match screenshots of the theme options. 2) None of the built-in sliders work. When I choose one and save, nothing displays. (I currently have 4 slides in the Extensio Sliders section). In the slides themselves, the Slider Options section is blank. I am only able to use Revolution Slider, but want to try the others.

Please advise as soon as possible.

I am concerned that I am receiving no response from support requests, especially since I have a limited time of support available when purchasing a theme. Since I’m seeing structural issues with the theme, I am also concerned that the theme is not being well-supported period, and perhaps will not be viable in the long term. I purchased this to replace a theme that had been abandoned by a developer, so I could no longer update it to be compatible with WP. I do NOT want to switch to a theme that will not continue to be supported and developed! If you don’t intend on keeping this theme up to date, can you let me know?

Hi there. I’m sorry for the delay in response. Please send a new request with not completed issues via our item Support tab and we will reply to fix them. The direct link to the support page you can find below. Thank you.

Will there be an update to WP 4.7?