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There is some “incompatibility” between this theme and visual composer plugin? I try to compose a gallery page with visual composer but in the frontend doesn’t show nothing. I try to reinstall and I try the plugin in other templates and works perfect

We have not had reports of this so far. Can you pls register and open a thread at the end of our support forum page – We will be happy to assist you.

Pls provide a temp login as a private message so that we can have a closer look at this. Thanks.

I open the topic, please is very urgent, if you want give me your email for the access

Hi Guys

On the “Team” image output it creates an automatic link to a team member page, how can I # the link as we do not want to have a link at all.

Thanks Lee

Hello. I have a technical issue I need help with but when I tried to register for support, it says that someone is already registered with my username. So I assume I have already registered, however when I go to “forgot password” and put in the username, it says it’s that no one is registered under that username. I’m stuck in a loop that goes nowhere. How can I access the support network given this predicament? Thank you!

Pls send us an email via our profile page contact form – with the desired username and email address to be used for registering and we will take care of this for you. Thanks.

how can i solve incompatibility to IE11?

Can you pls open a thread in our support form with a brief description about the issue along with a link to your site .

Can I add some terms to the project details, author ..client etc..

I want to add some extra information? I read something avout custom fields, but do not know were to start. thx

Here is more information on custom fields. They can be used to display additional information about a project -

thx. I read it. Gonna give it a try!

Hi, my slider crashed after updating to the latest WP version (4.5) and theme (3.1.1). Updating slider to version didn’t fix it. Any idea what could be causing the problem? In the backend I can see the code for the slider that you’re also using in your demo, but the slider doesn’t appear in the frontend.

I managed to fix it. For some reason the slider shortcode was deleted.

What was the shortcode you were using? I am curious since we don’t remember deleting slider shortcode from Extinct.

Seems this theme broke with Wordpress 4.5.

Pls update to latest version of the theme released a week back. Pls hard refresh your browser and the JS issue should get resolved.

Is it possible to get a new xml example file?

Yes – pls send us an email via profile page contact form at bottom right – and we will email you the same. Thanks

Hi, I am waiting for my password to arrive to log into support. I am having issues changing the fonts for H1 and such. I change it in the options but it does not change on the site. Also have some weirdness on the mobile navigation. When there is a dropdown menu the page link doesn’t work for the top item, it just drops down.

Sorry to hear that you are facing trouble. Have created a password for you manually and emailed you the same with the email address you used to sign up for the forum. Pls check and get back to me if you still have trouble. Thanks!

All of a sudden, everything on my pages aren’t showing up? Only the menu, and then every page is blank. Any ideas what may have caused this?

Yes, LiveMesh, that’s what I was saying above. Version 3.1.1 does not download from Themeforest when I download the file. I need the most up-to-date, but honestly don’t want to pay for the support package. The most up-to-date version should be available to me as a purchaser.

Pls send us an email from my profile page. We will send across the updated version.

Have emailed you a copy of the latest version. Pls update and the issue will be resolved.

I find it strange that the copy of the theme you download from ThemeForest is outdated. I did download one for verification and the version was indeed 3.1.1.

Can I add a sidebar to the woocommerce shop? No matter what I try it will not show up


meteorite Author Team

Pls comment out the below line of code (line no:30)in file woocommerce/woocommerce-integration.php and check .
add_filter('mo_theme_layout', 'mo_woocommerce_layout', 10, 1);

Thank you very much!

I used the theme for a friend’s website and they just came to me and said that the content on the home page is not showing up in desktop/laptop browsers. It looks fine on phones and tablets, and I don’t see anything wrong in the backend that would make it incompatible with laptops. As usual, this all happened within 3 weeks of my support expiration. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The URL is


meteorite Author Team

You just need to update to the latest version of the theme. Things will return to normal. You can download latest version theme from your themeforest account > downloads tab .


kevaf3d Purchased

What’s the best way to update it without losing all the extra work I did with it?

The way I update is to replace all files. No matter what method you use (there are plugins too like this – and to update easily), you will need to backup your changes and redo any changes you made to the files on the new installation.

Use tools like DiffMerge or WinMerge to compare the old and new files and redo the changes. You will spend probably an hour doing this but not more, specially if you have made changes only to a few select files. The settings data will stay and hence Custom CSS entered into theme options should be fine. It’s always a good idea to have a backup though. Hope this helps.

Best way to protect yourself from theme updates is to always make changes in the child theme. The theme is mostly child theme friendly and hence when you have time, you can probably go through the changes you have made to the core theme files and try to move them to child theme so that the core files are not affected and upgrades are smoother.

Help! The SiteOrigin page builder plugin doesn’t run or show at all on pages ie the PageBuilder tab is missing altogether. If I switch the theme to the standard Wordpress twentysixteen theme it shows but with Extinct it doesn’t. I need a solution asap. Can anyone help?


meteorite Author Team

Pls ensure if you have checked pages and posts in “General” Settings of Page Builder .

yes, all checked correctly. I’ve also switched off all other plugins and it makes no difference. It only appears when I switch off the Extinct theme and switch to the WP twentysixteen theme or similar native theme


meteorite Author Team

Can you pls open a new thread in our support forum – with a temp login to your site as a private msg , so that we can take a closer look at this issue .

Hello slider revolution wont show up on the homepage. Do I need to activate it? I can make slides but they don’t show up on homepage.

You need to choose the same in the page edit window – choose revolution slider and the slider. If you still have trouble, pls send us your site info with temp login – and we will install the demo content for you. Thank you for your purchase.

sent it

I see that you have already chosen the slider in theme options and now the slider shows up on home page. If you need the same in other pages, pls use the rev slider shortcode.

help please none of the content shows up on the theme please help

hello when will the content be there?

The slider still wont work


meteorite Author Team

Demo slider has been imported . Pls check . Thanks.

Dear Livemesh Team, how can I change the (preset red) hover color of the Main Navigation and the Date-markers in the Blog?

Thx so far, but it works only “half”. Check here: than you will see what I mean. I also changed all possible field for the color in the primary menu, but its still red. Which one should change the Mainmenu-Hover Color?

And how can I change the hover colors in the Blog completely – the Title of the Post and the hover effects?


meteorite Author Team

Can you pls post all your queries in our support forum – ,we will be happy to assist you there . Thanks.

I’m completely stumped on this. I’ve updated our site for 2017 but Facebook is still pulling in 2015 dates and images when we post. I cannot find where it’s doing this from. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated!

Great theme, we love it! :)

Pls send us an email via our profile page contact form with the details. We will also get the forum user account created for you if you provide us the desired email to use in the forum. Thanks

Thank you. I’ve sent an email.

Have replied to your email. Pls have a look. Are you using this plugin by any chance?

Some social media related tags are being set in the above mentioned page with the image URL pointing to the older event.

Hi, I think I asked the same question a while back about how to get rid of all the google structured data errors with Entry, author etc…? And how do I update the theme to the latest version, ~I can’t see any update button in my admin? Cheers.

Can I get the URL to your site so that I can check what’s happening? As I said earlier, the theme itself does not do lead to these errors and hence I will need to check the source of these errors by running the tool against the specific page itself. Thanks

Just sent you a PM with my URL on, many thanks.

Have replied to your ticket. I saw no errors when I ran the tool against the blog posts.

How can I update Visual Composer?

Pls check the below link for updating Visual Composer purchased by you -

Pinco83 Purchased

I can not access to support … it tells me that I’m registered and a password will be e-mailed to me, but i I haven’t received…

Can you pls send us an email via our profile page contact form – and tell us the email and user id you used to register with the forum? We will restore access to the forum and send you the password as well. Thanks for your purchase.


Pinco83 Purchased

Ok i send the message, thank you

Have replied to your message with forum access details. Thanks.