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Hi guys! I’m also interested in the WP version of this template. Any plans sometime soon? Kind regards, Jana

Hi, tnx for your nice template :) I’m using the slideshow, but i have a issue: I need to insert a link on every image: a href=link1>img1 a href=link2>img2 a href=link3>img3 but it doesn’t work on mobile version, every image links to link3 :(

Could you help me? tnx, Paolo

I am having the same issue as skattiato… I added links to the slider, but on ipad and ipod they all link to the last image link.

I removed the slider on iphones altogether, since its so small, but I’d like to keep it on ipads. Is there any way to fix this?


Love the theme, have you any plans to add support for dropdown lists

+1 for WP theme version :-)

i like this theme but i also need it as wp-themes. will be available in next time.

We have noticed that the sub pages in the navigation can’t be accessed when viewing on a device that uses touch (mobiles, tablets, etc). The menu opens on hover which doesn’t exist on touch devices. Are you able to change this to expand on click rather than hover?

Hello I purchased your great theme and I use it for one customer. Unfortunately the contact form works properly only in Google Chrome. You can’t write anything in the first three fields (or rather you can not see what your’re typing. The “Messagefield” is ok. As I’m not a very good coder – can you help me? Do you know where the error could be? Thanks for any help. Bea