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Nice job… Congrats ;)

Hi, i like this template alot. Just got one question:

Is it possible to make an option on the contact form, to upload an resume with the message? So people can upload their resume while sending me a message?

If yes, how?


You can find some ready scripts to do that!

Good job! I think it would be better with a static menu. (so the menu doesn’t move when you scroll down) and/or a click to the top button…Just for usability/convenience :)

With some custom work you can achieve that!

Wow I love it! Nice idea putting the menu on the left side (it seems like a old way but renewed!)

Keep it up!

Hallo, your template is awesome. I would like to use for a sports agency. I wanted to know uploading images on the site is done manually or using a content management system ( CMS). the same question goes to add or edit a new pages.. is it done through a CMS or manually? Thank you

This is just HTML version! We are planing to develop the template for WordPress soon!

How difficult would it be to align some icons vertically to replace the left menu. In mobile view this icon based menu should then be horizontally?


I want orer NOW the wordpress version theme of this template. Could you make wp theme from this one?

Please help me to buy wordpress themed version.


P.S. I’m waitibg for your reply. Please reply me asap.

We are working on WP version!

When exactly it will be done?.... I want to buy it in 3 or 5 days . Is it possible?

Please do it faster for our using. I’m ready to buy it…. but after 10-12 days I wont be interested in buying… it will be too late

Hi I purchased this theme struggling to work out how to work the contact form and where to set the email for it. also how do i set up the map with my own address


Hi can you please get back to me about the contact form

I’m ready to buy it…. Please let us download your wp theme version. I do need your theme. Why you are so late…. please move faster to sold more. Help us to buy your wp theme version. THANKS!!!

Howdy, this is a pre-purchase question about the Extra Clean theme. There is no mention of eCommerce on this theme’s details page, can you recommend any specific plugins that are compatible with your theme?

no support at all from this guy. wont be buying from him

I’m having same problem as bobby187, contact form doesn’t appear to work. When you click in one of the boxes for name etc nothing happens and no data can be entered.

What use is that? Please provide instructions on how to fix.

Are you for real???

I understand that the form requires php in order to completely work, but your css/html is not working properly. Please read my first post properly and advise fix to the css/html.

I’ll give you a clue, the problem lies here

ontoplums have you got an answer? i’m having the same question! i saw there’s some style in the css about error messages and success messages, but how to see them! could you send me, author, support please?

This is a HTML template and the contact form is not supposed to work neither is advertised that it works! You have to make some PHP code to make it works!

Just have a quick pre-purchase question… We love the Extra Clean template! However we will have many items in the left navigation and if our website visitors use it on a small device (eg. on a phone) the menu will too long for folks to scroll down. Is it possible to put in a drop down list like you have used on your Orbit News theme? If so, do you have any documentation on this?


Hi, there is need a lot of changes to accomplish that and it is not very easy! So, we are sorry but we cannot help you!

WHEN? When exactly your wp theme will be ready? Please tell me. Dont tell me soon… just approximate date. Thanks.


May i know when you can release WP version of this template? The html version is not convenient to manage.I prefer WP version. Wait for your fresh news. Thanks.

I’d like to buy this template, but i want to know if the animation plays fine on mobile phones. pls reply fast…