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I like this theme, very special, pretty and easy to handle. But there are a few issues for me.
  • Firefox (15.0.1) on Windows 7 shows no content. The navigation appears (left hand site) but the pages are blank and empty. Chrome, IE9 , Safari and Opera are OK they don’t have this issue.
  • On iPhone (Safari), the black navigation bar does not work and the original browser footer bar should be hidden. Every thing is OK with Chrome on iPhone, there is no browser footer bar shown
  • It looks great on Android (4.0.4, Samsung Note) in all browsers (also Firefox and Chrome) but the keyboard does not appear in the contact form in all browsers.
Will there be a revised version available? Thank you very much, I like your work, looks great!


I just tested the above points on Firefox (windows 7 home edition), Safari (iphone 4s), Chrome (iphone 4s), and Chrome (Samsung Galaxy S2) – I was unable to replicate any of the issues. I estimate that some of the issues maybe a result to problem with setup, because the website needs to run over HTTP as it is completely AJAX based. Kindly try to check the same issues on my online website (live preview) and let me know.

It would help if I could get screenshots of certain issues you mentioned so I can help you out better. You can contact me via the author form so we can exchange emails.

In any case, I will help you fix whatever issues you may have to ensure that you have a bug-free website.


Nice colors, How many kb of the page? thanks

Thanks. The homepage is mobile-optimised to run over slow connections (3g). 400kb including the wallpaper.

Thanks for your reply. How big is the CSS file? I brought one temprate and the css file is about 85kbs and I minimise it to 65kbs. It still too big for me.

CSS file is 24kb without GZIP or minification.

Which template is best for kid’s entertainment? Also the fastest loading one.cheers

Hello, I would recommend Eyecandy for kids entertainment because you have full flexibility to have a fun filled wallpaper, possibility to use cartoonish & colorful icons (you can get free icons from iconfinder.com and many others), and at the same time, you can ensure full functionality between mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and also desktops/laptops.

As already mentioned, the website is only 400kb (because wallpaper size is large), which can further be reduced by using a simpler wallpaper (but no need to reduce further because 400kb is really very optimal).

All the best for your venture, feel free to contact me for any assistance/recommendation.

Nice template. I like the feel of it. I must say that it’s quite a challenge to customize it. The documentation does not offer much, especially in the technical part. If you do release more thorough documentation, please let me know. As it stands I’m going to try a different mobile template I just bought. When I have tons of free time (a free thing) I may come back to eyecandy. Perhaps the complexity is from the use of AJAX , but the bottom line is this is that after a couple of days I made zero progress customizing it. Cheers, mate.

Hello, thank you for purchasing.
I would like to highlight that the documentation contains step by step instructions on how to add automated-ajax links to other pages, how to add navigation items to home screen, how to add navigation items to side-menu which appears on tablets/desktops. The template also comes with around 15 html pages which should easily be self-descriptive on how each page should be made. The template has been rated by themeforest as “well documented” :).

I am sorry to know that you were not able to customise the template – what I suggest is that you contact me through the author contact form for any technical assistance and I’ll be sure to help out – I normally provide extensive and full-fledged support for my customers.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Merry Christmas!

Hi, as stated above, the fields in the contact form don´t work. No Keyboard is opening. I have the same error on your demo site, so please fix this.

you can test it here: http://app.wildenradt-media.de/WM-neu/index.html#contact


Sorry for getting back late, I am checking your issue. It would be great if you can follow up by email as per the documentation so I can respond quicker.


Please open the file js/script.js, and find the following line:

if (true || (App.Util.mobile.detect() && App.Util.mobile.detect() "android")) {

And replace it with the following line:

if ((App.Util.mobile.detect() && App.Util.mobile.detect() “android”)) {

That should fix it. I will make this update now to the uploaded source code as well.

Thanks and all the best with your website :)

Hi – This issue is fixed and the new code is updated. You can download the new code from your DOWNLOADS tab.

Allt he form inputs and form buttons don´t work on iphone. I´m not able to fill and send a form. please help me.

Hi – I’ve replied to your other comment.

Hi, It is a nice template and it works well. I have only some issues with desktop browsers. It works not with my Internet Explorer 9. Also not with you Live Demo page. is there a solution for this problem?


Apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We have updated the website on Themeforest and it will be online within 24 hours with the fixes.

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you. Can you please let me know what you have changed?


Kindly contact me via email as per documentation and I will let you know in detail as to what has changed. It will be easier in an email.


Really like how this looks. Question – is it possible to get the mobile version to show all the icons like in the desktop version? perhaps stacked?

Also, does this work with phonegap?


I think my other template would be useful for you for this purpose, please check it here: http://themeforest.net/item/androness-retinaready-mobile-template/3194008

You can easily change icon-images and wallpaper to make it look like Eyecandy.

If you still need the eyecandy template to work the way you want, I can customize it for you.

The templates are well-compatible with Phonegap, however, it will need phonegap experience from you to make it work.

Thanks for your interest.

Hello – did you decide? Thanks :)

Congratulations for the job!

One question, can I change the size or the font size of the Home Screen Menu Icons ????

i Think the text under the icons is too small for me.


Sorry, i forget another question :)

Can I change the splash screen duration (sec) ???

Hey there,

Thanks for purchasing!

Yes, you can easily change font options from the styles file located in the CSS folder. Regarding splash screen duration, you can change it in the JS file located in /js folder.

If you need specific assistance, do send me an email as per the documentation.

All the best.