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great work :) good luck with sales

Thanks, Anique!

I’m interested in purchasing. Question. How would I email these out?

That’s easy, don’t worry. After purchasing, all you have to do is choose your layout and replace the images and texts with your own contents.

When you’re done you can send the messages using your favorite email client (Thunderbird, Outlook etc.) in HTML mode (that’s important) or use a Mailing system, like phpList, ActiveCampaign 1-2All, MailChimp etc.

If this explanation was not clear please let me know if you have further questions. Feel free to contact me anytime. It will be a pleasure to assist you (really).

Another awesome release & this email template perfectly matches my need and i will buy it now …..

Once again thanks for this awesome release ….

Thanks Fluids Work

Thank YOU for your comments! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

Hello ,

Can you tell me that the images that are used in newsletter are needed to be host on some other server or i have to attache it to my news letter as i am using Thunderbird as a email client to send the newsletter so please can you help me out with this …....

and where to host the images using in the newsletter …...

Thanks Fluids Work


Ideally you should upload images to your own server but you can also use free image hosts, such as Flickr, PhotoBucket and Imageshack. Just be aware that they may have some limitations, like file size and limited bandwidth. Again, you are safer if you use your own server and upload your images to it.

IMPORTANT : images and links MUST always have full absolute paths. In other words, they must start with “http://”, otherwise they won’t work.

Let me know if this information is clear for you.


I would like to use your template as a promotional email to display a product instead of a newsletter. I will be saving it to my desktop and placing it in emails one by one. I would like to write a personal message in the email and under that have the template with pictures and pricing of the item. Would you advise using your template for this or just creating a custom html email?



Thanks for getting in contact. It’s a pleasure to read and answer your message.

Honestly speaking, this template (Ez News Newsletter Template) is very flexible. Since it comes with 12 different layouts, in 2 colors (dark or light), you can arrange your content in many different ways. This allows you to send many types of messages, from personal to promotional emails like yours.

You can insert your products’ images, description and prices along with your message, no problem at all. Just remember to upload the images to your server and to use full absolute paths (starting with “http://”) on graphics and links. This way your promotional emails will work perfectly.

If you have other doubts please contact me. I’m here to help.

Hello, i need newsletter template such as yours, but i need to produce PDF from it using PHP , please let me know if i am able to do it with this template? Is there any special PDF PHP library that i should use (I want to use TCPDF )?


This template is compatible to your needs, yes. And even if you find any problem just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help you.

TCPDF is a good PHP library for generating PDF files from HTML sources. But you should also consider using a command-line script, as it uses less resources and renders your PDFs files faster. Most known scripts are “wkhtmltopdf”, “htmltopdf” and “html2pdf”. Good luck!

@mmoraes Thank you very much for your suggestions


I am new here. I would like to purchase an Email template, but I have 2 questions:

1) Can I use this in Aweber? 2) Can I edit the template?

@dondre1992 Thank you for your message.

Yes, you can edit this template as you want.

You can use it on Aweber or any other Mailing platform. Feel free to customize it to your needs.

Thank you so much!!

Hey Moraes, I sent you an email regarding your availability to edit this template, but I have had no reply/response! Can you do this?

Hi, I just sent you a reply ;)

I am strongly considering buying this product. I am a bit of a novice with this. Does it come with any kind of an instruction file. Thank you.