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I’m apparently also too stupid, to use the same effect multiple times on one page. Can you let me know how to accomplish this?

Ofcours, i will email you this.


Please email me because i cant email you.


Is this theme working slow for anyone? In the preview it seems to be slow, not superfast like other templates.

Will buy if speed is not an issue.

Aslo, can the top graphic be made shorter? It uses up too much of the home page.


I think my host has some loading problems. Top graphic? You mean the slider?

edit: ow and i saved all of the graphic work in highres that can reduce the loading time a little bit

I Mark,

Do you have news about the new color variation for this theme?

Well once you bought the file you can send me true the contact form a messages so that i can see that you have bought the file, then i will created the color set, no problem:)

I Mark,

Its done. Need the invoice number?

I have seen it, i will create your color style tomorrow(its late here)I get back to you by email:)

Want to know when a file gets updated by email?

Hi Marc,

Very nice template, but i have only one problem.

I’m very very weak with photoshop so,i would like to know if it’s possible for you, to send me 4 serared psd files for this background the bg, bg-content, bg-header-slider, bg-stroke in one color of course.

I need this because i want to modify the width and height of this pictures.

I’m completely lost with the folder, there to many item.

So i need help on this please.


Please contact us true or profile page and we will help you, thank you.

I’d like to say that i receive a very good and fast service, i’m impresse.

Thank’s again Mark,


Hello. How do I make more than 3 sliders in the project page and make them all behave the same way (same transition)?


This is simple, open the main.js file and look for the .pro-cycle-1 class, change the transition, then open teh projects page and change the pro-cycle-x into pro-cycle-1