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Great work , Good luck with Sales

Any WP version?

Yes, WP version will be available next week.

Looks awesome, but I get serious “flickering” when browsing the template. OS X 10.8, latest Safari.

I don’t see it happen in my PC. I will check again but can you please check with other PC?

Hi Kopasoft,

I see that this website has a regular license and I’m not sure what license my needs would fit in. I really like your theme and would like to buy it to develop a website for a client of mine. It says that the end product must be “Use[d], by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.” The site will ultimately be for a company which will be selling products via the website. So does that mean that I cannot buy your website under the regular license? I’m just a regular college student, freelancer, with poor design skills but decent web development skills. I need a design which I can then power with Wordpress or drupal. But I wanna make sure that my client doesn’t end up sued by you or any third party. So, can I or can I not buy this template for a person or company which intends to sell products via this website template?


You can buy regular license to develop web site for your client but one purchase is for only one domain

Hi, are there any wp version in this nice layout?

Hi, It has been completed now. We will submit to themeforest and wait for their checking.

How long is the checktime? (waiting and waiting ;-) )

font awesome icons does not work on blackberry brwosers

Can the width be changed to accomodate 968px wide without breaking the top nav menu into a dropdown select box? My target audience I must go for montior resolution of 1024px


Yes, we can change it,


I cant get the twitter feed to work. I put the username in the jquery.tweet.js and the “loading tweets” message appears. But nothing loads.

Thanks for your help

Because Twitter stop that service so all the theme using this API stop working. We are still searching for alternative solution but not found yet. When we found, we will update the theme

I bought a copy of ez-news, but it seems not work. I had tried to upload the zip file to the theme install page or manually upload it to the server, both failed. Need help!


Are you using it for WordPress site? If so, you need to purchase http://themeforest.net/item/eznews-wordpress-theme/4686404 The template you have bought is HTML template that is not used for WordPress but a static website


Is there any chance to be updated the twitter feed widget? It doesn’t work, Also Can i ask You while all the icons such as social or calendar admin author icons are not displayed on the purchased version?

Thank You

Hello, OK, we will update for the twitter feed in next update. The icon doesn’t display because we have to remove the icon-font from the download as mention in the document. You can read the document and add icon font.

hello, No small icons demo site template path folder icons I’m getting a little Could you help me in this regard?

Can you please create a ticket on our website: http://kopatheme.com/submit-ticket/ to get support.

I opened a support ticket, thank you standing by

giao diên rat dep, nhung menu mobile ban co the ho tro toi lam giong dantri, thank

OK, after TET holiday, we can do it for you

Hi kopasoft! I need you edit menu mobile like this http://i.imgur.com/x4ZnJjT.png
if you live in Vietnam, contact me: “0939 558 336” or email: tancanthoit@gmail.com

Thanks you!

I like this theme. I just wish I knew how to close the accordion in the margin! :0/

Hi Perchopole,

Please go to open and edit file js/custom.js, find accordion area and insert some code as I hightlight below: https://gyazo.com/df48dc75a3c3934fa840d98a0bca5499 https://gyazo.com/519d98e594487f0161b0adcce4de43fa

Thank you. Kind Regards, Kopatheme Support Team.

Perfect. Thank you! :)

Hello, How to change left sidebar to right sidebar?


Hi 12obinmm,

Thank you for contacting us. Please change the CSS style from .col-b { float: right; } to .col-b { float: left; }

Thank you. Kind Regards, Kopatheme Support Team.