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Excellent Magazine Kopasoft!!!! Wish you many sales…;)

Awesome work! GLWS ;)

Very nice and clean! :)

Can’t get to the demo using IE. It goes to the page with the option of boxed or wide, but when you click on one of them, it won’t open the actual demo site.

Works fine with FF


It works at my PC, please tell me if it is OK now?

Not rendering in IE 10, works great in Chrome, FF and Opera.

I have just updated some CSS. Can you please check?

the page flickers on mac using safari, checkout the video http://youtu.be/dp2cDFnvi8o

Thanks for your theme. I am looking at using it to purchase for our magazine site. My questions is, does the theme have the ability to have multiple from pages. For example,

Home page: http://Stories.IllinoisState.edu and Magazine: http://stories.illinoisstate.edu/illinois-state/

Both page utilize the same elements but pull different content. And there a few other “front doors” we would like to roll out.

My second question is custom taxonomies. We utilize a few on our site. Will they work just like the categories?

Thanks in advance.


Here is my answer: 1) It is no problem with your first question but we need to remove the restriction to enable it. 2) Please tell me how does your site use custom taxonomies? By plugin or by your theme?

the site currently does the custom taxonomy by using a plug in that we built

If you know how to write PHP code and wordpress, it is easy to add custom taxonomy to the theme

Is there any way to add a subtitle to the posts page?

Please tell me where do you want the subtitle to be displayed. We can help you to add

Directly underneath the Headline

Please send me a message via profile page with screen capture and describe what you need.

How do you get the related post (category) to display on a single post. I have the option enabled but I don’t see it appearing anywhere on the single post.

Update is now available, please download the latest one.

That did the trick.

And if I could make a suggestion, It would be nice to have the related posts appear right after the tags and right before the next/previous articles.

Oh, and a huge, super thanks for the quick response.

Having trouble making gallery work, and or finding a light box gallery plug in. Want to page thru images, but can’t seem to make this work. Am I missing the documentation on that?


I am sorry, can you please describe as more details as possible your issue? I don’t understand well your question


When we try to create new posts that will be on the first page via widget Kopa Article List the text is to long. When we check a post from the demo content we installed the text “Autem sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.Ut wisi enim” is not in it, and just in the front page “widget”

What are we missing? When we try to do i new post the text is to long in the front page via widget, when we take a old post from the installed content, pop up text that is not in the main post.

Please help us.


Can you use the excerpt field?

Can you give me more what you mean?

We get it now, we did not understand at first, then we have in our own language, thanks for the help

Nice theme (from looking at the screenshot), but live preview isn’t working.

Also, any plans to make an HTML version of this ?

Is there a way to make the slider smaller and have both a left and right sidebar on the homepage? Also, can the slider be made to display only pictures without text? Thank you.

To have both sidebar on the homepage, we can provide customization service. You can display only pictures without text by adding some additional CSS

Hello! I just bought this nice theme. Great work. I have a question. How to edit this http://www.rimias.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/124.jpeg

Please wait, we will release the update soon.

it seem like is a problem with a letter http://www.rimias.com/category/teknologji/page(d)/2/ should be like this http://www.rimias.com/category/teknologji/page/2/ have to remove the (d) you have to modify the theme, i am waiting for the update

OK, we will release update soon

Hi, having problem with using shortcodes such as dropcap and the bullets are not working either. Any suggestions?

For dropcaps, I used: “[dropcaps]F[/dropcaps]or”. However, I used WP’s default unordered lists for the bullets.

Can you please post your question to our support forum http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/ez-news-wordpress-theme/ Our staffs will answer you Thanks