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Is it compatible with PhoneGap? Thanks

PhoneGap is compatible with anything! Please note that using any template of ours for any mobile store as an App requires an extended license. Not using one will result in a DMCA.

Ok, thanks but $500 is too expensive for a template. My opinion, obviously…

Considering you’ll be making profit from selling it as an app on a store, I disagree! My opinion too!

Very cool! GLWS! :)

Excellent work! Please advise how to change the default navigation color.

Sorry i meant how to change the default color scheme?

Hey there, did you check the documentation? There is a folder in the styles called color, in that folder you will locate all the CSS’s for the color schemes. Simply replace the current one in the head of the page with a new one! :)

The BxSlider will hang after several swipes on iphone 5. Have you had this kind of problem?

Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! I’ve tested this on my iPhone 5 and 5s, the “hang” you describe maybe from hitting the end of the images, as the slider does not have infinite rotation. Other than that it might just be the phone that’s loading data and images.

I have a couple of questions. I like this theme a lot but I see no mention of whether it works, or not on a tablet. You demo is only on a phone but your copy claims it works on “all major devices” how would I know? Would you please be more specific. Also, are you going to update and expand on this? Any roadmap? It’s a great theme but it feels a little neglected.

The title says it all actually. Ezos Mobile Retina.

Thanks for the quick reply. Any chance we could see a screenshot of a tablet? And do you plan updates, or not?

Hi, nice fluid template. Any pointers on how to use the BLOG’s in this template?

Being a template, the blog is manually updated! Thank you for your purchase! Sorry for the late reply, we were on holidays for 10 days!

if the app is used as a free app with no in-app purchases is it still required to have the extended license?

Hey there! Nope, you’ll have to purchase a default, regular license. Cheers! :)