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Hi, I have been trying to install this theme for 3 days now. I also opens a ticket in your support site but now response for 2 days. I installed this theme a year ago and it dint give me any problem but this time around its hell just to get it to work. Thanks

I also Have a wonderful Idea for your theme. Since your theme uses so much Ajax it would have been wonderful if we could have a media player at the bottom of the page that will play on any page you go on and if you click another audio file it starts to play in the player. It would be good to have playlist too. Thanks

Thank you for the great tip – we’ll take that into consideration, although can’t say right now if it will be implemented. Cheers!

Hi, there’s any update of the theme and documentation ? Cause they are from 2012 and it’s not posible do all that is showed on the demo, or if you have any guide of how to do that, please let me know, cause is imposible that you’re selling a outdated (Wordpress 3.3) theme like updated (Wordpress 4.2.4).


the last update is dated on 27 June 2015. The documentation, indeed, may be a bit outdated, as we’ve added some new options. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home by opening a ticket, and we’ll help you out gladly.

Have a great day!

I want to use this theme as a page on an existing blog where user can share photos with captions. Can you limit user generated content to just include photos with captions? Also, I would like user names to have the format First Name, Last INITIAL Is this possible?

Hi and sorry for the delayed response – we had some technical issues with the TF forum.

If the question is still up, please know that Facepress has options for enabling/disabling any front post type separately http://i.imgur.com/FcEcqzb.png

The name format I guess can be sorted out using a plugin or a simple functions.php custom function. Please let us know if we can help you with something else. Cheers!


Does support still alive?


Hello, Yes, of course, all you need to do in order to receive support is to open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home

is there a plan to give this theme an update? I use it for one of my long time sites and it needs to be updated to work best with the new wordpress version. Please let all of us that use the theme know. Thanks!!

Hi contivision,

Our demo is running on the latest WP version and no issues were reported so far. Let us know exactly what doesn’t work well for you so we are able to fix it.

Hello, I would be interested in purchasing zour theme, however I’m a little afraid it might not work, because of all the facebook content. Most of your visitors will be from within china mainland.

can you send us some example sites that are using the theme to check?



I’m not sure I’m allowed to post user’s sites but here are just some random examples: http://autograf-workshops.fr/ http://inspiration.theownerbuildernetwork.co/

What do you mean by facebook content?

Hi This is a good theme can you give me a link to a demo where i can see the the following features community building features ..such as feature to follow other users , member area – personal setting, profile,

Do members have a archive of their post along with the comments associated with from other users for thier posts

Does this theme support self hosted videos can i see a sample video in order to see the video playing format

is this theme compatible with drag and drop content/ layout builders (which one would you suggest)



I really apologize for the delayed reply!

Here are the credentials to log in: Username: cireasa Password: test123

Unfortunately to incorporate these following features to Harpoon theme would require too much code changing. It is also a personal customisation kind of request that our support team is not responsible of.

Beste regards,


Hi thanks for your reply just a few final queries.. 1. Could you increase the height of the small welcome header area in your theme after i purchase it.. i want to use this area permanently in the homepage.. for a combination of text with background image.. or a slider of image and text.. Will this be possible?

2 Do you have any plans for updating to make the theme high resolution and widget ready… (high resolution has become the norm these days) and widget ready helps customization…

besides these aspects … facepress is a good conceptual theme

I would really appreciate your positive and prompt reply on these matters…

thanks and regards


1. Yes, of course we can help with the height. Just open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home

2. I’m not sure about the high resolution but the theme has already widgets that you can use easily

Thank you for your appreciation and sorry again for the delay!

Best regards, Anna

I bought your templete years ago,... I installed today, do I need to know somehting? updating or anysort? i re downloaded from themforest. was updated?

mmm I mean I downloaded today, is that the latest version? I bought 3 /4 years ago.

ThemeForest’s Download section always contains the latest version.

;) cool, thank you very much! you are super kind!

I bought your templete years ago,... I installed today, do I need to know somehting? updating or anysort? i re downloaded from themforest. was updated?

I bought your templete years ago,... I installed today, do I need to know somehting? updating or anysort? i re downloaded from themforest. was updated?

here the website undercostruction www.hosteastcoastsicily.com how I change the logo facepress?


You need to navigate to Theme Settings – Styling and choose Image logo. Then use the below uploader. Here’s a screenshot attached: http://i.imgur.com/mYAv6BT.png

By the way, please renew your support subscription should you wish to ask anything else.


I need to add some scripts before close the code:

</ body > </ html >

Which file should I edit? I mean, where I can find this code lines…



You can add your scripts in ‘body.php’ file located in your theme folder -> lib -> classes.

Is this theme able to be integrated with buddypress?

Hi, unfortunately no.

Hi, I don’t want to use buddypress for an multiperson portfolio site, so your theme looks great. How is the speed off the site? Do you have any experience with integrating Learndash?

Thank you!


The speed is overall good, here’s the latest performance test: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/DUQXD/http://demo.cosmothemes.com/facepress/ Unfortunately, we’ve never tested the theme with Learndash. If you happen to own the plugin we can install the theme on your server so we can run a few tests as well.

That sounds perfect. I own the plugin so if you can test it for me and also the speed when its installed on my own server. Whats the best way to give you the credentials?

Thank you!

not working perfect with mobile :(