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for Code Quality

The site is extremely heavy...I lost a customer because of you.Even after hosting the website on the best of servers the site was EXTREMELY SLOW.Not recommended at all!

Author response

That's disappointing to hear as the theme is extremely fast on our server. Did you submit a support ticket at all?

for Design Quality

Response to:

"Author response
Hi - your support period expired 3 years ago. In order to keep developing the theme and providing timely support to customers you need to update it. That's all."

I didnt ask for a customer support and didnt seek for any help for personal things. I shared you a problem with the theme and advised you to update the theme as a theme user since 3 years. But instead of you are checking my suggestion, you directly responded as "renew support".

As a user, i am doing something good: Sharing with you a theme problem to fix for your future customers. But you consider it that i want a customer support and sending email to renew support. When i wrote a bad comment about your attitude, you deleted my review. Again, i made anothor review and you responded again that my customer support period expired 3 years ago and keeping order to develope, i need to renew my support but you cannot fix the problem till i renew my support.

instead of 41.13$ renewal amount, i pay 59$ and buy a beter theme after your attitude for your customers who is making a suggestion for you to make your theme beter.

Well done boys. Congrats, you are loosing your customers.

Author response

Look - it's very simple. You can write as many reviews as you like. If you have an issue - then you need to have an up to date support plan. It's the only way we can afford to maintain the theme and support our customers.

for Customizability

Thank you for this theme.

I like that it was easy install especially important that the process was quick not loading all the times like it happens with other themes.

Thank you for so many customization options. Keep doing great job.

Good luck with sales.

Author response

Thank you!

for Flexibility

Great theme, Make everything prepared. Incase you not notice, they even include child theme folder in download files!
And support is very quick response! GOOD JOB! THANK YOU!

Author response

Thank you :)

for Other

Very very very good theme.
Under all points of view!

Author response

Thanks so much!