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Hello, This template seems to disable the the zoom-in / zoom-out gesture with 2 fingers on mobile devices. I tested it with both Android & iPhone. Can you please show me how to enable it? Sometimes the content is too small for the viewers, so this function is critical. Thank you.

Your support is not good. My questions is posted for 8 days without any response.

I have to pay only once per license? or I have to pay the license only for a period of time ?

You would only pay once per license. That would include all the possible future updates.


I do have couple questions before purchase this one please

1. Will you give me source code so that I can add/customize on top of what we have already?

2. Is there any copyright or reserve issue like.. if I use this template then always I need to post/write your copyright info or not?

Please let me know so that I can take decision …

Hi there,

1. Yes, CSS, PHP and JS codes are all included in your downloaded package. There’s also a child-theme prepared to modify the theme without making any changes in core files so you can always update your theme without losing any of your customization.

2. By purchasing a regular license you’re allowed to use it for an end user. Either if it’s you or anyone else. You don’t have to mention any copyright info.


I bought this theme yesterday and i really love it. Already start to add links in the sidebar, create new page and a multi-lingual interface.

Nevertheless, the librairies (aka dependencies) are really outdated. For a 16$ theme, i think we can ask for an updated version ? The theme had already one year and half ! Especially, for font awesome, i need some new icons and it seems a little tricky to update it manually..

Can you help me ?

I will start with three stars, because the theme is outdated, and move to 5 if i have a correct answer to my problem.

Thanks you and congrats for this awesome theme.


Koshinin, as here, i need to use the same username and give my purchase code :-) Can’t activate my account :)

I just sent you a new password and activated your account. Please check your email.

Perfect, thanks for your quick answer :-)


I recently bought your faculty app its really nice but I found this issue.

In mobile device, the rightside page is not smoothly scrolling up/down. its scrolling bit by bit till my finger movement. Could you please tell me how to make normal and smoother movement ?

Kindly reply back this is urgent please


i have not received any reply from you.. please reply me… how to make page scroll – up /down as smoother???

Please report this at our forum. http://knb.owwwlab.com/forums/ Our team will look into it and try to fix it.

I need to email you about how to use the code for the publications page in my own design. I have already bought one license and will buy another.

Hi there,

You can contact us through our profile page.

Is there a list of technical requirements for this template to display properly, when I upload to a school server?

Generally the answer is No there is not any technical requirement regarding server. This is a package of HTML/CSS/JS and any webserver can serve it to visitors. In case you are facing any difficulties we will be glad to assist you if you could register an account in our support forum.

I really like the product; however, it seems it does NOT work on WP. /is there any solution for that? Based on the previous comment, about a year ago, you promised that it will be ready for WP in a month. I guess we already passed 12 month! What should I do? Thanks

Hello there,

The WordPress version is a separated product and is available in following link:


Does it mean that I have to buy it again? How about this one that I already bought?

HTML version and WordPress version are two separated product for different purpose. Unfortunately if you need WordPress version you have to purchase it.

Pre Sale Question -

In HTML version – Contact Form and Google Map missing.. Can you please implement this—

Hello there,

Thanks for your comment. We will add a more conventional contact page with elements you mentioned in next versions. At the moment we might be able to provide the necessary codes in order to achieve that. Please create a ticket in our support center after purchasing and we will continue this discussion. Please include the url of this comment in your ticket: http://themeforest.net/author_dashboard#comment_11921729


Is it possible to add the template a blog? Thanks

Hello there,

Please check the WordPress version of the Faculty theme if you need a fully functional blog. Here is the link:


Can I have this template working on two languages?

Hello there,

This is the HTML version of Faculty. It’s just plain HTML/JS/CSS codes and can not be installed in WordPress.

If you need a multilingual website I recommend using the WordPress version which is compatible with WPML for having multilingual websites:


Hi -

Your support system will not accept my purchase code////

I bought your HTML theme and would now like to upgrade to the Wordpress one.

Is there any way to do this without buying the theme again? – Can I just pay the difference between the HTML and WP one (maybe send you the $27? Thanks

Hello There,

HTML and WordPress versions are two different products and they can not be upgraded to another version. If you purchased the HTML version by mistake, please try contacting Envato support. Envato handles transactions and refunds so they might refund you for the HTML purchase.

My politician boss is like that theme :) GJ!

I love this template and want to use it. BUT I don’t know how. I must use an html template because the university doesn’t allow wordpress for security reasons. Can you point me to some guidance on how to edit it? Thank you so much!

Hello there,

Thanks for your comment.

Editing a HTML template is a relatively easy job as far as you don’t need to make too much customization. You can use any text editor to edit the content but I suggest “Sublime Text”. If you had any issue or question about it, we will be gladly available to help. Just create a ticket in our support center:


Is the left-hand panel customizable? I would like to have there two or three more items (like Presentations, Foreign Stays) and I want to make sure that these can be included.

Hello there,

Yes it’s a regular menu and you can easily add new items to it.

I’m a bit noobie, but I just loved the theme so is it possible to install in in my blogger? I have a domain (tsavkko.com.br) that I direct to my blog (from blogger)... Can I just change the HMTL on the blog settings and that’s it?

Hello there,

Thanks for your comment but unfortunately this is a HTML template and can not be installed on blogger

Would this theme work in a WP multisite environment? (edit – sorry, meant to leave this for the WP version – will post there).

Hello there,

Yes, the WordPress version can be used in a multisite environment.


In the “Publications” section, how the document information is added? is there any converter from .bib file to the HTML version or do we need to add document information, one by one, on the HTML file?


Hello there,

Unfortunately, you will need to add them one by one.

Hi, I am trying to update the theme (which is on 2.0.1) as the version of Visual Composer ( is not compatible with my version of Wordpress (4.8). I downloaded the files from my account but it doesn’t seem to contain the theme. There are two folders in the archive, “v2.1” and “v3.0”, which seem to contain documentation and examples but no theme. Can you advise on where I can download a more recent version of the theme (including a more recent version of Visual Composer) so that my site becomes functional again? Thank you.