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Faculty - Responsive Academic WordPress Theme

Faculty - Responsive Academic WordPress Theme

HTML version is available

Single page

This is the WordPress version of Faculty theme and it can be used to build personal page for academic people. It is special for being:

  • Designed for an online cv of professors and PHD students
  • New and novel page structure and tranisition and yet responsive
  • Simple and informative blog design



  • Fully Responsive
  • Unique page navigation
  • Ajax and normal pages navigation
  • Specialized Drag & Drop Page builder
  • Modified visual composer (25$ worth)
  • Two custom page types
  • 30+ Theme options
  • Well documented
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Parallax effects
  • Mobile nav
  • Specific design for publications
  • Beautiful carousel
  • Dedicated support
  • Easy customization
  • 6 pre-defined color styles
  • even more…

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Hubble theme



v 3.12.0 – 15 Oct 2017

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.2
- Updated Visual composer Plugin to v5.4.2
- Added new ordering settings for publication vc shortcode 

v 3.11.1

- Updated Visual Composer to v 5.2.1
- Compatible with WP 4.8 
- Publication single page won't show the thumbnail if there is no featured image for it. 
- Fixed some minor bugs

v 3.10.0 – 10 June 17

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.8 
- Updated Visual composer Plugin to v5.1.1 
- Removed the deprecated automatic theme updater and added the Envato Market Plugin. From now on, you can use this plugin to auto-update faculty theme. 
- Fixes a bug regarding publication ordering 
- Adds description to lab carousel element

v 3.9.0 – 12 JAN 17

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.7 
- Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v 5.0.1 
- Updated Option tree plugin to 2.6.0 
- Updated TGMPA to 2.6.1 
- Added featured image for pages 
- Added Sidebar background image at theme options > Miscellaneous 
- Added Publication header image at theme options 
- Added Link option for education element 
- Added Link option for position element 
- Fixed publication link issue 
- Fixed mobile menu   

v 3.8.0 — 17 September 16

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.6.1
- Updated Visual composer Plugin to v4.12.1
- Added Publication single page
- Added a new Publications Element to Visual Composer
- Fixed some minor issues

v 3.7.0 — 11 July 16

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.3
- Updated Visual composer Plugin to v4.12.0
- Updated Optiontree to v2.6.0
- Updated Font-Awesome to v4.6.3
- Updated Magnific Popup to v1.1.0
- Updated Academicicons
- Fixed Ajax problem
- Fixed some minor issues

v 3.6—21 Apr 16

- Updated Visual Composer Plugin to
- Compatiblilty with WP 4.5
- Updated screenshot
- Added academicons to visual composer
- Added google scholar social icon to theme options
- Fixed some minor issues with elements
- Updated Documentation file

v 3.5.4—01 Feb 16

- Updated Visual Composer Plugin to 4.9.2 
- Compatibility with WP4.4
- Fixed a bug when Education level was empty

v 3.5.3—09 Oct 15

- Updated Visual Composer Plugin to 4.7.4
- Fixed Default publiucations ordering
- Fixed Sidebar footer theme option

v 3.5.2—31 July 15

- Updated Visual Composer Plugin to 4.6.2
- Added Envato Theme Updater
- Updated Documentation file
- Fixes Pagination at single blog posts
- Minor fixes

v 3.4.0—26 June 15

- Updated Visual Composer Plugin to 4.5.3 
- Updated PrettyPhoto for security 
- Fixed Responsive Single Images 
- Improved Sidebar Menu at Mobile devices 
- Fixed side-to-side scroll of pages 
- Updated Documentation file

v 3.3.1—5 May 15

- Added demo 2 :
- Added a child theme for demo2 to package
- Added sample XML data for demo2 to package

v 3.3—29 April 15

- Updated TGM, for security
- Updated OptionTree for security
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.5
- Added: Pagination for publications
- Added: Featured Image for publications thumbnails
- Improved: projects are not toggle-able if they have no content
- Fixed: blog categories fist post 
- Fixed: vc twitter js 
- Fixed some texts which were not translatable.
- Fixed: mobile menu width

v 3.2—19 Feb 15

- Updated visual composer to 4.4.2
- Fixed blog categories and tags page
- Fixed order by year for publications
- Fixed file removal at publications
- Added Github to social icons

v 3.1.5—01 Jan 15

- Updated Visual composer to v 3.4.5

v 3.1.4—08 DEC 14

- Fixed blog index ajax bug
- Fixed blog navigation bug on single pages
- Added Google Fonts to theme options
- Fixed scroll based animations in ajaxed pages

v.3.1.2—2 oct 14

- quick css change to sliding pages z-index

v.3.1.1—9 sep 14

- Fixed list-icon shortcode
- Fixed interests shortcode
- Added admin bar to front-end
- Updated the layout of blog sidebar

v3.1.0—03 Sep 14

- Fixed Blog ajax minor bug
- Fixed skillbars
- Fixed fancy scrollbars

v3.0.1—02 Sep 14

**                       NOTICE                                                                  
**          Please read the documentation before update                                                                         
**             Before you update the theme, 
**      Deactivate and delete the Visual Composer Plugin                  
- Added WPML compatibility 
- Added a page-template with wigetized sidebar
- Added unlimited sidebars capability through theme options
- Updated Visual Composer to latest Version
- Added New shortcodes to Visual Composer
- Added TGM support; now all required plugins will be installed automatically
- Added new theme options
- Fixed present filtering on publications
- Fixed in-line styles of visual composer for ajax pages
- Fixed some minor bugs reported by customers
- Documentation updated
- Removed perfect scroll bar and now theme is using nicescroll jQuery plugin
- Added Search result page 

v2.0—17 May 14

** NOTICE ** please read the documentation before update

- Update for wp 3.9
- Child theme compatibility fixed
- Added a child theme structure to the package
- Added submenu
- Added an option to hide/unhide the profile picture (logo) for mobile devices
- Added some extera text size and color as theme options
- Social icons bug fix for new tab
- Added ordering feature for publications
- Added counts for each publication type
- Added HTML editor for shortcodes (awards,interests,positions)
- Enhanced blog layout for mobile devices
- Lab carousel now support less that 4 items


        - a quick fix at functions.php 

- v1.5—27 March 14

- publication drop-down is fixed.
- publications sort by date, fixed.
- multiple category for publications, fixed.
- alternative filter layout added to publications page. You can switch between layouts from theme options now. 
- publication details (content) can be empty now.
- added alternative compact layout for publications. You can switch between layouts from theme options now.
- preset filtering on page load of publications added.
- awwards accordion bug fixed.
- visual composer plugin updated ~ default project image will be used if no image is selected.
- blog single sidebar bug fixed.
- Now you can choose if you want to load blog post via ajax or nor via theme options.
- social icons black-box fixed.
- 10 social icons available now.
- added copyright text as a theme option. 
- sidebar picture is linked to homepage.
- fancy scrollbars are now optional you can enable/disable it.
- circle wrap around the profile picture is optional now.

- v1.4—25 February 14

** CAUTION ** back-up your project descriptions first, after update to 1.4 you will have to re-fill project descriptions

- documentation updated
- stellar.js depricated and removed
- sidebar responsive bug fixed
- analytics code fixed
- publications upload button bug fixed
- visual composer : image for single award is optional now
- visual composer : year filed for single position is optional now
- visual composer : lab carousle's link is optional now
- visual composer : lab carousel's hyperlink text is configurable now
- visual composer : single project bug is fixed and now accepts images and hyperlinks as well

v1.0—11 February 14

 -initial release

v1.2—13 February 14

 - Menu ajax pages fixed
 - Ajax-disabled publication and gallery templates fixed
 - Documentation updated

v1.3—17 February 14

- thumbnail.png changed
- facebook share fixed
- twitter sahre added
- some color options fixed
- po file updated
- added thumnails to blog list (optional)