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Ave just bought the theme installed it but cant set it up to be like the demo you had please assist.

Hai @ zeedaddy. Thank you for your purchase and feedback, but I cannot see purchased tag against your name. Please login from the account that you used to buy the theme so that I may assist you.

dzogary is my user name and now I am currently log into it please assist Where can i Add the donate and shop fuctions ,the slider events and the rest just like how the Demo was

How can I add the Shop page??

And shop and to cart to buy the different products please reply

Hai @ dzogary. Thank you for your purchase and feedback.

1: You can enable the donate function from theme option-> Header section. To get shop on your site make sure that you have well installed the woo commerce plugin to your site. The will also be control from theme option settings.

2: You can change the logo from the theme options header section as well.

3: You have to create a page of shop & use short code on it. I suggest you to please follow the documentation which is inside the theme folder, You will get the exact way to complete your site.

can i update to wordpress 4.3.1

Hai @ opingus1. Thank you for your purchase. Please wait till you receive official notification of update. Update when you receive email from Envato to update theme.

Thanks for your help ealier Chimpstudio. 1.Now I can’t get my home page?As is the case in the demo ,When I click on any page on the menu I see the home page just below the menu on my right as a small word “Home” to go back to home but cant get it on the Menu? 2.My Listen to podcast prayer wall, and listen to latest services are not link to their respective articles but rather when clicked am taken to the podcast,testimonies and prayers of the demo version . Please help ,many thanks

You can use any third party plugin for your required functionality. Thank you

My stageshow plugin doesnt show on my Cinema page iwanna make it appear on the G/Cineplex page to include all the options please help

Please contact your stageshow plugin support.They can help you with your query best .As we can’t provide you support of any third party plugin.Thank you

It says the last update was 10 July 15, however your change logs are back from December 2014?

Has there not been any other updates since then, as the slider stopped working when I updated Wordpress last time and had to roll back?

Hi @ Connor25. Thank you for purchasing one of our theme and providing your feedback. It was last updated in July 2015. However, change log has not been added as the update contained compatibility with wordpress and some minor fixes. I will get it added though.

Can we update to Wordpress 4.31?

Yes, you can update to latest wordpress, but make sure you keep back up of your site before updating to the latest WordPress.


jeffsz Purchased

How can I translate the entire theme, some PT-BR mo or po file available for download?

Hi, I have a very basic question to start with: is there a documentation / detailed manual for the theme Faith? Where can I find it? Thanks – Agnes

Hi @khpbudapest, Thank you for purchasing our theme, Yu can find theme ’s documentation with in theme’s package that you had downlaoded from theme forest, Extract the package to find documentation folder that will help you setup your site easily. Thank you :)

Please let us know how do we configure image in services short code, the default short code is :

services Detail/content [service-item icon=”fa-cog” title=”Service Title 2” link=”service_url”] Detail/content [/services] Inline image 1

Please help with the code to display the images and not the icons. I have raised a ticket [#760715] with chimpgroup unable to get satisfactory response.

Hi @wmkakola, Your admin details are requested on support, please follow your ticket to help you with your query. Thanks!

Hi, I’m interested in this template. Will you give support long time? Considering it was created on 2014

Hi @Pabloste, Thank you for your interest in one of our theme. We are giving 6 months support as per Envato Support Policy. You may extend your support up to 12 months by purchasing extended license for support. Cheers!

Thanks!.... But my question was about updates to the theme. Are you thinking to make improvements for long time to this theme?

And I will buy it…. The theme is perfect …. really beautiful.

We are supporting this theme and will keep supporting it. Thank you for your kind suggestion and feedback.

Does this theme work with Wordpress 4.5.2?

Hi @ plauss. It supports wordpress till 4.4.1. Thank you


can you please help me with WPML? I can’t find where to translate Custom Copyright in footer for my second language? I search WPML strings but without success….

So, your theme is not fully multilingual ready…

Could you please contact support team and discuss with them where you are facing issue? They will assist you with this issue. Thank you. :)

I contacted support, but they told me the same…

“Copy right text is not translatable because it is generated dynamically. So, It will be displayed in the same language which has been added by you.”

So conclusion is that theme is not multilingual ready!

Hi I recetnly purchased your theme, trying to upload my logo and it doesn’t get uploaded, although it doesn’t give me any error message. Please assist

Hi @dinit, Please email me from profile page on theme forest, where we can create ticket for you. Thanks!


Hi Anna-smith I sent an email yesterday as you said but i still didn’t receive any response. Please assist urgently as this matter is quite urgent. Thank you

Hi @dinit, Keep following you will be replied shortly over there.


Hi such a great theme, pls I want to buy this theme today and use for my religious organisation, but I wish to know if I can add an image to the header of the theme because they organisation really insists on that. Thanks..waiting

I also wish to know if someone can select their preferred language at the front end and the web page is automatically translated


anna-smith Author Team

Hi @cuibberakah, Thanks for your kind interest in one of our theme! Header image can be added using little code customization. WPML plugin is recommended for multilingual websites.


I also wish to know if someone can select their preferred language at the front end and the web page is automatically translated


anna-smith Author Team

Hi @cuibberakah, Yes, Faith theme supports WMPL plugin for multilingual site. :)

Something is wrong with the homepage slider, even on the preview of this theme it is the same. it use to work and now my home page slider does not work. any thoughts?


anna-smith Author Team

Hi @ericjmcgarr, Thanks for notifying, it will be resolved soon.

I see the preview site slider has been fixed, what do I need to do to correct the homepage slider on my website? Thanks for the help


anna-smith Author Team

Hi @ericjmcgarr, You can add your own images in slider section.