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Can I get a demo download? We are a startup NGO looking to purchase but need a bit more evaluation on certain features and functionality.

A &B : These option is not given. C. Yes, it is possible. E: Yes, it is possible to resolve by uploading high resolution images. F: The option is not given G: It can be linked with any custom link, facebook or any other. H: Yes, it is possible to add page. I: You can use any third party plugin for the event calender. J: Yes, it is possible to fix the scroll issue.

Can we get a money back guarantee if we cannot get the theme to meet our requirements? Possible a defined time period to work with the theme and see if we can make the functional adjustments. I know the theme is not much $$, but we are in startup and every dollar and hour of effort counts.

I am not able to process refunds at my end as ENVATO has not given this liberty to authors. They do this at their end. So I am unable to give you MONEY back guarantee. :) We have 30 purchases so far for this theme and I am sure all of them are having good time with theme.

Nice theme. One pre sales query.

Thank you for the input but where can i see your query please? :)

Hi there, is your theme not compatible with IE8 and earlier options? what issue will occurred for those browsers? I’m interested to buy your theme.

Also the logo tag line is not looking responsive on smartphone

It supports IE9 and above. It has been mentioned with the theme for client’s ease and clarity. I have checked logo and it is working fine at my end. Please provide the screen shot of the issue.

Hi, I like your theme, one question before I but it: Can I change backround? I would like to change it to a image. It’s possible from admin backend?

Best Regards,

Thank you for your like. Yes, you can use image as a background for your site in this theme.

All pleasure is mine.

Good support. Responsive. Thank you.

Glade to see things fine for you. Thank you for acknowledgement.

Really great support with prompt and helpful responses. You have the same customer service support rep which helps from having to repeat the issue =)

Thank you for acknowledgement. I am glade we have a good, smooth and strong business relation. I hope you get time to put rating as well ;)

Really great theme! Honestly one of the best I have ever purchased!!!! Quick question – where can I find the icon codes for things like the service-icon-s – I couldn’t find it in your documentation-

I.e – I am looking to change – “fa-play” to something more relevant.

service-item icon=”fa-play” title=”Photo Galleries” link=””

Thank you very much!

Thank you for such nice words. You can fine icon codes here

Hi.. This theme contains a lot of bug. When i was trying to put  (html code for space) in code . Whole page layout gone and throwing warning and fatel error which is given below: Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [simplexmlelement.—construct]: Entity: line 2: parser error : Entity ‘nbsp’ not defined in… Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘String could not be parsed as XML’ in….. Warning: Division by zero in /wp-content/themes/faith-theme/include/short_code.php on line 154

Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and link where you a re facing the issue. Support team will look into the issue for you.

Hi Author,

How to make different colour of each service box which is present on right side of slider?

you can achieve this functionality by making modifications in style.css. For further advancement, rather you have to do it or please contact any developer, as this is custom work and you need some developer to work on it.

the way its been coded its not possible to make it different colours and customise. I must say not an easy theme to work on even by developer ! you must improve on this part!

It has been build by developers and I am sure they always work the way that suits them the best. However, your suggestion is not ignored and is already under discussion. We will consider it for sure for future.

How do I setup the service box options to the right side of the slider on the home page.

You just need to put short code for it in theme options. Just go to CS Appearance > Theme Options Home page settings > services and put the code here.

GREAT THEME! I’m just wondering how to change “weekly newsletter” to just “newsletter”. I can’t find anything in the docs about this.

Great! One last question. I go to create an events page and I use the page builder but it’s only putting in my blog posts instead of the events. Am I missing a step?

I have since deleted the page, and created a new “events” page and used the page builder and selected “events” and it still doesn’t work. What gives?

Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and url. Support team will look into the issue and will sort it right for you.

How is FAQs set up? I don’t seem to see where the plugin or option is for that page as well as the STAFF set up? Can you please advise? Thanks! Our customer really loves this theme.

There are short codes for these two things. For staff, there is short code of TEAM, for FAQ, there is ACCORDIAN short code. Use them and they will be there on your site. If you still feel some issue, please create a ticket at and explain your issue with login details and password. Things will be set up right for you.

What is the full short code to add a service??? cannot find it anywhere

The short code for services is as follows;
[service-item icon="fa-thumbs-up" title="Prayer Wall" link=""]
[service-item icon="fa-microphone" title="Listen to Podcost" link=""]
[service-item icon="fa-play" title="Our Latest Service" link=""]

How do I change the order of events to show earliest event date first? For example I want the list to show:

Earliest Date May 1st . . . . Latest Date May 25th

Please create a ticket at and provide your url and login details. Support team will look into the issue and will sort it for you.

1. how do i change the link on the donate button to an actual url? instead of the pop up window?

2. what files do i edit to put actual text inside the top header?

1. Pop up is related to paypal, it redirects automatically to the paypal. 2. Go to header.php file and change the text you want.

i went into the header.php and i cant find where to change from the pop up to an actual url.. please provide some assistance as soon as possible.

You need to send me your demo link at along with your login details. I will look into the site and will better able to help you. Also, refer this communication there too for quick response.

my logo and other header items are not centering anymore on mobile/when site is resized? how can i fix this?

Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and live url. The issue will be looked into and resolved.

Hi, am am working with your template, great by the way! I have two quick questions. 1. Where in the style.css can I change the background color and rollover color for the service boxes?

2. How can I change the colours of the lines that are at the beginning and bottom of the page?

Hope you can help me! Thanks

Thank you for nice words. 1. in shortcode.css located in css folder at line number 1713 2. in style.css line number 291 file located in theme root.

Quick question – I’m struggling to set up the staff page. I cant seem to locate how you’ve achieved yours. Thanks!

Awesome theme buy the way!

Have you imported dummy data? We have provided team page in our dummy data. Just import dummy data and get team page from there.

Hi, the zig-zag style on the top edge of main section of page is inverting its triangles – on some browsers (namely opera) especially when zooming. Is it possible to fix the stylesheets to be more robust or make the edge curves steady i.e. non inverting? p.s. could not open a ticket (valid purchase code “not valid”? I find this the only alternative way to contact chimpstudio…) We really need the fix for this.

Please send your login details an url by using contact form on my profile if you are not able to create ticket. Also provide link of the pages where you are facing issue.

Hello. What plugins are being used in the demo?



Woo-commerce,Contact Form 7 , Wpml These Plugin are used in demo.

Best Regards