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Any plans to add a login screen?

Sure, I can do this.

I added a login form and it is now just waiting to get approved. You can view a preview of it by clicking on live preview.

The update has been approved and the login page is now included, re-download the package if you had already purchased.


i am new in this – how can I use your admin and conect it with a html site? I mean how can I use this admin and integrate it in my already built website?



Does your current website have a admin area? If so it should just be as simple as re-skinning your previous admin area.

Thanks, Mike

Can you explain how the menu works? In the live demo, clicking any link outside the ‘Examples’ menu re-opens the Examples menu, for example; I’m in ‘Articles’, click a link, ‘Articles’ closes, and ‘Examples’ opens

This happens because the links for articles are just pointing to the index page since this is a demo. In your live version it would obviously link to the article pages.

You can also set a property “navigation: true” under $(”#menu”).accordion in the falcon.js file.

You can also read the documentation for the accordion menu here http://jqueryui.com/demos/accordion/

The demo doesn’t work for me This webpage is not available.

Ya I am currently having issues with the company I colocate my servers with. It seems they have not paid their bills and I have to work with the legal deptartment of the companies data center they are in. I hope to have this cleared up asap.

It works now , thanks ! Very nice template Mike

Hi Mike,

I wonder if your theme could be used as a navigation menu with sliding effect: is it possible to open the according slider on page load?

I.e. clicking on a link in a submenu loads a new page AND the clicked submenu stays open (and maybe the link is highlighted?).

chears – troy1


Sorry for the late reply. Ofcourse anything is possible but myself personally have no plans to add this functionality myself.

Best, Mike