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How easy is it to incorporate these templates into visual studio and aspx pages/master pages?

Sorry for late reply. Its is just a html template and it is very easy to use with aspx.

Hi there That’s a wonderful theme. But i would like to know if the theme can be configured to have only one left nav? just the menu on the left and no icons.

Other themes i have purchased usually have a class like “no-sidebar”, does your theme come with this?


I got your point. I will do that and I will give an update as soon as possible. Thanks

Can the far left Nav & icons be removed and the site chart be removed. I will not need or use these items.

Thanks for your message. That is very easy to remove from html.

I am interested in this template. but I need to know how to install it on Joomla 2.5. It is compatible? be changed?

Hello, this theme have support for Bootstrap 3? thanks!

I am working on it. Hope I will give an update soon. Thanks

I have purchased, but could not download, always stuck in around 50%. How can I do?

This is not issue here. Please contact with envato support if your still facing this problem.

Thanks for the reply, I try many browsers and download many times that success finally. Seems it is relative to the stability of the net speed.

Please let me know when you can have a bootstrap 3 upgrade version.

I am working on it. I will update it as soon as possible.

El producto da un error al cargar el demo:

Bitdefender blocked this page The page you are trying to access contains Trojan.Script.232927



I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

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Sorry for may late reply. Actually I was working with another team that’s why I did not reply. Now I am back again :) and from now you can get me here. Thanks

Great one I love it !;

Does the Left Navigation reloads with the entire site? or does it only loads the content (right side) only?

Sorry I did not understand. Can you please explain me more. Thanks

I just need it to load only content section, lets say I click on Forms, instead of loading the enter page again, can it just load the content area {body}, instead of loading the {header} and {left navigation}.

Thanks for the reply.

No I did not provide any ajax loading but you can make it easily by your self. Thanks

Hello, can you do the setup and make some adjustments ? A special fee along with, of course, greetings from turkey musty_soyturk@hotmail.com.tr

Sorry for may late reply. Actually I was working with another team that’s why I did not reply. Now I am back again :) and from now you can get me here. Thanks

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just bought it, and does not look same demo, where is the dashboard page same as the demo =??

no, the last paginationg stuff is not there

Oh! Sorry that is actually a part of Falgun-Admin-v1.1/html/main-theme/search-page.html this page. Please go this page bottom and here have those tables. I put those tables in home page for demo. Hope you understand. Thanks

yes, there it is.. thank you….

Hi we have been using this for over 2 years now and its a wonderful template..- any chance you will update the template? for bootstrap 3? Appreciate your help.

Thanks for your message and I am very glad to know that you are using my template for over 2 years. I have a plan to update it in next month. Actually I am working on a new admin template that will release next month first week and then I will start update for Falgun. And Definitely I will update the template.

Hi Westillan, hope you can help update we really like your template and want to use it further…happy to support you by making a contribution too…appreciate your upgrading to bootstrap 3 or even 4 if possible…many thanks

Thanks for your message. I am converting the template to bootstrap3 I have plan to submit it Monday. If I can not then I will send a copy through your email :)


Sorry, something went wrong :(

Please check again now it is ok. Thanks

I can’t view demo for this template Internal Server Error