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Pretty cool idea – Bookmarking this for future use

Thanks for the nice comment! :) I’m glad you like it.

Wow this is a the most beatiful 404 error i have ever seen!

Thank you so much for the kind comment! :)

hi, is it possible to use the popup for other content?, txt disclaimer, cont info etc.

thanks aventurax

Hi aventurax, this is a script that checks links on whole html page (which has this script included). So you can use it for what ever you want as long as it’s html…I hope I’ve answered your question if not contact me through contact form…;)

hi Feather,

i need to trigger an info popup (no 404 error) from an xml menue:

which is inserted in a flash site.

can u please give me some assistance with this? thanks, aventurax

Sorry aventurax, but as far as I know you can’t fire up the script from flash menu just like that…I’ve told you ”...as long as it’s html” but contact me through my contact form and I’ll see how I can help you with your modification ‘cause that what you try to do is not purpose of this script…

well FEATHER , that´s what Iasked on the first place, the flash is embedded in html, therefore i understood that it would work…

the flash menue is trigered by a xml file < gallery name=”information” type=”link” url=”http://www.mysite.com/info.html” target=”_self”>< /gallery>

do you see a way? thanks & best

As I said before you want modification of this script for something very different than its original purpose so send me email through my profile page on this site and I’ll see how can I help you. Here I’ll answer questions about actual script but for all modifications you’ll have to use email feature from my profile page.

Hi is this script implemented through Cpanel. If not how do you install on website? Thanks

Hi! ;) This script is not implemented through Cpanel. It’s used like any other js script. Put it in some folder and call it from header in html with < script > tag.


I just bought this item, and I’m trying to include it on my 404.php. In does not need to check for broken links, it has to appear on load. So, if the page (404.php) loads, it has to appear instantly.

Any thoughts on how to implement this?


I’ve replied you over mail…thanks for purchasing! ;)

I integrated this script in my site .org but it doesn’t want to fire up. I added the script into the tag and changed the paths in js404.js but it wont fire up. Any idea ?


Hi, thanks for purchasing. Please contact me through “email FEATHERcoding” form and send me a link of that .org site so I can check what’s the problem… Bye! ;)

Is it possible to use this script for other error codes such as 403 or custom ones?

No, this is 404 Error Popup script so it doesn’t do that but you can modify it for the rest error codes…;)

I think my download is missing some files. The popup does not work. Nothing seems to work :(

Hi janiator, I’ve just downloaded and tried it. It works for me as it should…

Did you try it from your desktop or did you uploaded on your site? It needs to be on the server…it wont run if you open html file by clicking on it.

If that’s not the case contact me through contact form…and we’ll solve your problem.

p.s. Archive when unpacked contains 4 folders and help.pdf if that’s not right download again file.

Regards, FEATHERcoding

Okay. Thanks :)

Hello, I liked the page Error! It works out to be 404 error page when someone access the address bar of the browser address nonexistent or just works with nonexistent links on the page?

Hi YMA, it has included static 404 page so it works both ways! ;)