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please exclude my noobish comments…(I can’t delete them)

Fonts are not unicode compatible. Initially unicode symbols are shown. But when some filters applied (by your template) -they disappears. Please, help me solve it. It’s urgent.

It disappear because i used Cufon font replacement. And it doesn’t support your language. To disable Cufon, and use default font. Edit custom.js from js folder, and delete lines 30-36. All cufon.replace.

Hi! I have the same problem as Joran. ÅÄÖ doesn’t work in top description but does work everywhere else. Please let me know how to fix this.

I used an english font for Cufon font replacement. Visit, select a font that has your characters, download it and regenerate another cufon font from

Download generated file, open it with a code editor and copy all the code. After that edit Myriad_Pro_400-Myriad_Pro_900-Myriad_Pro_italic_400-Myriad_Pro_italic_700.font from js folder, and replace all the code, with the code that you copied from generated file.

how to edit the link footer when print the CV ?

And I want to know , why I print it to a PDF , IT dont have any color or effect of layout ?

I checked your account and it shows me that you didn’t buy my template (you don’t have any bought items at all). So i can’t give you support.

PS: If you look at others comments they have a “purchased” ribbon.

Just looked at the demon, looks awesome. I noticed you spelt Technical wrong though, it says Tehnical!

Great template. Only issue I had was cufon fonts not displaying in IE9

after updating cufon.js to latest version all worked well

I would recomment this template.

if there is sendmail version of php mailer that would be good :)

Help! Cannot upload the file…error…see error below:

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Can you make this theme compatible with mobile? Google is changing the ranking system and its not compatible… Test:


This is an awesome resume theme…but as the person above noted: It’s not mobile friendly. Please update.