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The contact form seems not to align properly. Is this going to be an issue when I purchase the template or is it just something on the live version that is wrong?

I purchased the item and found the contact doesn’t align properly. I looked in CSS and couldn’t find your setup for the contact form. Can you please let me know how I can fix it to align properly.

Thanks Phil


please send me a print screen with contact form .

How do you change the background? Very confused how.

Open style.css from css folder, find body { and change line: background: #a3a8ad url(../img/background-1.png) 0 0 repeat-x; – with one from following backgrounds.

background 1 : #a3a8ad url(../img/background-1.png) 0 0 repeat-x;
background 2 : #a3a8ad url(../img/background-2.png) 0 0 repeat-x;
background 3 : #333 url(../img/background-3.png) 0 0 repeat-x;
background 4 : #2f597f url(../img/background-4.png) 0 0 repeat-x;
background 5 : #173d5f url(../img/background-5.png) 0 0 repeat-x;

Thanks! How do I remove phone from being required in the contact form as well?

Hey! The template is great, however my problem is: can I insert these characters? éá?ú?öüó

Just a little typo that needs to be corrected.

In your style.css and index.html, you have “Flickr” labeled as “Flikr”.

k, thank you

and about removing phone from being required, open custom.js, at /* Contact form validation */ section find phone: and set required:false

So? Please, help. it’s really important.

Sorry but this font (Myriad Pro) does not support that type of characters. Please choose another font (that you like) from , and i will implement it for you.

Thank you, Cond0r


Replace this characters ” éá?ú?öüó ” with specific code from here and it will work.

For example replace é with with & egrave;

Your demo is offline.. says the hosting is suspended.. if you need a good host, let me know – I can make a referral for you (and they’re affordable!).. ;)

I am probably a bit lost, since my html/CSS-knowledge is a bit rusty. Anyway I try to get swedish characters to work åäöÅÄÖ. It does not work in top description. However it does work with swedish charachters in #middle-content.description. Please…need some help :)


I sent you an email, from your profile page.

Thank you,

Really nice template ! Thx ;)

Thank you,

Glad you like it.

The Preview is missing .. 404 Error

I can’t get æøå (danish characters) to work in the top description – please help

Hello, great design and fairly easy to understand. On the social media logos, is there an option for linkedin?

The Contact Me pop-up box is not working. I click the icon, but nothing happens.

I tried to diagnose the problem through to the CSS files I see attached to the nodes, but no success so far. It’s just not popping up. Any ideas?

A friend got it working a few days ago, but the computer re-started itself during a Windoze forced update, and I lost the changes. /cry

While the contact box was coming up at this time though, it was cutting off above the end of the text block for some reason. Have you encountered this problem in Firefox?

Finally, I’d like to ask you if you need any help (perhaps other versions of this program or updates). I’m particularly interested in implementing a version into Drupal 6-7.

Oh, and finally, I’m trying to implement a portfolio into the page. I’d be interested in seeing a version of this. If I can get mine working, I’ll send it back to you.



Does this form support Cyrillic? In addition, in my opinion, Myriad Pro must support almost any symbol, including such ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, etc. If this template supports these symbols, I buy it right away!


Whoops, it seems that Themeforest do not support them as well))) Cool! Anyway, I wrote in my previous message some Russian letters.

How can I have this print using the nice layout/styling that is displayed on screen?

hi, thanks for template. I am wondering if there is any fix/patch for IE9 . thanks

I bought the template today and is really beautiful

My question is how do I change the e-mail in the form to my mail ???

Continuation of previous post – when I send mail I get the following message “Your message was not sent because a server error has occurred.”