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Very nice work!

Good luck with sales!

Very nice, I might be purchasing this. I do have one little suggestion… the menu doesn’t seem to line up with the correct section clicked.

Okay I will fix that soon …..

I love your page! Except the menu looks very different on the screenshot: On my Mac (Snow Leopard) in both Safari and Opera it looks like this:

Also, wouldn’t it be possible to fix the menu to the top of the page instead of letting it scroll down with the browser window? Thanks! :)

Okay, for the difference in appearance of the nav-menu because your browser cache is still not removed, because some time ago I changed the nav-menu style.

If you do not want the menu to follow the scrolling bar, you can disable it very easily with remove some javaScript code.

Thanks’s :D

You design the best landing pages but unfortunately all of your landing pages missing contact form!

I assure you will sell more if you add a contact form to your landing pages. I’ll buy all of your landing pages if you add a contact form to each of your templates. GLWS, you’re a good designer. Let me know when you added a contact form to your landing pages that I buy them. Thanks.

okay i’ll complete with the contact form with a section for address, tel and fax number for a business :D

Okay, this template now completed with contact form with AJAX and send direct to your email.

Hi Awesome landing page !! Is there a way to easily change the fonts in this template ?


Thank’s for buy from Focpress :D

You can change the font in the template this way:

1. Include the font that you will use for this template and can use@ font-face feature of CSS3.

2. After include complete, you can change or edit the font from css/layout.css file that has been in include the right to the section you want.

If you are still confused, you can ask for details on our.

Thanks: D

Great design!!

I am about to buy this theme but I have two questions before doing that:

1) On the clients section with logos above the footer can we add more than 4 logos or is it fixed?

2) the logo label, how does it work when adding our own logo? does the label disappear?

Hi there,

1. Yes of course, you can add more than 4 logos. 2. You can change the logo image with your own. After that you can also change or remove the text below the logo image.


Lovely, thank you!!!