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Hi, I have just bought the template. I’m quite new in web design. Do we have the admin site or CMS in this template Thanks

Hello Dear

Thanks for purchased template

This template is static website ( with out admin or cms ).. but we can create your site with CMS .. Please contact me m.arafa84 on Skype for more details

Dear , If possible Please rate our template.. thanks alot

Thank you for your response, I can’t find you in Skype, please add my skype mainguyenhaianh with Steve Job on my avatar

Is there a way to add captcha or a simple verification to the comment form?

Hello Dear

Yes Please visit

For any more question please don’t hesitate to contact me

Dear , If possible Please rate our template.. thanks alot

Hi, The site is in 8 colors. Is it possible to add more custom colors in the CSS. Is it possible to use a different color each tab? Grtz

Dear Newmonkeys .. Yes you can add more custom colors

Tnx for the fast reply. And is it possible to set a different color for each menutab?

Yes sure .. just by add new colors in theme.css

great work, good luck :)

Thanks Man

hi my friend. how can i change the map… and how can i make my map

Hi Friend Tamukur

first please visit

and type your address for get Latitude and Longitude


go to folder name ‘js’

Open file name ‘config’

at line number 150

var point = new google.maps.LatLng(30.056610,31.330108);

replace Latitude and Longitude numbers

- if you cant get all what you want . please give me your full address and i will give you config.js file for replace


Dear , If possible Please rate our template.. thanks alot

Hi – I just purchased this theme and the full-screen video index file is missing and the under_construction page is the keep in touch page? I have not changed anything after unzipping the package…Will appreciate any help. Thank you!

sent . Thanks

Dear , If possible Please rate our template.. thanks alot

Rated you 5 stars! Thank you so much for the fast reply and help. Many thanks! :)

i wanna make my website in several lanuages. how can i put flags on top-right side of main page. and also i wanna put my logo top left side of main page.

Dear , I will help you .. please give me your email for send you classes for you ‘html-css’

Hello, How I can remove slider from other section than home?

Hello Dear

If you mean slider shown every section .. it’s parallax effects .. you have to create background color or background image for section for hidden slider

Great theme, that I’m busy customizing for a more artistic site.

A couple of things I’ve noticed:

1) the main text area is centered, except the sidebar menu takes up 50px of the left margin. Is there a way to center the remaining page (offset by this width), or at least have the ability to toggle hide the menu?

2) At 1024px window width, the portfolio page defaults to three images across (and aligned to the left), rather than the four specified in the code. Can this be fixed? Also can the images be spaced or bordered as in the projects page?

Dear Thanks alot for purchased and notices

About your notifications i have to reply:

1. yes you are right but this menu already is absolute .. and i cant imagine that i have to hide menu for this template .. it’s will look not good .. if you want to offset by this width you can increase margin left value by .container that you have to plus 50px into margin left for container

2. About 1024px and borders bug is fixed now you can test on demo online because im uploaded update files right now to themeforest for update all files .. Thanks alot dear

Dont forget to click CTRL+F5 When you see latest template updates

How do i point it to the video full version? its showing options and colors on my address

is the file index_video.html

sorry dont know how to point it


Dear if you want to main home page is video screen .. just rename index.html to any name as u want and rename index_video.html to index.html so this page will be main home



im waiting your mail about

“i wanna make my website in several lanuages. how can i put flags on top-right side of main page. and also i wanna put my logo top left side of main page.”

Dear .. it’s so easy . but i edit them for you and will send you email right now .. dont forget to rate our template

how can i fix these 2 points look bottom and top side thanks


You can mute to false or true from

<a id="BigVideo" class="player" data-property="{videoURL:'',containment:'#hello',autoPlay:true, mute:true, startAt:4, loop:true, opacity:1}"></a>

I entered my email address in the $to variable on line 23 of process.php for the contact form.

When I submit the form I get nothing in my inbox.

Any idea whats going on? Am I missing another step to get the form to function?

Just buy and i will support you :)

I’ve already bought it, thanks.

Turns out it wasn’t working in my localhost environment with xampp on a mac. Once uploaded live seemed to work fine.

I was just about to purchase this theme when i remembered i should check it on my phone first. It doesnt work on the Galaxy S3 at all. In the stock broswer, it loads all the pages very tiny and in 1 row. On Firefox, it never moves off the loading icon. DO you know when this might be fixed??

Thanks for notification .. i will fix them asap

For loads all the pages very tiny and in 1 row

Yes it’s better for no flash page and have to load all images and icons .. but if your images is low sizes loading will be quickly

About loading icons is working in firefox

i will fix template scrolling for Galaxy S3

i was on the iPad and the layout was off after it loaded , it slides great accross the categories , but sliding/scrolling down the page its very jumpy


Hi and thanks for purchased template

i will check it and will feedback asap thanks for patient

Hello. The video on background is not loading on several devices like tablets and mobile phone, it just shows the play button, but cannot use it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Catalin, Thanks for purchased .. i will check it and will feedback you .. Thanks

Thanks for your replay, I also want to ask you how to change the timming of the clients feedback in the ” What Client’s Says ” . Thanks

Hi Dear , About rotater clients block please go to js folder and open file name jquery.cbpQTRotator.min.js and go to speed:700 you can increase or decrease what you like

about video background , yes you are right .. video not supported to many tablet and mobile but i will update that if site opened in tablet and mobiles have to change video to full custom background by css .. i will update template for it very soon Thanks

Which file do I edit to change the timing of the fade for the h1 tags in the landing page?

hi my friend…. i ve 2 question more… look that webite … when webite loading video start background… loading takes long time… and people cant see begining of webite…

and startAt:4 means start at 4th second at video ;???

Yes , about video it’s working fine at me and quickly , may be your connection is slow

I’m having trouble getting this template to work with Android-based devices. It works just fine when I squeeze the browser window on my desktop. However, when I view it on an Android smartphone, it doesn’t resize properly. Also, the menu isn’t functioning properly on Android.

Thanks for notification , i will send problem to developer for check and fix .

I have a little problem with this theme. In mobile devices (iphone and ipad) the portfolio don’t display the content and come back to the home. It’s the same with your online template demo. Do you have an issue ? I’ve downloaded the latest version, but it’s the same. Thank you

Please review on ur ipad and iphone

and feedback me please

I’m sorry, It doesn’t work. When i scale my screen it’s of. The problem is on desktop too.

Desktop is fine, Let me check Thanks